b"2021-2022 WelcomePresidents MessageHealthy and Happy Again!As we close out summer and head into fallwith the renewed perspective of having a vaccine widely available and clearly successful, and with social events back on the calen-dar, health seems to be the word of the day. We have healthy bodies and healthy state associations. It was a tremendous honor and privilege for me to observe this return to health and happiness while attending most ofWPMA President,the state conventions this summer. I was very encouraged andSteve Clarkimpressed with the resounding enthusiasm and broad involvement of members, associates and sponsors. From the golf tournaments and trap shoots to board meetings and welcome dinners, attendance and excitement in every state exceeded expectations. I was amazed but not surprised at how well Gene, Jamie, Kim and all the WPMA staff worked to ensure that every event and all accommodations ran smooth and on schedule. It was great for me to see firsthand how potential problems were headed off and unexpected challenges were handled in stride. There is no sweat with this crew. Lets just admit itthey make us all look good. We are very lucky to have their depth of knowledge and experi-ence. Well done WPMA team!With all the member states having healthyreserves in the bank and with life coming back to the economy, along with our revenue streams, we appear to have survived a never-imagined calamity. Having those reserves was W so vital! Despite the COVID year withoutlePM a v revenue, we were able to continue operations A G and indeed win battles at the local level. This C sis also a reminder about how important our'EO nt G de Las Vegas WPMAEXPO is. It is the main source en si of operating income for WPMA and a significant e re contributor to state associations income. InPg A We are locked and loaded to return to Vegasle Msb P February 22-24, 2022! Trey Gowdy will be our yWpre 022 keynote speaker and Frank Abignale is our Thursday sents Steve Cl 21-2 educational speaker. In addition to our golf tournamentark the 20 at Rio Secco, we have planned an evening at TOP GOLFwhich will surely be a blast. Book your flights and getregistered early as we are expecting a big turnout. I look forward to seeing you inFebruary in Las Vegas.S4 www.wpma.com / Autumn 2021"