b'continuedMember InformationAssociate Members by Company(As of April 30) This Quarter in History15 Years Ago continuedFor complete Associate Member information go to www.wpma.com/associate-member-search. May, June and JulyCorner Capital Partners LLC E Enviro Care Inc ID: (SB) PMAA Day on the Hill in Washington, DC included Carl Ray Polk Jr EES Environmental Kyle Daybell the Idaho marketers visit with the Idaho delegation, who crpolkjrConsulting Inc kyle@envirocareusa .com@cornercapitaladvisors .com Paul Ecker Phone (801) 299-1900 were sympathetic to marketer issues such as credit cardSummer/June Phone (936) 635-5949 paul@ees-environmental .com Emergency Response, Environmental interchange fees, lack of funding for underground storage2006Mergers & Acquisitions, InvestmentPhone (503) 847-2740 ExxonMobil tanks, and ultra-low sulfur diesel fuels, to name a few . WPMN Clip Banking Consultants, Environmental Fuels Marketing Co MT: (RA) Outlined the upcoming MPMCSA convention in D ESCO Services Inc Curtis Lepley Missoula, with keynote Mark Slutsky of Street FighterD&H United Johnna Meysman curtis .s .lepleyMarketing . The business forum would be covering Fueling Solutions Inc johnna@escoservices .com @exxonmobil .com Environmental Lawsuits, the Solvency of the Petroleum Sid Jenkins Phone (720) 382-2000 Phone (832) 624-4705 Summer/sjenkins@dh-united .com Petroleum Equipment, Service StationPetroleum Products, Suppliers, Marketing June 2006 Tank Release Compensation Fund, and Seeking Phone (505) 342-2024 Equipment, Equipment Manufacturer F WPMN ClipCertainty in an Uncertain World .Automated Fueling, Petroleum Equip- Earth Resource Group NM: (RB) The city of Albuquerque passed a new minimum ment, C-Store & Fuel System Design Steve Schafer FPPF Chemical Company IncD&H United steve@ergnevada .com Melba Stewart wage of $7 .50, was defeated at the state level, but passed Summer/June mstewart@fppf .com at the local level with the help of the unions, ACORN, and2006Fueling Solutions Inc Phone (702) 749-7560 Phone (716) 856-9607 the Governor . All 70 of the NM House of RepresentativesWPMN Clip Mike Teaff Fuel Storage Tanks (UST), Tank Oils, Additives & Chemicals,mteaff@dh-united .com Removal/Installation, Vapor Additives & Chemicals Supply, were up for election in November .Phone (972) 816-2437 Recovery/Leak Detection Car Wash Supplies NV: (PK) Lance Gales third son in a row (3-peat) was Petroleum Equipment, Tank Re- Eaton Sales & Service Federated Insurance awarded the WPMA scholarship for moval/Installation, Environmental Rand Ancell Jordon Gonzalez Nevada . A NPM&CSA letter to all D&H United randa@eatonmetal .com jcgonzalez@fedins .com candidates for Nevada legislature Fueling Solutions Inc Phone (719) 475-9440 Phone (209) 277-6161 and governor was to acquaint Ronnie BrooksInsurance, Risk Management them with the association and rbrooks@dh-united .com Eaton Sales & Service Federated Insurance its members experience and Phone (915) 637-2850 Ryan OrtonPetroleum Equipment, Tank Re- ryano@eatonmetal .com Sal LoMagro knowledge of how fuels were used, moval/Installation, Environmental Phone (303) 296-4800 sblomagro@fedins .com transported, and sold in Nevada . D&R Coffee Service Petroleum Equipment, Tank Phone (208) 939-2370Scott LeProwse Manufacturing, Service Provider Insurance, Risk Management UT: (JH) introduced sleprowse@drcoffeeservice .net Eaton Sales & Service LLC Federated Insurance UPMRAs new Board Phone (406) 586-9696 Reggie Roberson Jack West members, Mike Sullivan Coffee & Tea, Service Provider,reggier@eatonmetal .com jewest@fedins .com of Mikes Chevron in West Distributor Phone (505) 345-4577 Phone (507) 455-5175 Summer/ Valley City, and Jim Larson Construction, Petroleum Equipment,Insurance, Risk Management June 2006Dairy Specialty Co WPMN Clipswith Wind River Petroleum Dan Curtis Service Provider Federated Insurance in Salt Lake City . info@dscse .com Eaton Sales & Service Nick Lower WA: (LM) and Lobbyist Charlie Brown addressed the Phone (505) 243-1679 Ed Gilmore nrlower@fedins .com Native American Gas Tax Issue, the Olympic Pipeline C-Store Equipment, Store Design/ edwardg@eatonmetal .com Phone (507) 455-5958Layout, Safes Phone (801) 973-9055 Insurance, Risk Management Expansion, Credit Card Interchange Fees, and the Oil Spill Delek US Dispensers, Fuel Storage Tanks (UST),Program .Neal Gray Petroleum Equipment Federated Insurance Summer/JuneThe US economic outlook by Jeff Thredgold of Thredgold neal .gray@delekus .com Elliott Powell Baden & Baker Cody Shumacher 2006 WPMNAssociates saw a strong growth in 2006s first quarter and Phone (972) 367-3645 Marc Baker clshumacher@fedins .com Clips slightly higher tax receipts had reduced the budget deficit Phone (785) 608-6309Suppliers mbaker@epbb .com Insurance, Risk Management for FY 2005, which ended on September 30 at $318 billion, a major Diamond Digital LLC Phone (503) 227-1771 improvement over 2004s $412 billion shortfall .Insurance Federated InsuranceCyndie Stewart Christian Kocherscheidt 2006 (May 5) Mission: Impossible III (also known as M:I:III) directed by J .J . cstewartElliott Powell Baden & Baker ckocherscheidt@fedins .com@diamondsurveillance .com Kim Wykes Phone (801) 803-3837 Abrams and starring Tom Cruise was released .Phone (888) 444-4825 kwykes@epbb .com Insurance, Risk Management (May 10) FDA approved Pfizers Chantix as a smoking cessation Security, Video Surveillance Phone (503) 227-1771 Fortune Company medicine or treatment .Dollar Rent A CarAl Rosellini (May 16) The first Mac Book was released; it replaced the iBook and 12 Eric Grutsch EnergiSystems LLC PowerBook series as part of the Apple Intel transition .Paul Martens al@fortuneco .comeric@montanadollar .com info@energisystems .com Phone (206) 762-7756 (May 24) Taylor Hicks won the fifth season of American Idol .Phone (406) 542-2311 Phone (406) 670-5252 Other Services, BrokerCar Rentals Installation, Petroleum Equipment,Franklin Fueling Systems Inc (May 26) X-Men: The Last Stand, was released, the third in the X-Men series . Double R Products Inc Service Station Equipment Ryan Ballard 2006 (Jun 6) Walt Disneys Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Mans Chest Butch Price EnergyExits ryan .ballardwas released, the sequel to the 2003 film Pirates of the Caribbean: The butch@doublerproducts .com Doug Milner @franklinfueling .com Curse of the Black Pearl .Phone (541) 476-1387 dmilner@energyexits .com Phone (503) 505-3127 (June 9) Walt Disneys animated Cars by Pixar was released .Construction Phone (360) 260-7484 Petroleum Equipment,Service Station Equipment (June 12) Senator Robert Byrd became the longest serving senator Financial Services, Mergers& Acquisitions continued on page 32 continued on page 3228 www.wpma.com / Summer 2021'