b'100 Years: 1921-2021 This Quarter in History75 Years Agocontinued. August, September and October Events to RememberByrnes, embarrassing President Harry S. Truman, andTV since World War II, a 10-inch set made at its plant in(Sep 25) African-American actor Canada Lee surprised bringing an end to Wallaces career in government. Truman,Camden, New Jersey. Only 5,000 sets had been producedand impressed audiences at Bostons Shubert Theatre, who had glanced at the speech two days earlier, was askedin the years before the U.S. entered the war. By the end ofportraying Daniel de Bosola in a production of The Duchess at a press conference about the speech and whether it1947, 150,000 had been sold, rising to 4 million in 1949of Malfi. In a reversal of the longtime practice of white men represented the policy of his administration, and repliedand 10 million in 1950.donning blackface, Lee opened a new field for Negro actors that it was. That evening, Wallace declared that We have(Sep 18) Hidden in the Warsaw Ghetto by the Ojneg- today by donning white makeup and portraying a white no more business in the political affairs of Eastern EuropeSzabes group during the Second World War, the archivecharacter for the first time in the history of the American than Russia has in the political affairs of Latin America,of materials that had been written during the siege wasstage, according to a UPI report. In the production that Western Europe and the United States. and just two daysunearthed. Dr. Emmanuel Ringelblum supervised theopened September 23 and continued to Broadway, Lee ago, when President Truman read these words, he saidwriting, collection, storage (in watertight milk cans) andwore a special white paste that had been used medicallythey represented the policy of his Administration. Trumanburial for future generations to read.to cover burns and marks, but had never before beencompounded the error by making the excuse that It was(Sep 19) In a speech at Zrich, former British Prime Ministerused in the theatre.my intention to express the thought that I approved the rightWinston Churchill proposed what would eventually become(Sep 28) The Popular NBC radio of the Secretary of Commerce to deliver that speech. I did notthe European Community. Churchill suggested a remedy,program, National Barn Dance, the first intend to indicate that I approved the speech which TIMEwhich, if generously and spontaneously adopted by a greatAmerican country music program was magazine described as a clumsy lie. majority of the people of many lands, would, as if by abroadcast by NBC for the last time. ABC (Sep 13) Captain Amon Gth, 37, Nazimiracle, transform the whole scene and make Europe as freeRadio then carried it until 1968.SS officer who had carried out the massand happy as Switzerland is today. We must build a kind of(Sep 29) The St. Louis Cardinals and the Brooklyn Dodgers executions of more than 13,000 JewsUnited States of Europe. both lost their final in Krakw and Tarnw, and the Szebnia(Sep 20) The landscapescheduled game of the concentration camp, was hanged, alongof the American andseason in the National with Dr. Leon Gross, a Jew who hadCanadian NiagaraLeague, finishing with outlet.historicimages.comcollaborated with him at the PlaszowFalls was permanentlyidentical 96-58 records concentration camp. Captain Gth wasaltered when a 120 footand forcing the first portrayed by Ralph Fiennes in the filmwide section of rocktiebreaker playoff in Schindlers List. collapsed at 10:19 inMajor League Baseball (Sep 14) The US Census Bureau forecast that the USthe morning.history.population in 1990 would peak at 165,000,000 and that it(Sep 22) Yogi Berra1946 (Oct 4) The Nag would decline to 168,177,000 by 2000. The actual figuresmade his major leagueHammadi library was saved for posterity, as the Coptic for the two censuses were 248,709,873 debut, entering a gameMuseum in Cairo accepted the ancient scrolls into its in 1990 and 281,421,906 in 2000. for the New York Yankeespermanent collection. Twelve complete manuscripts and Hiram King Hank Williams began hisagainst the Philadelphiaeight pages of a 13th had been buried in a sealed jar in the celebrated career as a country musician,As. Berra hit a home run4th century AD and not unearthed again until December signing a contract with Fred Rose in Nashville.in his first time at bat,1945. The text begins at the approximate time that the (Sep 17) Mass production of television setsand then went on to aDead Sea Scrolls leave off, notes one author. began, with RCA producing the first newcolorful career.continued on page 46Associate Members by Company(As of July 30)Current info at www.wpma.com/associate-member-searchcontinued Silver Eagle Refining Sinclair Oil Corporation Sound Payments Southwest Petroleum StoneX Financial IncRoger Shirin Jack Barger Michelle Danisovszky Marketing & Realty Group Heather Saxtonrshirinjbarger@sinclairoil.com petrosalesGrant McWhirter heather.saxton@stonex.com@silvereaglerefining.com Phone (801) 524-2790 @soundpayments.com grant.mcwhirter@spmg.net Phone (816) 410-3352Phone (435) 319-4768 Petroleum Products, Oils & Lubes,Phone (844) 319-5635 Phone (469) 877-8817 Consultants, Hedging,Petroleum Products, Suppliers,Terminal Owner & Operators Technology Financial Services, Broker Risk ManagementMarketing Sky Blue Industries Inc Source North America Corp Steel Smith Tank StoneX Financial IncSinclair Oil Corporation Steven Griffin Brian Van Wagner & Equipment LLC Jim BurrBrett Currin steve@skyblueindustries.com bvanwagner@sourcena.com Terry Smith james.burr@stonex.combcurrin@sinclairoil.com Phone (801) 394-2808 Phone (800) 452-7437 steelsmithtank@aol.com Phone (816) 410-3352Phone (208) 870-6170 Car Wash Equipment & Supplies,Petroleum Equipment, Distributor Phone (406) 721-5405 Consultants, Hedging, Petroleum Products, Manufacturing,Chemical Supplies, Auto Body &Cargo Tank Testing, Petroleum Equip-Risk ManagementMarketing Painting Southwest Petroleumment, Truck Trailer Repair & Parts StoneX Financial IncSinclair Oil Corporation Sound PaymentsMarketing & Realty Group Stewart Environmental Inc John WenzelKathy Chadey Bill Pittman Jim McWhirter Keith Stewart john.wenzel@stonex.comkchadey@sinclairoil.combill.p@soundpayments.com jim.mcwhirter@spmg.net stewenvir@aol.com Phone (952) 852-2903Phone (844) 319-5635 Phone (214) 675-5248 Consultants, Hedging,Phone (801) 524-2764 Financial Services, Broker Phone (702) 254-6731Petroleum Products, Suppliers,Technology Consultants, Environmental, Risk ManagementWholesale Underground Storage Tanks continued on page 46WPMA News / Autumn 202143'