b'2021 State ReportOregon OriginalThe SHI sm The SHIELDELD smUpcoming 2022 WPMAEXPO Presidential Sponsor & Educational Session Presenter for Business OwnersRisk ManagementDONT TAKE THE BAIT from Phishing ScammersORIn our modern world, the use of emails as a primary form of communication hasbecome the norm. But with this comes the risk of cyberattacks that prey upon youand your employees who use email in increasingly clever ways.Phishing emails are sent by scammers toIts important to note that legitimate compa-try to gain access to basic information fromnies generally have domain emails, wont ask users. Once they have this, they may be ablefor sensitive information, and dont send un-to infiltrate your email, I.T. network, banksolicited attachments. Their links will match account, or other accounts. Even the use oflegitimate URLs, and they wont try to trick spam filters may not be enough to catchyou into clicking on anything.1every phishing email that tries to sneak intoAdd extra layers of protection. Make sure your inbox. So what can be done to keep yourto look into the use of anti-virus software and businesss information and accounts safe? ensure it is up to date. Also, consider the use Know what to look for. Phishing emails canof multifactor authentication, which requires be very convincing. They might seem to cometwo or more credentials to log in. If a scam-from friends, family members, coworkers, au- mer were to convince an employee to fall for thorities, or even use familiar logos to appeara phishing scam, multifactor authentication similar to companies you trust. But if you lookcan help make it more difficult to successfully closely, there are generally ways to tell if theyget into that employees accounts.are legitimate. A few things to keep an eyeBack up important data on a regular basis in out for may be: case the worst were to occur. This is a good Typos and grammar errors practice in general, but can be especially helpful to keep your records and documents Incorrect or mismatched in safe standing should the originals be com- email addresses promised.Generic signatures Report phishing attempts. If you or your employees have successfully identified aToo good to be true claims potential phishing email, report the message or offers of large rewards and delete it from the inbox right away. Most False invoices email hosts have an option to report spam and block specific email addresses. If you are questioning the validity of an email, take a Fear tactics, such as urgent callsThis article is for to action, suspicious activity, moment to read it carefully and look up any general information and risk prevention only andor failed log-in attempts keywords or identifying notes that could lead should not be consideredyou to make an informed decision. And, if you legal or other expert advice.Asking you to confirm or suspect you clicked on a bad link, take actionThe recommendationsfill in personal information right away by contacting your information herein may help reduce, butsecurity department.are not guaranteed to elimi-nate, any or all risk of loss.Phishing emails could put you and yourThe information herein maybusiness in danger. When in doubt, be wary be subject to, and is not a substitute for, any laws orof suspicious emails and dont take the bait.regulations that may apply. Qualified counsel should be sought with questions spe-cific to your circumstances.1Federal Trade Commission Consumer Information. https://www.consumer. 2021 Federated Mutual Insurance Company. ftc.gov/articles/how-recognize-and-avoid-phishing-scams#recognize Published Date:August 17, 2021S48 www.wpma.com / Autumn 2021'