b'100 Years: 1921-2021 This Quarter in History . August, September and October Events to RememberHPMA (HI):How to find the most WIED (WA): (ED) Lea McCullough (LC) Presidenttalented person for a criticalThe Convention was a success. Golf Mark Leongposition in your company, tournament was held at the RopeThankedin todays economy. Rider course.Robert FungNMPMA (NM): (ED) RubenScholarship Foundationfor the venue,Baca (RB) The convention(SF): Scholarshipsponsors and all who attended the golf tournament atand trade show wasAutumn 2011 WPMN Clips Coordinator Kathy Michaelis sharedAutumn 2011 WPMN Clips Oahu Country Club in Honolulu. It was a great success.a great event at thewhat Michele Henke IPM&CSA (ID): Executive Director (ED) Suzanne BudgeEmbassy Suites inMurdock from Utah was (SB) Sun Valley combined good times and good friends.Albuquerque. Newup to since 1991. MPMCSA (MT): (ED) Ronna Alexander (RA) Petro Polly Mexico is in a drought2011 (Aug 1) The US Most of us will never do great things, but wethat has not been seenCongress voted on a can do small things in great ways . Its impor- since the 1800s .deal to resolve the US debt-ceiling crisis with the tant for the membership to be aware that therainfall at the begin- House of Representatives passing it, US Rep. Gabby Board serving the Association does more thanning of July was .29 of an inch. This has caused forests andGiffords (D-Arizona) cast her first vote since her traumatic just conduct a meeting a couple times a year.recreational areas to be closed to all traffic. Most of the small- brain injury at the hands of a deranged assassin.In their role as volunteers they serve on specificer towns are on water rationing, including no water(Aug 2) Baruj Benacerraf died at the age of 90. He was a committees; e.g.: to review new proposed rulesunless asked for at restaurants, and the closingVenezuelan-born American immunologist, who shared by a government agency or to develop future legislation;of car washes . Some good newsthe statethe 1980 Nobel Prize in Physiology/Medicine for the they help promote special events such as fundraisers for theis 5% above the projected budget set by thediscovery of the major histocompatibility complex genes WPMA scholarship program; they assist with media eventsLegislature. This is thanks to higher grosswhich encode cell surface protein molecules important and generally serve as spokespersons for the Association.receipts tax collection and oil and gas royal- for the immune systems distinction between self Please let these people know you appreciate their service! ties due to an increase in drilling. and non-self. The MHC genes are critical to organ NPM&CSA (NV): (ED) Peter Krueger (PK) announcedUPMRA (UT): (ED) John Hill (JH)transplantation medicine. the Grand Prix Tankerintroduced the new board members and(Aug 23) A rare Eastern-seaboard earthquake of Yanker was a successSeptembers convention and trade show atmagnitude 5.8 struck Virginia. The Virginia Seismic and shared Michaelthe Rainbow Hotel and Casino in Wendo- Zones faults rupture resulted in activity felt in Micones article on ver, NV, themed Take A ChanceProspectsWashington, D.C., New York City and other cities.and New Opportunities Await! continued on page 22Associate Members by Company(As of July 30)Current info at www.wpma.com/associate-member-search continued BRB Trucking LLC Big Rigs Tanker Service Inc C Calumet Specialty Products ChevronBrandon Bean Roger Smith CFN & Pacific Pride Services LLC Vern Draney Chris Lingleybrandon.brbtrucking@gmail.com krista@bigrigsts.com Catrina Kersich vern.draney@clmt.com clingley@chevron.comPhone (208) 670-3046 Phone (253) 845-6657 catrina.kersich@fleetcor.com Phone (801) 589-9905 Petroleum Products, Suppliers, Transporter Transporter, Trucking, Phone (503) 400-2349 Petroleum Products, Suppliers,MarketingBestWorth Rommel Transportation/Terminals Automated Fueling, Fueling Facility,Marketing ChevronTraci Kerney Blue Star Gas Fleet Management Cascade Signs & Neon Mollie Corcorantkerney@bestworth.com Darren Engle CHS Inc Lisa Kinnee mcorcoran@chevron.comPhone (360) 435-2927 dengle@bluestargas.com Randy Kuehn lisa@cascade-signs.com Petroleum Products, Suppliers, C-Store Co Branding, Phone (206) 762-2583 randy.kuehn@chsinc.com Phone (503) 378-0012 MarketingCanopies, Construction Petroleum Products, Suppliers Phone (406) 628-5368 Signs & Lighting Chevron Products CoBestWorth Rommel Boise Cold Storage Co Cargo Tank Testing, Tank Lining, Central Service Inc Roy LawsonTank Removal/Installation, roylawson@chevron.comSteve Quigg Kent Johnson Transportation/Terminals Lee Bennettsquigg@bestworth.com kj@boisecold.com lee@centralserviceinc.com Phone (602) 315-6909Phone (425) 391-6783 Phone (208) 344-8477 CHS Inc Phone (541) 550-7230 Petroleum Products, Suppliers, Canopies, Construction Warehousing, Frozen Beverages,Adam Norcutt Construction, Petroleum Equipment MarketingBickler Auto & Truck Food/Ice adam.norcutt@chsinc.com Central Service Inc Chevron Products CoBrugg Pipesystems LLC Phone (651) 497-9287 Tiffany SmithRobin Geck Petroleum Products, Suppliers,Brad Hughbanks tjsm@chevron.comrrgeck@bresnan.net Kelly Crellin Transporter bradh@centralserviceinc.comPhone (406) 252-2058 kelly.crellin@brugg.com Phone (541) 550-7230 Phone (425) 891-4341Auto Repair Phone (706) 346-0972 CSESCO Inc Construction, Petroleum Equipment Petroleum Products, Suppliers, Petroleum Equipment, Service StationDarren Anderson MarketingBig Rigs Tanker Service Inc Equipment, Equipment Manufacturer info@csesco.com Century Business Solutions Chevron Products CoAaron Smith Phone (801) 292-4404 Maddy Benner Kevin Goodwinaaron@bigrigsts.com Fuel Storage Tanks (UST), Petroleumcbsassociationskevin.goodwin@chevron.comPhone (253) 845-6657 Equipment, POS (Point Of Sales) @centurybizsolutions.com Phone (801) 750-4776Transporter, Trucking, Phone (888) 500-7798 Petroleum Products, Suppliers, Transportation/Terminals Credit Card Processor, MerchantMarketingServices continued on page 22WPMA News / Autumn 202119'