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May, June and July(As of April 30) Updates go to www.wpma.com/associate-member-search Clips from 100 years of historyIf you need Alpha Transport Inc BAdam Lindsay BB&A Environmental including snippets from WPMAs Services.alindsay@alphatransport .com Randy BoesePhone (801) 363-8222 rjboese@bbaenv .com past SummerTruck Trailer Repair & Parts,Transporter, Truck & Transport Sales Phone (503) 570-9484 quarter issues.Tank Removal/Installation, Environ-Alta Computer Services LLC mental, Petroleum Testing/SamplingRobert Michaelis BP Products North America Inc 10 Years Ago altaram@aol .com William Truemper III 2011 [Summer Western Petroleum Marketers Phone (801) 233-0531 william .truemper@bp .comAccounting, Computer Software/ Phone (360) 526-3231 News (WPMN)] WPMA Computers, Consultants Petroleum Products, Suppliers, Marketing Scholarship Foundation (SF): Altria Group BRB Trucking LLC Winners were Nysa Allen of A Distribution Company Brandon Bean Hawaii; Matthew Hansen A&S Engineering Services Inc Miguel Lopez-Vergara brandon .brbtruckingof Idaho; Ryan Paul of Ahmad Ghaderi miguel .r .lopez-vergara@gmail .com Montana; Sajel Gale of Nevada; ahmadg@asengineer .com @altria .com Phone (208) 670-3046 Briana Montao of New Mexico; John RichardsonSUMMER 2011 WPMN Cover Clip Phone (661) 250-9300 Phone (469) 952-0098 Transporter of Utah; Hattie Johnson of Washington; and Emily Engineering, Architecture Tobacco BestWorth Rommel Katzberg, the Associate-at-Large .ADD Systems Altria Group Distribution Co Traci Kerney WPMA President Rob Franklin from United Oil in Twin Falls, Idaho John Coyle James Duke tkerney@bestworth .com wanted everyone to stay abreast of the many issues . Crude oil fell coylej@addsys .com james .duke@altria .com Phone (360) 435-2927Phone (800) 922-0972 Phone (804) 484-8151 C-Store Co Branding, Canopies,over $10 a barrel, a spike in the market started in early MarchC-Store Automation, ComputerTobacco Construction One thing is different this time . The media is not blaming the Major Software/Computers, American Insurance BestWorth Rommel Refiners . Media is blaming the futures investors . I have seen multiple Fuel Distributor Automation & Investment Steve Quigg television news stories about how a futures run up is affecting gasoline ADD Systems Brian Johnson squigg@bestworth .com retail pricesthe Petroleum Marketers Association of America testi-Ryan Hanson brian@american-ins .com Phone (425) 391-6783 fied before Congress on several occasions about this issue . We thought hansonr@addsys .com Phone (801) 364-3434 Canopies, Construction we had made good progress . We thought that Phone (862) 219-0750 Insurance, Risk Management Bickler Auto & Truck Congress was going to cause new regula-Computer Software/Computers,Robin GeckConsultants, E-Commerce Anderson Environmentaltion of the Futures Markets that would Ace Tank & Fueling Equipment Contracting LLC rrgeck@bresnan .net cause speculation run-ups to be a rarer Connor Smith Phone (406) 252-2058 occurrence . Congress instructed the Jessica Barlett connors@aecllc .net Auto Repairjbartlett@acetank .com Phone (360) 577-9194 Big Rigs Tanker Service Inc Commodity Futures Trading Commis-Phone (800) 426-2880 Construction, Tank Removal/Aaron Smith sion to develop oversight and regulations . Petroleum Equipment, Installation, Environmental, SUMMER 2011 WPMN ClipWell, not much happened .Above Ground Storage Tanks, General Contractor aaron@bigrigsts .comUnderground Storage Tanks Phone (253) 845-6657 2011 Hall of Fame Recipient was Gerry Ramm from Washington .Anheuser-Busch Co Transporter, Trucking,Ace Tank & Fueling Equipment Peter Salatich Transportation/Terminals CEO Gene Inglesby (GI): Shared several graphs on the 2011 US Jay Peterson peter .salatichBig Rigs Tanker Service Inc petroleum import market . jpeterson@acetank .com @anheuser-busch .com Roger SmithPhone (847) 364-1744 Phone (505) 986-2521 krista@bigrigsts .com Beer Phone (253) 845-6657Acquisition & Aspect Consulting LLC Transporter, Trucking,Refinance Capital Inc Bob HanfordH Corey Henriksen Jr Transportation/Terminals SUMMER 2011 WPMN Clip hchenriksen@acqrefcap .com bhanfordBlue Star GasPhone (949) 481-8500 @aspectconsulting .com Darren EngleFinancial Services, Mergers & Acquisitions,Phone (206) 780-9370 dengle@bluestargas .comC-Store Sales & Acquisitions Consultants, Geotechnical Phone (206) 762-2583Action for Eastern Montana Engineering, Environmental Petroleum Products, SuppliersClint Wynne Auto Mate Boise Cold Storage Coc .wynne@aemt .org Wade Souza Kent JohnsonPhone (406) 377-3564 wsouza@automateusa .com kj@boisecold .comConsultants, Other Services Phone (801) 337-5057 Phone (208) 344-8477Car Wash Equipment & Warehousing, Frozen Beverages, Food/IceAfton Chemical Corporation Supplies, Chemical Supplies,Matthew Roberts Car Wash Supplies Brugg Pipesystems LLCmatthew .robertsKelly Crellin@aftonchemical .com kelly .crellin@brugg .comPhone (801) 698-1058 Phone (706) 346-0972Chemical Supplies, Oils, Additives &Petroleum Equipment, Service Station Chemicals, Additives & Chemicals Supply Equipment, Equipment Manufacturer20 www.wpma.com / Summer 2021'