b'100 Years: 1921-2021 This Quarter in History15 Years Ago continued . May, June and July Events to RememberID: Dave Mabe (DM) covered legislative activi- very worst timecrude. . . refinery breakdown problems. . . cold win-ties such as the House Concurrent ResolutionMay 1996for politicalter usage, increased demand, etc . Information is (HCR) 32 (amended Tax Commission rules toWPMN Clip contributionsavailable, but understanding is lacking. . . President allow a new way to calculate fuel taxes foris in the finalClinton. . . wants to sell crude from the Strategic off road fuel users); HCR 35 (amended Tax Commissiondays before thePetroleum Reserve to curb the increase price of rules to allow a new way to deal with off road fuel taxeselections . petroleum . What he hasnt said is that the amount paid by trucks used for logging, agriculture, sand, gravel1996 of crude for sale is less than one days supply for and construction off and on public highways); and Bill(May 8) Thethe US. . . The Republicans are not any better, they 501 (amended Idaho Code Section which dealt with theKeck II telescopewant to repeal the 4 .3 cpa tax to lower the price . deductions from the fuel tax) . Other issues were foodwas dedicatedThis proposed reduction would last until December inspections, and the Department of Health and Welfarein Hawaii . 31, 1996 after which it returns. . . I fear the motiva-interpretation of the food handling rules . (May 30) Thetion is political and not economic . The floor stocks MT: (RA) Thanked contributors for the first electionHoover Institution released a report that global tax is another problem for us. . . The Congressional interest year that the Montana Petroleum Marketers had awarming would probably reduce mortality in the have all but stopped the exploration of oil in this country. . . political Action Committee to assist . A breakout of theUS and provide Americans with benefits . our country imports are more Montana Motor Carrier Regulations was reviewed . 1996 (JUNE WPMN) SF: Winnersthan 50% of our needs. . . EPA NM: Everett McGehee (EM) The Senate refused to closewere Alta Gore of Arizona; Mandyregulatory mandates. . . When the gasoline tax loophole in the special session .Walters of Idaho; Melissa Rose Garmangovernment points a finger, Attorney General investigation requested infor- of Montana; Timothy Walker of Nevada;often three fingers are point-mation on gasoline pricing for the Appeals CourtStephanie Rodriguez of New Mexico;ing back at them. . . The good decision by District Judge from several Market- May 1996Amy Goulding of Utah; and Susannews. . . wholesale prices have ers in several counties . A Petition for CertiorariWPMN Clip Phimisterg of Washington . stabilized. . . the politician will with the NM Supreme Court was filed . find something else to harp GT Since the recenton . It is an election year .NV: (PK) The final part of a three-part series concern- increases have been soGI: Congratulated the ing the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratorydramatic, I dont know1996 Scholarship winners study of Californias leaking underground storageanyone in our industry that hasnt been ques- and their essays on Why you are applying for a tanks was reported . Jun 1996tioned about why the prices have escalatedscholarship, what your proposed field of study is, May 1996UT: Ford Scalley (FS) Outlined a short course on theWPMN Clip so dramatically in such a short time . I received WPMN Clip Antitrust Law for Members of WPMA . a call from Rod Decker, who is the top localand how this relates to your career objectives .television investigative reporter. . . for a change, the publicWMIC: (ORA) The Ashtons visited with Boyd WA: Mike Sciacca (MS) Timing is everything. . .knows that marketers are also victims of increases. . . We allCobbley (Central Distributing) in Spanish Fork Of all the seasons, this is the absolute best timeheard about the cause of the increases . We understand thatand Utahs Director Ellis Pierce and his son Jason in Price . to get involved in politics . Political contributionsrefiners do not want a lot of high-priced crude on hand if theThey dropped by Moab and Blanding to see John Black in the spring mean far more to candidates thanMay 1996US lifts the embargo on Iraqs oil causing the world price to(Saveway Tire and Oil Company), Mike Christensen those that come after the primaries . In fact, theWPMN Clip drop. . . shortage of inventories caused by the high price of(Saveway President), Shirley Ensle and Mikki Palmer continued on page 36 Member information Welcome New Membersthe companies and organizations listed here who have become Please join WPMA inWELCOMINGMarketer Members and Associate Members between February 2nd and April 30th, 2021.BRB Trucking LLC WEnd ConsultingBrandon Bean Dylan Gamboa1030 Oakwood St 4000 W 106th St STE 125-338Burley, ID83318 Carmel, IN46032Phone(208) 670-3046 Phone(812) 909-6011E-mail: brandon.brbtrucking@gmail.com Phone(412) 592-8661Associate Member,03/25/21 E-mail: dylan.gamboa@wendconsulting.comAssociate Member,04/30/21JUUL Labs IncKenton Stanhope925 L St STE 300Sacramento, CA95814Phone(530) 400-8668E-mail: kenton.stanhope@juul.com SAssociate Member,03/25/21WPMA News / Summer 202133'