b' 2021 Scholarship FoundationHawaii, Idaho, Montana, and New Mexico RecipientscontinuedHawaiiSivarat Khanal continued from page 8 languages, hiking, leadership roles, leads his peers on group assignments, is a valuable Mathrock climbing, and Team Officer, and volunteers to tutor math and science. playing the piano. He is a big music His excellent academics earned Irwin membership in the National Honorfan, and enjoys ev-Society and the National Society of High School Scholars, through which heerything from clas-organized and volunteered to run school events and parties, and helped withsical to rap, writing welcome events for incoming students, school festivals, and question andif it is on Spotify, I answer boards. He particularly enjoyed his involvement in the schools mathwill listen to it.team, where he served as a varsity math team member and officer. As an of- This fall, Irwin will ficer, he taught students math and acted as a mentor to new club members. be attending UCLA Taking five years of Spanish in high school, Irwin joined the Spanish Club inas a Biochemis-his junior year, helping to share the Hispanic culture with other students.try major. He He also earned an invitation to join the National Spanish Honor Societychose UCLA and scored honors in the National Spanish Exam. In the summer ofbecause it 2018, Irwin traveled alone to Thailand to master the Thai language,has a great record as a research institu-Scholarships tion, and a high quality of education. and he is now fluent in Thai, making him trilingual.Irwin gives credit to all who have While in high school, Irwin worked in several labs at theare graded in helped him get this far on his educa-University of Hawaii at Manoa, where his father works as ation track: Through the support of professor of Molecular Biosciences and Bioengineering. WhileFIVE AREAS my high school teachers, the Ph.D. helping in the lab, Irwin developed skills in environmental students that I worked with at the science, microbiology, public health and data analytics. Essays laboratories, my professors, my In one lab, he was involved in microbiology/environmentalparents, and all the other mentors science laboratory work, assisting Ph.D. students with and peers who have guided me, I research projects, developing his own experiment, readingAcademics have been able to get this far. Thus, peer-review papers, and participating in scientific discussions.it is these experiences and revela-In another lab he performed data analytics and computertions that have opened up a new science skills to manage, clean, and visualize public health-ACT or SAT Scores perspective in my life, allowing me related data. Irwin is a member of the OD2A project, a mul- to improve and become closer to timillion-dollar grant given to Hawaii by the CDC, to utilize Extra-Curricular achieving my best self.opioid data in making smarter policy for tracking and treatingWPMA joins with the Hawaii the opioid crisis. Irwin was fortunate to accompany his fatherActivities andPetroleum Marketers Association on research visits to universities in Thailand and China, andto congratulate Irwin on a job well gave presentations about his research on nitrogen transformationsdone. His positive attitude and his to graduate students and faculty members at three universities.Financial Needstrong work ethic have helped him to During his 10 thgrade summer, Irwin attended Nalukai Academy, aaccomplish great things in the past and summer entrepreneurial startup camp, where he and his group mem- will serve him well as he begins his stud-bers created entrepreneurial projects from the ground up, and thenies at the university. Spitched them to venture capitalists. The impression his classmates made on Irwin led him to challenge himselfIdahocontinued from pg 8Admanda Eloriettato learn different forms of computer coding. His strong interest in computerreceived the FCCLA Power of One Award in 2018 science/IT pushed Irwin to study front-end website development and design,and 2019 for outstanding achievement in personal learning several computer design languages and programs. goal setting, community service, career prepara-Irwin played tennis for Kilaeuation and leadership. As a project organizer/team for two years, and earned theleader for the New Kid in School program, Amanda Kilauea Jr. Tennis Excellencehelped create activities to help new students feel Award 3.0-14 and the Kilauea Jr. Tennis Undefeated Award 2.5-12. As an active member of several local hiking groups for three years, he participated in many hiking and rock-climbing events. In his free time, he enjoys prac-ticing his programming skills, refining his knowledge of codingAmanda (6th from left) with her Volleyball Team10 www.wpma.com /Summer 2021'