b" 2021 Scholarship FoundationOregon, Utah, Washington and Associate-at-large RecipientscontinuedOregonBreana Ericksoncontinued from page 12 Pardis is looking forward Breana participated on the high schools JV Track and Field team during herto becoming the first freshman year, competing in long jump, high jump, and pole vault. Unfortu- student from her family to nately, she had to end her season early when she tore her ACL. She also playedattend college. She wrote: on the JV tennis team as a sophomore. Outside of school, Breana has partici- Being a first generation pated for the past six years in Tang Soo Do, a Koreancollege student means that martial art based on Karate, and has earned the my parents were never 1 stdegree red belt in the art. In her free time, able to think about she also enjoys reading, hiking and playing. The saving money with her dog Max.for my future Scholarship education and Community service is important to that is a major Breana, and she found time to serve Recipients are reason why her community during her high schoolIm apply-years. She worked as a volunteer in the local Senior Center selected by a ing for this scholarship. She has also for over a year, serving food to seniors and working in the received the Utah Flagship Scholar-gift shop. She also has volunteered at the Sky Lakes MedicalWPMA Selection ship, which helps pay a portion of her Center as a Junior Volunteer for two years, where she works tuition and fees as she works toward at the information desk and helps discharge patients.Committee that a bachelors degree. After school and during the summers, Breana has worked as aconsists of a The University of Utah is Pardis des-babysitter, an office aide for a contractor and for Ed Staub &tination this fall, because her relation-Sons, and as an ecommerce clerk for a local store. In the sum- high school teacher ships with her friends and family are mer of 2019, Breana was able to participate in a short foreignvery valuable to her and she would like exchange program to Italy. Preceding her time in Italy, Breana and a college to maintain them through her college and her mother did a 10-day tour of the United Kingdom together.life. She will be studying in the Honors She has many amazing memories of this special summer abroad. professor . College, a program where she will live This fall, Breana will be attending the Universitywith other Honors College students, take of Oregon on a Summit Scholarship, with a desirehonors classes, and write an honors thesis. She to pursue a degree in Communication Sciences and Dis- will be minoring in business and will be participat-orders. Breana wrote: My future education plans are toing in the Business Scholarship program as well.pursue a Bachelor of Science in Communication SciencesPardis has prepared herself well for the years of and Disorders (CSD) at the University of Oregon followedschooling ahead. WPMA wishes her great luck up by a Master of Science in CSD. This is so Ias she begins her college courses. Judging from can become a speech language pathologisther past performance, she should have no trouble where I can help students like my brother,achieving her career goals!who struggled with different sorts of speech disorders. I hope toShelp students overcome these disorders in their early years.We see that Breana's caring and charitable attitude will serve herWashingtonDane Cobbcontinued from page 13well as she begins her studies at the University of Oregon this fallThis past April, MaxPreps and the United Soccer working towards her goal to become a speech language pathologist. S Coaches Association announced 26 boys and 18 UtahPardis Moradicontinued from page 12 girls named MaxPreps/United Soccer High School State Players of the Week for their on-field efforts Swimming is Pardis favorite hobby. She competed on the Alta High swimfrom April 12-18. Dane was chosen as the only team as a freshman and sophomore, but she found she didnt have time toplayer from the State of Washington for this honor. work and also compete on the team. She still swims as often as she can for herIn April, MaxPreps ranked Dane #1 in points for own enjoyment. She also enjoys hiking, shopping, interiorvarsity soccer in the state decorating, and baking, and she created a social media pageof Washington.devoted to her baked goods. With a desire to step out-Perhaps her most rewarding extracurricular interest is theside his comfort zone and class that Pardis teaches every Friday for children fromtry something new, Dane her religious congregation aged 68, teaching them abouttried out for the varsity virtues and spiritual development. She also is an activefootball team as a senior, member of her religions youth program, where she partici- and earned the position of starting kicker. He was pates in service projects like collecting for the local foodnamed Special Teams MVP this past year. A family bank and the Ronald McDonald House.friend wrote: Among Danes many assets is his 14 www.wpma.com /Summer 2021"