b' Member Information continued Associate Members by Company(As of July 30)For complete AssociateThis Quarter in History75 Years Agocontinued. August, September and OctoberMember information go to www.wpma.com/associate-member-search Sunoco Inc TopTier Petroleum WEnd Consulting 1946 (Oct 8) Voters in the U.S. John Moak Paul Konen Adam Tolbert territory of Alaska participated john.moak1@sunoco.com toptierpetroleum@gmail.com adam.tolbertin the first referendum on the Phone (281) 460-9908 Phone (509) 939-6684 @wendconsulting.com Alaska question of statehood. At the Petroleum Products Construction, Service Provider Phone (812) 909-6011 time, the total population was Consultants, Mergers & Acquisitions Statehood Act less than 85,000 people, and T Transport EquipmentSolutions WEnd Consulting it took two months to tally all Tail Feather Ranch LLC Brent Beall Dylan Gamboa of the ballots. The final result John Scully bbeall@testanks4sale.com dylan.gamboaof the advisory resolution was scully@tailfeatherranch.com Phone (503) 477-4104 @wendconsulting.com 9,630 to 6,822 in favor of Alaska Phone (406) 682-5442 Truck Trailer Repair & Parts, Truck &Phone (812) 909-6011 someday becoming the 49th state of the United States, a goal which Other Services Transport Sales Consultants, Mergers & Acquisitions would finally be attained on January 3, 1959. Tankmax Inc U WMI Mutual (Oct 9) One of the most spectacular meteor showers visible from Jack Lacher US Oil & Refining Co Insurance Company Earth was seen after the planet passed through the debris left jlacher@tankmaxnw.com Janet Millie David Leo by Comet Giacobini-Zinner. A greater number of meteors than Phone (509) 545-4600 Phone (801) 263-8000Truck Trailer Repair & Parts, Truck &jmillie@parpacific.com usual (referred to as Giacobinids or Draconids) burned up in the Transport Sales Phone (253) 383-1651 Insurance, Other Services atmosphere because of a closer approach. The comet and the Earth Petroleum Products, Suppliers, Mar- Wagner TransportationTanknology Inc keting, Biodiesel Supplier, Wholesale Roger Wagner came within 131,000 miles of each other.Ted Abeyta UST Training Phone (208) 733-7671 Eugene ONeills last play, The Iceman Cometh, premiered on Broadway. tabeyta@tanknology.com Ben Thomas Fueling Facility, Truck Trailer (Oct 10) A V-2 rocket launched by the US from the White Sands Phone (951) 538-3333 Repair & Parts, GarageTank/Line Testing, Above Groundben@usttraining.com Missile Range in New Mexico reached an altitude of 100 miles and Storage Tanks, Underground StoragePhone (360) 661-5497 Werts Welding sent back unprecedented information about the Sun, providing the Tanks, Fuel Cleaning Service Fuel Storage Tanks (UST), Under- & Tank Service first photograph of the solar ultraviolet spectrum. Tanknology Inc ground Storage Tanks, Personnel Dave Salys (Oct 11) Major General Lewis B. Hershey, director of the Selective Jerry Belloli Utah Logos Inc dsalys@wertswelding.com Service, announced the end of the draft. Persons scheduled to report jbelloli@tanknology.com Gary Turner Phone (406) 259-7563Petroleum Equipment,to their local draft board on or after October 16 had their inductions Phone (209) 365-1246 Phone (801) 263-2263Truck Trailer Repair & Parts, cancelled. The Selective Service Act expired on March 31, 1947,Tank/Line Testing, Vapor Recovery/ Signs & Lighting, Advertising Truck & Transport SalesLeak Detection, Fuel Cleaning Service with no further inductions. A new draft act was signed into lawTerrys Tank Center V Westech Fuel Equipment on June 24, 1948. Tarrah Homen Valero Marketing & SupplyFred Jones (Oct 14) The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) tarrah@terrystruckcenter.com Jenni Koepp fwjones@westechfuel.com founded with the opening of a multinational conference in London. jenni.koepp@valero.com Phone (801) 266-2545Phone (509) 534-0609 Dispensers, Fuel Storage Tanks (UST),ISO is not an abbreviation for the organizations name in any Tank Removal/Installation, TruckPhone (210) 345-3504 Petroleum Equipment, Above Groundlanguage, and was based on the Greek word isos, meaning equal. Trailer Repair & Parts Suppliers Storage Tanks, Underground Storage Tidewater TransportationVecenergy Tanks, Service Station Equipment (Oct 24) The first photograph ever taken of the Earth from outer and Terminals Candace Lien Western Assurance space (an altitude of 100 km or more) was made after a V-2 rocket Stu Sanborn candace.lien@vecenergy.com Maggie Anderson CIC was fitted with a movie camera, then fired from New Mexico to an stu@tidewater.com Phone (720) 231-4284 mandersonaltitude of 105 kilometers (65 mi). The camera was destroyed after Phone (360) 759-0326 Terminal Owner & Operators @westernassurance.com returning to Earth, but the film survived. Transporter, Above Ground StoragePhone (505) 238-2212 (Oct 25) With the war crimes trials of top Nazi leaders having Tanks, Transportation/Terminals Versatile ConstructionF J Smith Jr Insurance completed, indictments were handed down against 20 Nazi Tidewater Transportationverscon@hotmail.com Western Cascade Truck physicians, two administrators and Terminals Phone (505) 487-2259 Tank & Equipment and an attorney for war crimes Neil Maunu Construction, Trucking, Pat Malara including euthanasia murder, human neil@tidewater.com Excavating, Mining patm@westerncascade.com experimentation and medical torture. The Phone (360) 759-0321 Phone (206) 767-2151 Doctors Trial, a series of trials conducted Transporter, Above Ground StorageW X Y Cargo Tank Testing, Truck Trailer Re-Tanks, Transportation/Terminals WCEC pair & Parts, Truck & Transport Sales at Nuremberg, would begin on December Tidewater TransportationJim Rolle Western Cascade Truck 9, 1946, and last until July 20, 1947. and Terminals jrolle@wcec.com Tank & Equipment (Oct 26) White House Press Secretary Charlie Ross announced that Jennifer Riddle Phone (406) 549-8487 Pat Butler for the first time in the history of White House travels, the President of jennifer.riddle@tidewater.com Emergency Response, Engineering,patm@westerncascade.com the United States has his own private railroad car. The 286,520 pound, Phone (360) 759-0310 Environmental Phone (206) 767-2151 armor-plated Ferdinand Magellan car had been owned by the Transporter, Above Ground Storage Tanks, Transportation/Terminals WEnd Consulting Computers, Truck Trailer Repair &Association of American Railroads, which provided it for presidential Ken Lewis Parts, Truck & Transport Sales use after U.S. entry into World War II. The Association sold the TonaTec Exploration ken.lewis@wendconsulting.com luxurious rolling fortress to the federal government for ten dollars.Justin Semadeni Phone (812) 909-6011justin@tonatec.com Consultants, Mergers & Acquisitions (Oct 30) At the RCA Research Laboratories in Princeton, New Jersey, Phone (801) 446-2400 the first demonstration was made, privately, of simultaneous Excavating, Mining46 www.wpma.com / Autumn 2021'