b'2021-22 Officers & Directors UTAH Petroleum Marketers & Retailers Association ReportUPMRADEQ/DERR Drafting Utahs Weights Aboveground Storage Tankand MeasuresRules is Checking Utah Update DEQ/DERR is currently drafting rulesfor the regulationDispenser Filtersof Aboveground Petroleum Storage Tanks. During the 2021 Utah Legislative session, SB40 was passed, which requires registeringThe Utah Departmentof John Hill Aboveground Petroleum Storage Tanks with DEQ by July 2022,Agricultures Weights and MeasuresUPMRA Executive Directorand having financial assurance for the tanks by July 2023. SeveralDivision plans to increase inspections issues were not addressed in the 2021 legislation such as PSTon gasoline dispensers this year. They Loans, equipment standards/upgrades, and leak detection, whichare checking that 10-micron filters may need a legislative fix in 2022. are being installed on all gasoline dis-Therron Blatter with DEQ/DERR is speaking on Thursday,pensers instead of 30-micron filters, September 16th at the UPMRA 2021 Convention in Park City towhich are only allowed on Diesel discuss these issues. fuel dispensers. The Division Direc-tor is standing his ground on Utah following Handbook 130, Section 4.3.1 that requires 10-micron filters on all gasoline dispensers. Last year, inspectors were only issuing Notices of Violation, but this year, follow-up inspections two weeks later will be scheduled to make sure the correct filters are in place. On a positive note, the Division Director, who must follow-up on all consumer complaints dealing with Volume (I didnt get the amount I paid for) and Dirty Gas (My mechanic cant find any-thing else wrong with the car, so it must be bad gas), has found no basis for these complaints. He praised Utahs fuel retailers for sell-ing clean gas and giving the customers the correct amount of fuel. September- We Card Awareness Month The We Card program has participation tools availablefor retailers to download and promote participation in the We Card program during September Awareness Month. Go to www.wecard.org/awareness for logos, ads for your website, emails or print publications. Use whats most appropriate for you.SWPMA News / Autumn 202151'