b'100 Years: 1921-2021 This Quarter in History75 Years Agocontinued. August, September and October Events to Remembercolor television, whichreasonable doubt. Major League Baseball officials declaredPirates defeated the Philadelphia Phillies 8 would be refined by NBCthat the preponderance of the evidence was still sufficientto 5 at Forbes Field. Harold Arlin called the and would become theto continue the ban against reinstating any of the formerplay-by-play during the broadcast. system approved in theplayers. Baseball Commissioner K. M. Landis said in a(Aug 11) While on holiday at Lubec, Maine, United States for color TVstatement, Regardless of the verdict of juries, no player thatfuture U.S. president (and recent U.S. vice broadcasting. Unlike thethrows a ball game; no player that undertakes or promisespresidential nominee in the 1920 election) sequential system developedto throw a ball game; no player that sits in a conference withFranklin D. Roosevelt suffered the first signs by CBS, which would havea bunch of crooked players and gamblers where the waysof paralysis from poliomyelitis. The disease required a rotating color wheel inside of a set, the RCAand means of throwing games are planned and discussedwas misdiagnosed by a local doctor as the process transmitted images in three colors onto the screen. and does not promptly tell his club about it, will ever playresult of a bad cold. 100 Years Ago professional baseball.The Dow Jones Industrial Average, measure of the 1921 (Aug 1) U.S. President Warren G. Harding(Aug 3) Aerialperformance of the New York Stock Exchange, reached a officiated at the tercentenary celebration atapplication of sprayedlow point of 63.9 after a steady decline that had started Plymouth, Massachusetts for the 300th anniversarypesticides to farmlandon November 3, 1919. For the next eight years, the stock of the landing of the Pilgrims in North America. by an airplane,market would make a steady climb ending in August 1929, commonly called cropprior to the stock market crash of October 24, 1929. dusting, was performed1921 (Sept 8) Margaret Gorman, 16, won the Golden for the first time. TheMermaid trophy at a beauty pageant in Atlantic City, New procedure was developed as a joint venture by the U.S.Jersey; officials later dubbed her the first Miss America.Department of Agriculture and the U.S. Army Signal Corps.(Sept 13) White Castle hamburger restaurant opened in (Aug 4) For the first time, what is now called a faxWichita, Kansas, foundation of the worlds first was sent across the Atlantic Ocean. A handwrittenfast food chain.message by New York Times Editor C. V. Van Anda1921 (Oct 21) George Melfords wildly (Aug 2) The Black Sox scandal trial in Chicago ended withwas transmitted from Annapolis, Maryland tosuccessful silent film The Sheik, which the acquittal by a jury of conspiracy charges against eightMalmaison in France. propelled its leading actor Rudolph Chicago White Sox players to throw the 1919 World Series,(Aug 5) The first broadcast of a baseball game wasValentino to international stardom, finding that the charges had not been proven beyond aaired by U.S. radio station KDKA, as the Pittsburghpremiered in Los Angeles. SAssociate Members by Company(As of July 30)continuedWestmor Industries Wilson/Rogers & AssociatesTim Esterling Steve Latimertim.esterling@westmor-ind.com steve@wilsonrogers.comPhone (320) 815-4415 Phone (206) 743-4592Petroleum Equipment, Petroleum Equipment, Lubrication Equipment, Truck & Transport Sales, Vapor Recovery/Leak DetectionC-Store & Fuel System Design Woolseys Tire & AlignmentWheatland Insurance Center Inc Emery WoolseyRuss Heimark woolseystire@aol.comrussh@wici.netPhone (541) 276-7441 Phone (406) 442-9327 EXPOInsurance Automotive Products Williams & Company Consulting Wyoming Refining CoPatti Haberlingdba Petro Classroom phaberling@parpacific.com D ownload a Patrick Vuchetich Phone (605) 342-1614pjv@willconsult.com Petroleum Products, Suppliers, ManufacturingPhone (816) 444-1223 Blaine Zwahlen Z FORM Today!Consultants, Environmental, Training Programs Z Engineering & EnvironmentalWilson/Rogers & Associates IncScott Wilson bzwahlenFax form(s) to: (801) 262-9413 scott@wilsonrogers.com @silvereaglerefining.com or Mail with payment to: PO Box 571500,Phone (425) 248-4940 Phone (801) 296-8211 Murray, Utah84157-1500Petroleum Equipment, Lubrication Equipment,Consultants, Engineering, Vapor Recovery/Leak DetectionEnvironmental Watch for Updates!Wilson/Rogers & Associates IncRon Weeks Go On-line atron@wilsonrogers.comPhone (888) 851-7275 S www.wpmaexpo.comPetroleum Equipment, Lubrication Equipment, Vapor Recovery/Leak DetectionWPMA News / Autumn 202147'