b' World Wide CirculationScholarship FoundationNEWSavailableon theWORLD WIDE WEBMAL atMember-at-Large Recipient wpma.com/publications Tiffiany RomeroThis scholarship . will help me get closer to achieving my dream joband help me get set up into the college I want to go to wrote Tiffiany Romero of Carlsbad, New Mexico. Tiffiany is the recipient of the first WPMA Member-at-Large scholarship to be awarded. This scholarship will be awarded in the years one or more of the WPMA states do not have any students apply for the WPMA scholarship from their state. Tiffiany applied for the scholarship through Brewer Oil, where her mother Marjorie works as a store manager.Tiffiany graduated from Carlsbad High School in June, ranked in the upper half of her graduating class, taking a schedule mixed with core classes and some dual credit courses. Tiffiany wrote that her main strength is in English, and she excels at reading and writing. Tiffianys Dual Credit English teacher wrote: She has been a wonder-ful addition to the class every day. She is always happy and always ready to learn . I know that college has always been one of her dreams. I knew her as aFreshman. Back then she struggled to write. Now,she has blossomed and become a great writer.The school band played an important part in Tiffianys life during her high school years. She played the flute eight years in the Band and four years in the Jazz Band, participating in both the JV and the varsity bands. Her band leader wrote: Tiffiany has always shown to be a person with high leadership qualities. Her rapport with other students is of the highest level I have seen. She is truly a peer leader. I have seen and heard of her helping other students not only with their school READ ONLINEassignments, but with personal matters as well.With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the CarlsbadFind past and current magazines schools went to remote learning, so the band was not able to practice together. In March, the Superintendent an- at www.wpma.com/publicationsnounced that band members could play their instruments together in outdoor settings with nine feet of social distanc-ing, so the Carlsbad High School band began to work on 16 www.wpma.com / Summer 2021'