b' Member InformationASSOCIATE MEMBERS by Company This Quarter in History . August, September and October(As of July 30) For complete Associate Member Information go to Clips from 100 years of historyIf www.wpma.com/associate-member-search including snippets from WPMAsyou past autumn news issues.Acquisition & Anderson Environmental need Refinance Capital Inc Contracting LLC 10 Years AgoServicesH Corey Henriksen Jr Steven Anderson 2011 [FALL Western Petroleumhchenriksen@acqrefcap.com stevea@aecllc.net.Phone (949) 481-8500 Phone (360) 957-1771 Marketers News (WPMN)]Financial Services, Construction, Tank Removal/WPMA President Bob Ogan, What Mergers & Acquisitions, Installation, Environmental, a distinct honor it is to be your 2011-# C-Store Sales & Acquisitions General Contractor 2012 WPMA President. I can remember 4Cs Environmental Inc Action for Eastern Montana Anderson Environmentalmy dad telling me how important it Heather Schuyler Clint Wynne Contracting LLC was to be involved in the industry heather@4-cse.com c.wynne@aemt.org Connor Smith association; I would have never Phone (503) 320-2992 Phone (406) 377-3564 connors@aecllc.net thought I would be in this position, Construction, Petroleum Equipment Consultants, Other Services Phone (360) 577-9194 years later. Wenatchee Petroleum Construction, Tank Removal/ 4Cs Environmental Inc Afton Chemical Corporation Installation, Environmental, Co is an 87-year-old, three-plus AUTUMN 2011 WPMN Cover Clip Darrel Mayer Matthew Roberts General Contractor generation company that began in 1924 with darrel@4-cse.com matthew.robertsAnderson Environmentalmy grandfather Ross Ogan and two partners . The experiences I have Phone (503) 320-2992 @aftonchemical.com Contracting LLC gained going through the chairs in the state and WPMA associations have Construction, Petroleum Equipment Phone (801) 698-1058 Scott Gullickson been some of the most memorable times of my life, that otherwise may Chemical Supplies, Oils,4Cs Environmental Inc Additives & Chemicals, scottg@aecllc.net not have happened. I encourage those of you who have the desire and Casey Michaels Additives & Chemicals Supply Phone (360) 931-3302 time to do the same - you will not regret it!casey@4-cse.com Construction, Tank Removal/ Alpha Transport Inc Installation, Environmental, CEO Gene Inglesby (GI): Charts shared on What are the major sources Phone (503) 606-3020 Adam Lindsay General ContractorConstruction, Petroleum Equipment and users of energy in the United States?alindsay@alphatransport.com Anheuser-Busch CoA Phone (801) 363-8222 Peter SalatichTruck Trailer Repair & Parts,A&S Engineering Services Inc Transporter, Truck & Transport Sales peter.salatich Ahmad Ghaderi Alta Computer Services LLC @anheuser-busch.comahmadg@asengineer.com Phone (505) 986-2521Phone (661) 250-9300 Robert Michaelis BeerEngineering, Architecture altaram@aol.com Aspect Consulting LLCPhone (801) 233-0531ADD Systems Accounting, Computer Software/ Bob HanfordJohn Coyle Computers, Consultants bhanford coylej@addsys.com Altria Client Services Inc @aspectconsulting.comPhone (800) 922-0972 Eric Donaldson Phone (206) 780-9370C-Store Automation, ComputerConsultants, Geotechnical Autumn 2011 WPMN Clips Software/Computers, Fuel Distributoreric.donaldson@altria.com Engineering, EnvironmentalAutomation Phone (512) 478-3394Tobacco Auto MateADD Systems Wade SouzaRyan Hanson Altria Group wsouza@automateusa.comhansonr@addsys.com Distribution Company Phone (801) 337-5057Phone (862) 219-0750 Miguel Lopez-Vergara Car Wash Equipment & Supplies, Computer Software/Computers,miguel.r.lopez-vergaraChemical Supplies, Car Wash SuppliesConsultants, E-Commerce @altria.comAce Tank & Fueling Equipment Phone (469) 952-0098 BJessica Barlett Tobacco BB&A Environmentaljbartlett@acetank.com Altria Group Distribution Co Randy BoesePhone (800) 426-2880 James Duke rjboese@bbaenv.comPetroleum Equipment, james.duke@altria.com Phone (503) 570-9484Above Ground Storage Tanks, Phone (804) 484-8151 Tank Removal/Installation, Environ-Underground Storage Tanks Tobacco mental, Petroleum Testing/SamplingAce Tank & Fueling Equipment American Insurance BP Products North America IncJay Peterson & Investment William Truemper IIIjpeterson@acetank.com Brian Johnson william.truemper@bp.comPhone (847) 364-1744 brian@american-ins.com Phone (360) 526-3231Petroleum Equipment, Petroleum Products, Suppliers, Above Ground Storage Tanks, Phone (801) 364-3434 MarketingUnderground Storage Tanks Insurance, Risk Management WMI Mutual Insurance Company (WMIC): President David Leo reported on the Medical Cost Trend in 2012. PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) predicted an 8.5% increase.18 www.wpma.com / Autumn 2021'