b"100 Years: 1921-2021 This Quarter in History25 Years Ago continued . May, June and July Events to Remember1996 (JULY WPMN) New WPMABoard MeetingOSHA, SPR, LUST Tax Going off the board was Tom Cotrell who had served on the President Ted Berridge (TB) of BerridgeResolution, LUST Fund Resolution, and board for 4 years in all positions . Top topic was Risk-based Distributing in Santa Fe, New Mexico:Commercialization of Interstates .Corrective Action (RBCA) and how it worked .Since 1953, with Howard Williams, WPMAID: (DM) The primary election results had a few(see flow chart)has enjoyed a string of great architects,surprises . The support of memberscontinued on page 40visionaries and builders . Today, we all enjoyJul 1996 WPMN Cover Clipmade it happen for small business . The this association which is built on a foundation of historicallyIdaho convention topics were Employee sound leadership and management. . . WPMA will continue toTheft, Delivery Man Theft, Major Supplier evolve in 1996 and you will be able to watch it take place. . . IContracts, associations Legislative agenda am looking forward to the challenges of this building projectand underground storage tank insurance . to continue the strong presence of WPMA in the petroleumMT: (RA) Rodeos, Department of Com-marketing business .merce activities and the ballets Initiative GT: July is a month for patriots . It is when we celebrate the22 amending state law concerning birth of our nation. . . This year for those of us who live inwastewater discharges by metal mining Utah, it is the centennial of statehood. . . One of the more in- companies were hot topics . New members teresting events is the wagon train that is traveling Utah fromTerry Watkins of McClary Distributing in Logan in the northeast part of the state to Cedar City in theRoundup and associate Ron Janes of Janes southwestern part . It consists of around 100 wagons . ThereRestaurant Management in Helena were are covered wagons in the 1847 tradition, stagecoaches, farmwelcomed .wagons, carriages, every kind that can be imagined. . . WeNM: (EM) The Small Business Regulatoryhave a great heritage in this country . We do not want to loseEnforcement Fairness ActPMAA Execu-it, so we need to convey these feelings and the important roletive Vice President Phil Chisholm says it they play in all our lives to our children and grandchildren .was the most important piece of legislation Our past is memorable, our future is promising . We have apassed in the last twenty-five years . That way to go, but we aint done yet . kind of statement mandates that we take a GI: PMAA (now EMA) leadership retreat was in Orlando,closer look at this new law. . . In summary, FL . The Lube Oil Committee gave an antifreeze regulatoryyou now have the right to be heard, if you update . Association Executive Committee discussed PMAAare being harassed by a federal agency . grassroot surveys and state issues . WPMA's eight hundredNV: (PK) Newest member Mark Smith of Jul 1996 WPMN Clipand fifty members need to take time to let representativesMortons Flying J Travel Plaza in North Las know how they feel on specific issues . Member ServicesVegas, New President Bryan Reed, and Committee met and talked on current services PMAAimmediate past president Don Pollock who offered . There were five resolutions passed in the PMAAbecame the PMAA Director were thanked . Associate Members by Company(As of April 30)Current info at www.wpma.com/associate-member-searchcontinued Leonard Petroleum Leonard Petroleum Lundberg Letter Marathon Mascott Equipment Co IncEquipment of Twin Falls Inc Equipment of Boise LLC Trilby Lundberg Petroleum Corporation Chuck SoftichSteve Leonard Steve King lsi@lundbergsurvey .com Robert Mustain csoftich@mascottec .comsrl@leonardpetroleum .com stevekPhone (805) 383-2400 rnmustainPhone (503) 282-2587Phone (208) 733-8511 @leonardequipment .com Communications, Other Services,@marathonpetroleum .com Petroleum Equipment, Tank/Line Fuel Storage Tanks (UST), PetroleumPhone (208) 336-1155 Publications/Maps Phone (801) 715-4332 Testing, POS (Point Of Sales)Equipment, POS (Point Of Sales) Petroleum Equipment, Service Pro- Lytle Signs Petroleum Products, Suppliers, Marketing McGinley & Associates IncLeonard Petroleum vider, C-Store & Fuel System Design Kathleen Karel Marathon Brett BottenbergEquipment of Twin Falls Inc Leonard Petroleum kathleen@lytlesigns .com Petroleum Corporation bbottenberg@mcgin .comMike Hodge Equipment Inc Phone (208) 733-1739 Phillip K Shelton Phone (702) 260-4961mhodgeJoe Browning Signs & Lighting psheltonEngineering, Environmental@leonardpetroleum .com sales@lepetro .com M @marathonpetroleum .com McGinley & AssociatesPhone (208) 733-8511 Phone (208) 522-7547 Phone (253) 896-8750 Joe McGinleyDispensers, Petroleum Equipment,Fuel Storage Tanks (UST), Pumps,M Nakai Repair ServiceAbove Ground Storage Tanks, Tank Monitoring Scott Nakai Suppliers, Marketing, C-Store jmcginley@mcgin .comUnderground Storage Tanks, scott@mnakai .com Marketing Specialties Inc Phone (775) 829-2245Lubrication Equipment Liquid Controls Phone (808) 841-7581 Kirk Brumfield Consultants, Environmental, Petro-Leonard Petroleum Kevin Nugent Tank Removal/Installation, kirk@mrktgspec .com leum Testing/SamplingEquipment of Boise LLC knugent@idexcorp .com Above Ground Storage Tanks, Phone (406) 245-6117 McGinley & AssociatesKent Storer Phone (847) 295-1050 Underground Storage Tanks Tank Removal/Installation, Caitlin JellePetroleum Equipment, LubricationRetail Petroleum Equipment,kstorerEquipment, Equipment Manufacturer Marathon tjohnston@mcgin .com@leonardequipment .com Petroleum Corporation Service Station Equipment Phone (775) 829-2245Phone (208) 336-1155 David Wilson Environmental, Spill Containment, Car Wash Equipment & Supplies,dmwilsonPetroleum Testing/SamplingPetroleum Equipment, @marathonpetroleum .comService Station Equipment Phone (801) 715-4334 continued on page 40WPMA News / Summer 2021Suppliers 37"