b'TheGold Rings of Association: Idaho Petroleum Marketers & Convenience Store AssociationSUZANNE BUDGE Robert Fung IPM&CSA Executive Director HPMA Executive DirectorPO Box 984 PO Box 1912Boise, ID 83701-0984 Kailua, HI 96734 Phone: (208) 345-6632 NevadaPhone: (808) 230-1652 Petroleum E-mail: sbs@sbsidaho.com E-mail: rwfung@hawaiiantel.net Marketers & www.wpma.com/idaho Convenience Montana Petroleum Marketers &www.wpma.com/hawaii Store Convenience Store Association AssociationPETER KRUEGERBRAD LONGCAKE NPM&CSA Executive DirectorMPMCSA Executive Director 1575 Delucchi Lane, Suite 201 PO Box 306, Helena, MT 59624 Reno, Nevada 89502Phone: (406) 438-1276 Phone: (775) 622-9665 E-mail:Fax: (775) 420-5999Longcakeconsulting @gmail.com E-mail: peter@fuelingnevada.comwww.wpma.com/montana www.wpma.com/nevadaYour Independent State Petroleum and Convenience Store Associations are working for you, with the Western Petroleum Marketers Association (WPMA) on regional andNEW MEXICO PETROLEUM MARKETERS ASSOCIATIONnational issues.RUBEN BACALEA MCCULLOUGH NMPMA Executive DirectorWIED Executive Director PO Box 92366 9390 Orchard Ave SE Albuquerque, NM 87199-2366Port Orchard, WA 98367-0159 Phone: (505) 293-6250 Phone: (206) 718-7662 THE Fax: (505) 293-6249 E-mail: lea@waoil.org UTAH E-mail: nmpetrol@comcast.netwww.wpma.com/washington PETROLEUM www.wpma.com/new mexicoMARKETERS &RETAILERSASSOCIATION Tracey Anderson JOHN HILL OFA Executive DirectorUPMRA Executive Director WPMA, PO Box 571500, 153 South 900 East, #3 Murray, UT 84157-1500 There is Salt Lake City, UT 84102Phone: (503) 779-3312Phone: (801) 521-8340 E-mail: oregonfuelsassociation@gmail.com Strength in Fax: (801) 521-8360 www.oregonfuels.org AssociationE-mail: johnhill@upmra.com www.wpma.com/oregonwww.wpma.com/utahBeing part of this association is the best road to Excellence!There is strength in numbers.The state associations work with WPMA to protect your business interest, and the safety and security of consumers served by the network of independent petroleum and convenience store owners and distributors. We encourage you to take advantage of the benefi ts provided by state and regional membership. Contact your state association and/or WPMA and help grow your business. Stay informed about industry news and critical regulations that impact your operations 24/7. WPMA News / Autumn 20215WPMA21 Member Pages 0903.indd 4 8/24/21 11:24 AM'