b'2021-22 Officers & DirectorsOREGON Fuels Association ReportORBut coming from the President of leading suppliers of biodieselOFA Im still high from July 25-27th!Oregon OriginalComing from Oregon, that could mean a multi-tude of thingsand other low carbon fuels. Often Oregon Fuels Association, its a reference to the amazing multi-generational family-owned Annual Conference we just wrapped up in Sunriver! Our businesses, members fuel Or-Association and Members at large were pressed with a egons economy by providing Call to Action: To stay engaged and step into the conversa- career opportunities to thousandsGabriel Zirkle tion. Our Industry has a target on our backs. of employees across the state. TheOFA Presidentassociation is a leading advocate What a blast to see everyone in person with smiles on theirfor common sense regulations faces. A privilege to meet with friendly competitors fromthat balance affordable fuels and the strong and growing Industry of Gas and Oil. Wereenvironmental stewardship. those dirty words I just said? Probably not in this maga- Our PAC raised nearly $93,000 in 2020 and gave away zine! But seriously, we need to stand tall and strong. Weover $60,000 to effect the change we desire to see from are the Petroleum Industry that keeps Oregon moving. I amthe political parties that often overreach with their power. proud to be a part of an energy sector that keeps makingRepresentative Vikki Breese-Iverson from Prineville joined improvements and cleaning up the products we proudlyus for our PAC reception that kicks off our event. She and sell through our outlets.people like her understand that its not enough to run a The event was a success by all measurements. Were theresmall family-owned business with diversification, we have improvements to be made? You bet! But for a first event,to take action and get involved. Like it or not, Politics is bringing us back together, we did great. Yes, we ran outpart of the program when it comes to running business of food. Yes, we did not have enough seats available. Butthese days. we also had a record number of Members show up. TheyGuests included recognition of our first ever Scholarship came with their teams of industry personnel that make thewinner, Breana Erickson from Klamath Falls, Oregon who everyday job look like fun! Families with the next genera- was featured in the last WPMA News magazine highlight-tion of leaders came out in support for what is sure to be aing her accomplishments. Andrew Schpak gave us insight grassroots movement in the making.into employment law with rules like water is cool at I am proud of the people that made this event what it was.77 degrees, but its an extreme weather condition at 80 Proud to have so many sponsors that held up their enddegrees, (Thanks Marc!). Nicole Singh clued us into the of the relationship with not only 2020 moneys, but 2021clueless DEQ rulemaking for CPP. Mike Freese gave us the sponsorship dollars, and more. Our sponsors that ensuredownload on Legislative issues coming into view and the they are part of the history dating back to the 1950s whenannouncement of Self-Serve gaining momentum for a 2022 a group of people came together to fight a common enemy.push into the entire state of Oregon. If you missed the deadline to sponsor, you will want to getFolks, if you are not a part of Oregon Fuels Association, in touch with Tracey Anderson, OFA Executive Directordont you think its time to stop missing out? Join us for before they are sold out for the Conference scheduled onthese types of events, updates, and more! Be a Member of July 17-19, 2022.Oregon Fuels Association. Members were introduced to our new logo, signage, andStay Safe and Drive Oftenbrochures that could and should be at each retail fueling location. The Oregon Fuels Association is the voice of Oregons locally owned fuel stations, fuel distributors, and heating oil providers. OFA members are at the forefrontGabriel Zirkle, President OFAof environmental stewardship within the industry as the SWPMA News / Autumn 202149'