b'100 Years: 1921-2021 This Quarter in History50 Years Ago continued. May, June and July Events to Remember75 Years Ago 1946 (Jun 6) The Basketball Association(May 7) 47th Kentucky Derby: Charles Thompson on 1946 Ohio Oils Marathon serviceof America was formed in New York City . Behave Yourself won in 2:04 .2 .stations took on a new look, offering1946 (Jul 14) Benjamin Spocks influential(May 23) Shuffle Along, the first black musical comedy, tires, batteries and accessories, and autobook The Common Senseopened in NYC .maintenance in the service bays . Best inBook of Baby and Child1921 (June 13) Yanks pitcher Babe Ruth hit two Home the Long Run became a familiar site toCare was published . Runs to beat the Tigers 11-8 .motorists in the Midwest . (marathonpetroleum.com) (Jul 25) At Club 500 in(June 15) Bessie Coleman reached France as the first ChevronTexas: In 1946, StandardAtlantic City, New Jersey,black pilot from the US .Oil of California (SOCAL) launched aDean Martin and Jerry Lewis(June 25) British Open Mens Golf, St Andrews: former new marketing strategy . Company- staged their first show as a comedy team . local Jock Hutchison (resident in US) won his only Open owned stations located within the100 Years Ago Championship by 9 strokes in a 36-hole playoff original five-state region within the westernover amateur Roger Wethered .United States retained the original1921: Standard Oil of Indiana acquired Standard name with the blue, white,partial ownership in 1921 and full1921(July 2) US President Warren Harding signed and red Chevron sign and color scheme .ownership in the 1950s of the Salt Lakea joint congressional resolution, declaring an end Independently owned stations sellingCity Refinery built in 1908 byto America\'s state of war with Germany, Austria company-supplied gasoline, however, wereLubra Oils Manufacturing Co .and Hungary .renamed Chevron . These stations featured aStandard continued for a number(Jul 26) US cream and green gas station color scheme andof years under the UTOCO brand .President a mauve sign without the Chevron logo . TheUtah Oil Companys productsWarren G . only common physical traits between the two station typesincluded Vico motor oils and greasesHarding received were the Chevron and Chevron Supreme blue and white discsand Pep gasolines . Pep gasoline laterPrincess Fatima on the gas pumps that differentiated between the differentbecame UTOCO gasoline, a brand thatof Afghanistan grades of gas .(thc.texas.gov/TxDOT Field Guide to Service Stations) became familiar throughout Utah and Idaho, later andwho was escorted by 1946 (May 2) Six inmates unsuccessfully tried to escapein eastern Nevada, western Wyoming, eastern Oregon,imposter (of a naval from Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary in San Francisco Bay; aand Washington . Standard Oil of Indiana later becameofficer) Stanley Clifford Weyman .riot occurred, the Battle of Alcatraz . the American Oil Company (AMOCO) which owned and(Jul 27) Researchers at the University of Toronto, led by (May 21) Manhattan Project physicist Dr . Louis Slotinoperated the SLC refinery for many years .biochemist Frederick Banting, announced the discovery of accidentally triggered a fission reaction at the Los Alamos(UtahPetroleum.org/industry/history) the hormone insulin .National Laboratory and, although saving his coworkers,1921 (May 1) The US Navy opened a commercial wireless(Jul 29) Adolf Hitler became Fhrergave himself a lethal dose of hard radiation, making himservice between North America and Indo-China . of the Nazi Party in Germany .the second victim of a criticality accident in history (May 5) Fashion designer Coco Chanel released her (the incident was initially classified information) . Perfume "Chanel No . 5 ." 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