b'2021 Scholarship Foundationwelcome. She participated in state competitions and was an IdahoScholarship RecipientscontinuedState Top Gold winner and Na- Citizens. Amanda exemplified two rare qualities in young tional Qualifier in Interpersonaladults today -she worked without pay as a volunteer and Communications, and earned theshowed how to treat older people with kindness and com-Daughters of the American Revo- passion. Amanda went above and beyond to do both. lution Good Citizen Award. Outside of school, Amanda worked as a babysitter and as a file clerk and Amanda also served as thegrounds person at Black Oil. She will be working as a lifeguard at the city pool sophomore representative on thethis summer to earn money for college. In her free time, she enjoys spending Student Council. As a junior,time with her friends and playing games with her family. she was selected as Top FemaleThis fall, Amanda will be attending Idaho State University in Pocatello, where Mathematician, and was askedshe plans to major in Biology, with a goal to move on to medical school, to be a teachers aide and peer mentor for under- studying cardiothoracic medicine. She wrote: The heart fascinates me, maybe classmen. She also worked two years on the schoolbecause its vital to life and also the symbol of love. My desire is to study the Yearbook, serving as editor one year.heart and be a cardiothoracic surgeon, helping people be happy and Athletics played a large part in Amandashealthy and having more time with loved ones.high school career. A four-year memberIn 1990of the varsity volleyball, basketball andAmanda has planned and prepared herself well for this nexttrack teams, she served as captain ofthe Merit step in her education. We can see that with her determinedher volleyball and basketball teams.attitude, she will continue to achieve high marks as sheShe earned the Most Valuable PlayerScholarship heads off to ISU this fall. recognition on her volleyball teamSin her junior year and was namedProgram wasto the All-Conference First Vol- MontanaBethany Barnes continued from page 9leyball team and District All-Starorganized, In the athletic arena, Bethany participated on a local clubVolleyball Team. This past spring,volleyball team as a freshman and sophomore, and playedthe girls basketball team earnedhelping children of on the high school girls varsity volleyball team four years, a berth at the 1A Idaho State Girlsearning a varsity letter and receiving an academic all-state Basketball championships, their firstWPMA members award in volleyball. During her junior and senior years,state tournament appearance sinceshe volunteered her time to coach younger players at the2003. Amanda was quoted by a localand their employees volleyball club.newspaper: Being a player out on the court you dont want anything else. Youreceive a higher Like her older make a goal at the beginning of the sea- sisters, Bethany is son to go to state, and here we are, wereeducation . musically talented, achieving our goals. and she played viola and harp in the school Amanda and her teammates scored well during theorchestra, and volunteered her state championship game, but unfortunately, they losttime in the local Glacier Sym-in the end. However, Amandas attitude and spiritphony as a violist. She was se-earned her the Team Sportsmanship Award at the statelected for the All-State Orchestra competitions, and the Snake River Conference namedall four years of high school and her to the First Team for the 2020-21 season.earned superior ratings in numerous district and state music festivals. Bethany Her desire to serve her community led Amanda toalso has a beautiful singing voice, and she sang the National Anthem for many volunteer at the Idaho Foodbank for two years, high school sporting events, beginning when she was in the second grade. filling backpacks with food every Friday so Outside of school, Bethany volunteered her timedisadvantaged elementary children had food for frequently. She served as a local concession stand the weekend, and she served at a local Seniorworker for three years and participated in community Center, packing and organizing meals for the seniorcleanup programs and the Whitefish Winter Kiddie citizens. The director of the Senior Center wrote:Carnival. Very involved in her church, she volunteered It was a privilege toas a music leader at the vacation bible school, and work with Amandaplayed music for her congregation and at a church as a volunteer . sheladies luncheon. interacted with Senior Citizens from age 60 Bethany wrote: Ever since I was young, I always 90, treating each withknew I would go to college. The importance of arespect. She helpedcollege degree has been engraved in me for as long prepare lunches,as I can remember. Now that Im getting ready to go packed bags and delivered lunches to Seniorto college, it seems more important than ever . I plan continued on page 17WPMA News / Summer 202111'