b"continuedMember InformationAssociate Members by Company(As of April 30) This Quarter in History25 Years Ago continued. May, June and JulyFor complete Associate Member information go to www.wpma.com/associate-member-search 1996 (Jul 19) The 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia began .Pacific Phillips 66 R (July 27) The Centennial Olympic Park bombing at the 1996 Summer Environmental Services Bill Brasher RAI Services Company Olympics killed 2 and injured 111 .Manny Chavez bill .a .brasher@p66 .com Matt Domingomchavez@pacenviro .net Phone (925) 960-9796 domingm@rjrt .com 50 Years AgoPhone (509) 244-4898 Suppliers, Wholesale Phone (336) 741-1486 1971 [MAY IntermountainPhillips 66 TobaccoPacific Meter & Equipment Renee Semiz RH Smith Dist Co/Oil Marketer News (IOMN)] Destiney Solid renee .k .semiz@p66 .com Reliable Hauling Service Lets Get Together was the djsolid@tankmaxnw .com Phone (832) 765-3227 Rod Smith new byword according to IOMA Phone (253) 872-3374 Petroleum Products, Suppliers,rod@rhsmith .com President Jay Whiting (JW) . Petroleum Equipment, MarketingPetroleum Products Phone (509) 882-3377 from Boy Scouts to Old Duffers May 1971 IOMN Cover Clip Pacific Truck Tank Inc Phillips 66 Consultants, Transporter, Trucking. . . Federations, Organizations, Kirby Fleming Mark Nass RH Smith Distributing Associations and. . . ultimately kflemingmark .a .nass@p66 .com Doug Smith. . . the Nation . Associations take Phone (360) 779-1462 doug@rhsmith .com a leading part in expanding and improving @pacifictrucktank .com Petroleum Products, Suppliers, Marketing Phone (509) 882-3377 the business they representPhone (916) 379-9280 Phillips 66 Consultants, Transporter, TruckingTruck Trailer Repair & Parts, Truck & . . . Could you imagine America without them?Transport Sales Lynn Chun RPMG (ED) Jim A . Murphy (JAM) If we had an informed consumer, we would Patriot Capital Corp lynn .a .chun@p66 .com Todd KruggelGeoff Smith Phone (206) 499-4214 toddk@rpmgllc .com have a much more understanding consumer and customer friend, whether geoff .smithPetroleum Products, Wholesale Phone (952) 465-3227 he bought his gasoline from. . . big oil or. . . a Self-serve operator . @patcapfinance .com Pilot Flying J Ethanol Supplier How You Can Help: Keeping an association up to par is a year-round-Phone (404) 915-9749 Ted Brennan Renewable Energy Group Inc job for all the members . Ten selected suggestions by the IOMN editor: Financial Services, Other Services,ted .brennanHarry Allen 1 . Attend meetings regularly . 2 . Show a personal interest . 3 . Stir up Petroleum Equipment @pilottravelcenters .com harry .allen@regi .com listless members . 4 . Promote a teamwork spirit . 5 . Be a peacemaker .PayneWest Insurance Phone (865) 474-2626 Phone (602) 919-4506 6 . Seek the best interest of everybody . 7 . Give credit where it is due . Keith SchniderPetroleum Products, Biodiesel Supplier 8 . Prevent meetings from bogging down . 9 . Dont duck thankless jobs kschnider@paynewest .com Polar Service Centers Renewable Energy Group IncPhone (406) 268-2594 Don Olson Dan Burns that must be done . 10 . Keep long-range goals in mind . Insurance, Safety Products, Riskdon .olson@polarsvc .com daniel .burns@regi .com AZ: Chairman Ray Frost and Vice Chairman Ted Brennan reported on a Management Phone (909) 877-8300 Phone (515) 239-8000 bill that increased the AZ gasoline tax .Petro West Inc CA: Fred DePalma of the Los Angeles suburb of Azusa owed much of Adam Vandermyde Polar Service Centers Renewable his company's success to special, endearing touches . Freds $500,000 adamv@petrowestinc .com David Martinez Energy Group Inc (REG)Phone (800) 366-9557 david .martinez@polarsvc .com Todd Ellis annual volume is a testament to his psychological approach to the motorist .Construction, Equipment Supplies,Phone (916) 564-4286 todd .ellis@regi .com ID: A luncheon meeting was held at the Rodeway Inn in Boise in Tank Removal/Installation Truck Trailer Repair & Parts Phone (515) 239-8000 conjunction with the Southern Idaho-Oregon Oil Heat Institutes Petroleum Card Services Polar Service Centers Petroleum Products, Biodiesel Supplier annual convention . Chairman Shelley Trimble and Vice Chairman Alex Schmanski Jeff Smith Renewable Energy Group Inc Fred Allen arranged a fine program . Tom McIntyre, Vice President aschmanski@pcs4fuel .com jeff .smith@polarsvc .com Jeremiah Jones and Manager of Credit Analysts of First Security Corp, presented on Phone (775) 552-3052 Phone (503) 757-7600 jeremiah .jones@regi .com credit problems and the small Credit Card Processor, Truck Trailer Repair & Parts,Service Provider, Merchant Services Truck & Transport Sales Phone (253) 363-5174 businessman . Other topics were Petroleum Card Services Polar Tank Trailers Petroleum Products, Biodiesel Supplier association finances, the annual May 1971 IOMN Clip Lori Griboski John Koll Renewable Energy Group Inc report, the Las Vegas convention for lorig@pcs4fuel .com jkoll@polartank .com Steve Klein 1972, and legislation .Phone (775) 552-3021 Phone (320) 746-3481 steve .klein@regi .com MT: Chairman Las Waite, Jr . of Butte Truck Trailer Repair & Parts, Phone (515) 239-8364Credit Card Processor, STruck & Transport Sales Biodiesel Supplier and Vice Chairman Francis Durfee ervice Provider, Merchant Services Premier Distributing Co Resin Architecture of Drummond reported on the Petroleum Equipment Co Jimmy Bates Jonathan Gallup summer activities and luncheon Landon Lewis jimmy .batesjonathanmeetings around the state in landon@petro-equip .net @premierdistributing .com @resinarchitecture .com preparation for the 1973 legislature .Phone (801) 487-8276Installation, Service Station Equip- Phone (505) 344-0287 Phone (208) 757-5700 NV: Aprils meeting at the ment, Service Provider Beer Architecture Stockmans Hotel in Elko, Vice Chairman Tom Meranda and Director Petroleum Installation (PIS) Premium Title Rice-Christ Inc Paul Hankins arranged for IOMAs Executive Director Jim A . Murphy Dennis Taylor Dan Simpson Terry Christ and Area Manager of Employers Insurance Co of Wausau, Bob Larsen p .i .s .fuel@comcast .net dan@capstonetitleutah .com terryc@rice-christ .com to present . It was very well attended . A meeting at the Royal Inn in Las Phone (801) 232-2266 Phone (801) 466-7681 Phone (972) 660-6040 Vegas was scheduled for June with Chairman Cort Bishop and Director Fuel Storage Tanks (UST), Other Services, Real Estate Sales Equipment Supplies, Petroleum Petroleum Equipment, Equipment, Manufacturing Jack Cason . Speakers were arranged on the affairs of the industry and Tank Removal/Installation future legislative programs of interest to oil marketers of Nevada .42 www.wpma.com / Summer 2021"