b'Scholarship Foundation Washington Recipient AALWA Associate-at-Large Recipient Dane CobbNathan EssmanOne of the kindest, well-mannered,and responsibleI love learningabout most everything; when I am askedstudents I know, is how a high school counselor describes Danewhat my favorite subject is, I always have a hard time decid-Cobb, the recipient for the WPMA Scholarship for Washington.ing, wrote Nathan Essman of Tacoma Washington, the 2021 Dane applied for the WPMA Scholarship through Connell Oil,recipient of the WPMA Associate-at-Large scholarship. Nathanwhere his mother Sanna Bell works as a corporate secretary.is the older of two children of Aaron Essman and TristaDane graduated from Lewis and Clark High School in Spokane,Fredericksen-Essman. He applied for the WPMA Associate-at-Washington in June with a 3.9 weighted GPA, after taking a classLarge scholarship through Chevron Corp, where his fatherschedule full of Advanced Placement and honors classes, andAaron works as a Retail Business Consultant. learning how to speak the Spanish language. He wrote: My highNathan graduated from Woodrow Wilson High School in Tacoma school years have been formidable for me as I have attemptedin June with a 4.0 GPA, one of three students at the top of his and engaged in various types of activities . I felt energized by thegraduating class, while taking a class schedule full of AP classes new challenges and it made me realize how much more I can doand college-level courses. He received an Advanced Placement years beyond high school.Scholar Award in his junior year and completed 10 AP courses by This past year, Dane campaigned for and won the position of ASBthe end of his senior year. He also received Bilingual Certification Treasurer. As a member of the Associated Student Body leader- in Spanish by the state of Washington. ship, he volunteered at many local and school events, helpingHis high school counselor wrote: Nathan has a natural propen-to organize and implement spirit competitions and school foodsity and thirst for learning and achievement. Regardless of the drives, and he was on a team that created shirts for a spirit com- class, project or activity, Nathan is eager to learn and naturally petition basketball game. His ASB leadership advisor wrote: Iexcels with enthusiasm. Currently and throughout his high school have seen Dane mature and excel at LCHS. Dane can work alonecareer Nathan has selected a challenging AP college preparatory or in a team environment and excels in both. With his work ethiccourse of study and has taken full advantage of his educational and determination, he is a well-rounded confident individual. Heopportunities at Wilson High School. has shown professionalism and knowledge about the importanceBand and Jazz Band were part of Nathans life since middle of giving back to his community. Many hours have been given inschool. He played the saxophone in both bands and practiced order to help individuals and organizations. every day to keep his skills sharp. He enjoyed learning new Dane played forward on the Lewis & Clark varsity soccer teamconcepts and working to play each piece correctly, often taking all four years of high school, serving as senior captain of the teamleadership roles to help other students with the difficult pieces. this past year. As captain, he felt the responsibility to be a roleHe was first chair in his section and served as section leader for model for the younger players on the team who looked up to himthe saxophones, and he also competed in Tacomas solo/ensemble and the other older players. During his freshman and sophomorecompetitions for several years, placing well in the scoring.years, Dane received Player of the Week honors several times,Nathan enjoyed participating in a variety of school clubs. He was and was voted an Honorable Mention in the 2019 All-Leaguea three-year member of the Knowledge Bowl Club, a Jeopardy-Boys Soccer for the Greater Spokane League. Unfortunately, thestyle trivia club, and enjoyed learning about a large variety of pandemic brought the cancellation of the high school boys soccersubjects. He served as president of the club this past year and was season in 2020, but this only made Dane and his team membersthe captain of the schools Knowledge Bowl team as they played more excited to play this spring in the 2021 soccer season - andagainst other schools via zoom or other video-conferencingthey didnt disappoint! continued on page 14 continued on page 15WPMA News / Summer 202113'