b'100 Years: 1921-2021 This Quarter in History25 Years Agocontinued. August, September and October Events to RememberJAM was honored by the NOJC in June: Mr. Murphy inmember luncheons were held in September. Nevada Chap-response, We are proud we have a reputation of being anter Vice Chairman Tom Meranda and Director Paul Hankins un-stuffy association. We have a solid financial base. Weheaded the meetings.are full of young, modern ideas and innovations, but stillUT: Hosted an all-day outing for IOMA members and their fully believe in old-fashioned personal attentionattentionnon-member friends at Wasatch State Park Golf Club in to our customers. And who are our customers? We in theSeptember. Included in the gala event was a golf tourna-administrative office of this organization consider our mem- ment in the morning with an afternoon trip through scenic bers our customers. We want every one of them to be awareProvo Canyon to Bridal Veil Falls on the Wasatch Mountain they are the customers of our services. Our members considerRailway (The Heber Creeper), concluding with a steak all the mass of information on the petroleum marketingdinner in the evening. The Committee consisted of Chapter industry we have in this office is theirs for the asking. And ifChairman Denny Dunn, Vice Chairman Owen Yeates, and we are asked for something we do not now have in our files,Directors Max Eggertson, Jerry Wagstaff, Glade Sowards, believe me, we know where to get it! Dean Kellerstrass, Dick Parsons, and Jim Black.AZ: Chapter Chairman Ray Frost advised his office of more1971 (SEP IOMN) President EJW: I cannot help proposed tax increases on petroleum products in their state.but marvel at the great progress this industry has ID: Vice President Bob Franklin, Chapter Chairman Shelleymade over the past several years . The National Trimble and Director Ray Pitman were knee deep in harvest.Oil Jobbers Councilis doing outstanding work Along with Chapter Vice Chairman Fred Allen and Directorsfor you every day in that maze of federal depart-lip Howard Parish, Jim Lynch and Ken Johnson who soon wouldments and in the Halls of Congress. You the oil1971 WPMN Clip T 1996 WPMN Chave spuds, beets and beans running out their ears.marketer, the small businessman, are represented MT: Director Dan Heltne welcomed new IOMA memberthere through your association. Being an active member of your association does not take much of you time and only a OC Breen Oil Company from Choteau.NV: Chapter Chairman Cort Bishop and Director Jack Casonlittle money. It gives me the feeling I am a part of my indus-said business was good and (believe it or not) prices fair.try, that my organization can do something for me when I Las Vegas temps were up to 105 degrees. The Nevadaneed it, and that I am contributing something to itonce Chapter hosted an IOMA Directors meeting in connectiona marketer becomes active in his association, he continues to with the Nation Oil Jobbers Council Annual Conventionbe a member as long as he is in the business. There must be at Caesars Palace in October. In Elko and Winnemucca,much to be gained. 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