b'Article to Comeby 5/17/19 ?RPMG (As of July 30)For complete Associate 75 Years Agocontinued. August, September and OctoberMember Information continued Associate Members by Company This Quarter in History Member information go to www.wpma.com/associate-member-searchNAACP, the crime was reported nationwide and led to the first FBI Phillips 66 S investigation of a lynching in Louisiana, followed by the creation of a Lynn Chun Todd Kruggel Saybr Contractors Inc Committee on Civil Rights by President Truman. One author described lynn.a.chun@p66.com toddk@rpmgllc.com Bill Durkin the response to the Jones murder as the first time since Reconstruction Phone (206) 499-4214 Phone (952) 465-3227 bdurkin@saybr.com that the federal government had evinced any real concern over the Petroleum Products, Wholesale Ethanol Supplier Phone (253) 533-2413 discriminatory treatment of black people.Pilot Flying J Renewable Energy Group Inc Construction (Aug 17) First Sergeant Lawrence Lambert of the Ted Brennan Harry Allen Saybr Contractors Inc US Army Air Forces became the first person in the ted.brennanharry.allen@regi.com Greg Mettler US to test an ejection seat.@pilottravelcenters.com Phone (602) 919-4506 gmettler@saybr.com To Each His Own by Eddy Howard hit #1 on the Phone (865) 474-2626 Petroleum Products, BiodieselPhone (253) 533-2413 Supplier Construction American Billboard Honor Roll of Hits.Polar Service Centers Renewable Energy Group Inc Scalley & Reading (Aug 23) The Big Sleep, based on Don Olson Dan Burns Ford G Scalley the mystery by Raymond Chandler don.olson@polarsvc.com daniel.burns@regi.com bud@scalleyreading.net and starring Humphrey Bogart and Phone (909) 877-8300 Phone (515) 239-8000 Phone (801) 531-7870 Lauren Bacall, was released.Petroleum Products, Biodiesel Polar Service Centers Supplier Legal Services (Aug 24) Norma Jean Baker agreed David Martinez Renewable Energy GroupSeaport Sound Terminal to a suggestion by Ben Lyon, talent david.martinez@polarsvc.com Inc (REG) Bett Lucas manager at 20th Century Phone (916) 564-4286 Todd Ellis bett@transmontaigne.com Fox, to sign a contract for the first time with her new stage Truck Trailer Repair & Parts todd.ellis@regi.com Phone (253) 272-9348 name. Borrowing the names of actress Marilyn Miller, and her Petroleum Products, Suppliers,mother, Gladys Monroe Baker, she became Marilyn Monroe. Polar Service Centers Phone (515) 239-8000 Biodiesel Supplier, TerminalJeff Smith Petroleum Products, BiodieselOwner & Operators 1946 (Sep 1) Hawaiian sugar workers went on strike, with 21,000 jeff.smith@polarsvc.com Supplier Seneca Companies workers walking off of the job on 33 plantations. The strike, which was Phone (503) 757-7600 Renewable Energy Group Inc Doug Struve aided by an unseasonable lack of rain, ended after 79 days, and put an Truck Trailer Repair & Parts, Truck &Jeremiah Jones end to the perquisite system that had paid the laborers with company Transport Sales jeremiah.jones@regi.com dstruve@senecaco.comPhone (303) 744-2125 vouchers rather than cash. Polar Tank Trailers Phone (253) 363-5174 Construction, Service Provider,John Koll Petroleum Products, BiodieselC-Store & Fuel System Design (Sep 4) The comedy film Monsieur Beaucaire starring Bob Hope was released.jkoll@polartank.com Supplier Sequential Biodiesel LLC (Sep 6) The All-America Football Conference held its first game, kicking Phone (320) 746-3481 Renewable Energy Group Inc Norm Ueunten off at 8:30 pm as the Cleveland Browns hosted the Miami Seahawks. Truck Trailer Repair & Parts, Truck &Steve Klein The Browns won 44-0 before a record crowd of 60,135 fans. Transport Sales steve.klein@regi.com nyu@crimsonrenewable.comPhone (209) 601-9880 (Sep 10) In what is now celebrated among the Missionaries Premier Distributing Co Phone (515) 239-8364 Biodiesel Supplier of Charity as Inspiration Day, 36-year-old Sister Agnes Jimmy Bates Biodiesel Supplier Service Station Teresa Bojaxhiu of the Loreto Sisters Convent experienced jimmy.batesResin Architecture Computer Systems Inc what she would describe as the call within a call. She was @premierdistributing.com Jonathan Gallup Shawn Herrick traveling on a train from Siliguri to Darjeeling when she Phone (505) 344-0287 jonathan Beer @resinarchitecture.com shawn_herrick@sscsinc.com heard the call of God: I was to leave the convent and help the poor while Phone (831) 755-1800 living among them. As one author later noted, Though no one knew it at Premium Title Phone (208) 596-8710 Accounting, C-Store Automation,the time, Sister Teresa had just become Mother Teresa.Dan Simpson Architecture Computer Software/Computers, POS dan@capstonetitleutah.com Rice-Christ Inc (Point Of Sales), Risk Management Fred Morrison, an American fighter pilot during World War II, first Phone (801) 466-7681 Terry Christ Sheehan Majestic sketched his idea for a toy plastic disc that could fly through the air after Other Services, Real Estate Sales terryc@rice-christ.com Sheldon Feist it was thrown. He called his invention the Whirlo-Way. By 1955, he Phone (972) 660-6040 sfeist@sheehanmajestic.com sold a lighter version, the Pluto Platter, to the Wham-O Toy Company, R Equipment Supplies, PetroleumPhone (406) 543-5100 which manufactured millions of the discs under the brand name Frisbee. RAI Services Company Equipment, Manufacturing C-Store Merchandise/Snacks, Candy,With workers at Pittsburghs electric utility threatening a walkout, and Matt Domingo Ron Osborne Trucking Confection, Tobacco management standing firm against their demands, citizens of the domingm@rjrt.com Ronald G Osborne Shell Oil Products US 10th largest city in the U.S. braced for a 12:01 a.m. shutdown of all Phone (336) 741-1486 Phone (801) 571-7012 AJ MundayTobacco Petroleum Products, Transporter,amanjyot.munday@shell.com electric power. To their surprise, the blackout never came, as a judge RH Smith Dist Co/ReliableTrucking Phone (409) 500-1905 issued an injunction at midnight.Hauling Service Rserving.com Suppliers, Marketing (Sep 11) The Brooklyn Dodgers and the visiting Cincinnati Reds played Rod Smith Robb Graham Shell Oil Products US the longest scoreless tie in Major League Baseball history, going for 19 rod@rhsmith.com robert_jjoohhnn@yahoo.com Kristen Maxwell innings and 4 hours, 40 minutes, before the game was called because Phone (509) 882-3377 Phone (605) 427-2900 kristen.maxwell@shell.com of darkness. Consultants, Transporter, Trucking Training Programs Phone (832) 806-0290 (Sep 12) U.S. Secretary of Commerce Henry A. Wallace RH Smith Distributing Suppliers, Marketing delivered a speech at a rally at Madison Square Garden, Doug Smith contradicting the statement of foreign policy that doug@rhsmith.com had been made six days earlier by Secretary of State Phone (509) 882-3377Consultants, Transporter, Trucking42 www.wpma.com / Autumn 2021'