b'Above Photo: Paul with his family Corner Photo:on vacation at the Disney Aulani Resort, Oahu, Hawaii Working in a Hawaiian taro patch with Pauls friend KaelynFollowing his graduation from high school, Paul attended Stanford University in California, where he majored in Communication with a focus in Media Psychology. While at Stanford, Paul worked as a lab assistant at the Virtual Hu-man Interaction Lab, which uses virtual reality to conduct social science research. He also worked at Stanfords Asian American Activities Center and served as a Residential As-sistant in the college dorms for two years. Right Photo:Paul continued sharing his musical talents by singing in aExperiencing the Christmas three-member singing group called The Associates, andlights in Madrid, Spain with was a member of the Stanford Hawaii Club all four yearsfriend Auroraof college, serving one year as club president. In 2012, Paul graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Stanford. After graduation, Pauls first job was with Telescope, an entertainment tech company in Hollywood that facilitatesESPN, and BT (a UK company). One of Pauls most recent technology to help television shows, marketing campaigns,projects was ESPNs MarvelCast, a Marvel-themed NBA and brands engage with their audiences online. For example,event that placed augmented reality graphics over the live Telescope originated the validated voting system for realitygame for broadcast on ESPN2. competition shows like American Idol and The Voice. AsOutside of work, Paul enjoys being outdoors, especially a Product Marketing Manager for Telescope, Paul workedhiking and spending time on the beach. Any opportunity to with clients such as Coca-Cola, Netflix, 21st Century Foxtravel back home to Hawaii and spend time with his family Films, and Rhianna.and friends is at the top of Pauls list, so he gets back home Currently, Paul is working as the Senior Live Event Opera- as often as he can. When the world gets back to normal, tions Specialist for Second Spectrum, a sports tracking andPaul looks forward to exploring different cities around the data analytics company based in Los Angeles. Paul producesUS, hoping to visit all 50 states, and he also wants to travel and manages the companys live streaming broadcasts ofinternationally again.various sports matches during the week, which are augment- It is evident that Pauls high school and university training ed with statistics based on Second Spectrums AI trackingand experiences had a great effect on his career path. We capabilities. While at Second Spectrum, Paul has workedwish him all the best as he continues his career in the world with clients including NBA TV, the Los Angeles Clippers,of entertainment technology!SWPMA News / Autumn 202155'