b'100 Years: 1921-2021This Quarter in History10 Years Ago continued. August, September and October Events to RememberTanker Helper Program / DEQ, Risk Manage- property transfer tax, and franchise fees to list a few . PKfor his race. Legislative issues were Native ment update, and Oil Heat Educationalsaid, it is time to fish or cut bait. Southern NV CommissionAmerican gas tax, Olympic pipeline expansion, Opportunities. A thank you went out to allon Fuel supply said, Another blue-ribbon commission, (whyUST / LUST Reauthorization task force and UST those who supported the PAC fundraisers atnot red ribbon commission) they continued to meet on railprogram, Credit Card Interchange Fees, PLIA FALL/SEPT 2006Banbury Country Club, Blue Lakes Countryor pipeline to bring more fuel to southern NV. task force, Oil Spill program, Bio-fuels advisoryFALL/SEPT 2006 WPMN ClipClub and the Highlands Country Club.NM: (RB) the September Convention incommittee, Weights and measures task force,WPMN Clip On a closing note, Southern Idaho would be expectingRuidoso was a great success. Renewableand B&O Tax exemption legislation. WOMA (now WIED) disruptions and shortages in fuel supply by the increasedFuel Standard bill was introduced, a taskwelcomed any service on the mentioned task forces.seasonal demands due to harvest and recreational travel,force was formed for a 10% blend mandateFALL/SEPT 2006WMIC: Executive Assistant Lacey DeHart reported on the and a growing transportation sector. The problem wasof ethanol in gasoline, and 2% BiodieselWPMN Clip2006 Prescription Drug Trend.further exacerbated by refinery and pipeline problems. was introduced. Ruben thanked Charles Ochs / Don TowTea Leaf Jeff Thredgold gave his 2006 Summer outlook for MT: (RA) Hosted the national PMAA (now(Ever-Ready Oil), and Ted Berridge (Amigo Petroleum) forthe US and his angle on The Emperor has Clothes the new EMA) Executives Conference in Whitefish,their comments on why mandates dont work and have afederal reserve chairman Ben Bernankes learning curve MT. Approximately 30 state executives fromnegative impact on the consumer. No one from the petro- getting comfortable in the Fed Chair.around the country attended the meetingleum industry was invited to a listening session betweenSF: It was the last chance to become a Charter Column Club at the lodge. Pre-pay at the pump was a topFALL/SEPT 2006energy experts, renewable energy advocacy groups andmember, the levels of donation were restructured and the topic. Ballot issues for November were a nameWPMN Clipstate officials. The state alcohol and gaming divisionchance to be a 1990 Charter Column Club member closed. change of the state auditor to the insuranceproposed stricter regulations in regard to sales of alcohol. 2006 (Aug 4) Saomai - The most powerful typhoon to hit China commissioner, putting a limit on State government spend- UT: (JH) Septembers Are You Ready? Convention in Parkin a half century, 1.6 million people were evacuated from ing, recall of judicial officials, raising the state minimumCity held sessions on preparing for businessits path, but it still killed 104 people and left at least 190 wage, prohibiting former government insiders from lobby- disasters. Legislative Issues for 2007 weremissing after it blacked out cities and smashed more than ing, and protecting private property rightsMotor Fuel Marketing Act reauthorization,50,000 houses in the southeast part of the country.regarding eminent domain. Mixed Fuels Tax refund, and Bio-diesel Tax NV: (PK) The annual Golf Tournament atrefund for off-road use. (Aug 17) Tiger Woods won his 12th major golfweek.USToday.comSilverstone Golf Club was in September,at the 88th Pro Golf Association (PGA) WA: (LC) Junes Semiahmoo Beach Convention was a roar- Championship at Medinah.FALL/SEPT 2006and the Governors Blue-Ribbon Commis- ing success! Keynote US Senate Candidate Mike McGavick WPMN Clipsion proposed a sales tax on gasoline, realspoke on his campaign platform with a luncheon to rallycontinued on page 26WPMA News / Autumn 202123'