b'Graph 2 insured before insurance benefits kick in (although there are often some benefits (e.g., wellness care) that are covered on a pre-deductible basis). In 2020, the * This graph was compiled with informationand data from the KFF survey.average annual deductible for single coverage was $1,644 (up from $917 in 2010). Similar to the benefit distinctions amongst employer sizes, the average de-ductible for workers who are covered through smaller companies is significantly higher than those who are covered through larger companies ($2,295 compared to $1,418) (see, Graph 4).Graph 4* This graph was compiled with informationand data from the KFF survey.Health Benefit Cost and Employer Contribution: In 2020, the average annual premium for employer-sponsored health insurance coverage was $7,470 for single coverage and $21,342 for family coverage. On average, workers contributed $1,243 (16.6%) toward the cost of single coverage and $5,588 (26.2%) for family coverage. This means employers contributed an average of $6,227 (83.4%) for single coverage and $15,754 (73.8%) of the cost of family coverage(see, Graph 3).For reference and perspective, the average amountFinally, for those of you keeping score at home, heres covered workers pay for family coverage has in- some information about the performance of the Af-creased 39.8% since 2010, while the amount em- fordable Care Act a decade after it was passed:ployers contribute to the coverage has increased a According to HealthInsurance.org (as visited whopping 61.2%! By comparison, over the past 10 years, general inflation based on consumer price indexApril 1, 2021), there were 10.7 million people with (CPI) data has risen by 19.1%, and the nationaleffectuated coverage through the Obamacare ex-average wage index (according to the Social Securitychanges, a far cry from the 30 million Americans the Administration) rose by about 32.9%. It is interest- ACA promised to cover in the run-up to its passage. ing to note that since 2010 (the year the AffordableOf those, 9.2 million (86%) received subsidies that Care Act was passed), average family premiums havecovered an average of 85% ($492/month) of the cost increased 55%! of the coverage, bringing the average after-subsidy premium down to a mere $84/month (as opposed to Graph 3 an average pre-subsidy rate of $576/month). According to ehealthinsurance.com (as visited June 15, 2021), the average* This graph was compiled with informationand data from the KFF survey.ACA deductible and out-of-pocket limits for single coverage are: Bronze Plan: Average Deductible = $6,419 AverageIf you have questionsOut-of-Pocket Maximum = $7,731 about this article orSilver Plan:Average Deductible = $4,292would like to discussAverage your companys healthOut-of-Pocket Maximum = $7,776 insurance progam, feel free to contact me at (801) 263-8000 or Insurance Deductibles and Other Benefit Levels:info@wmimutual.com. According to the KFF survey, 83% of workers areIf you have any questions about this article orcovered under plans that have an annual deductible.would like to discuss your companys benefitThis is generally the amount that must be paid by theprogram, feel free to contact me, see side barfor contact information. SWPMA News / Autumn 202121'