b'Whats the BEST TYPE of TRAINING Putting All The PIECES TOGETHER. content-wise? THE BEST way to decide what training is best for Exam Only. Some training is actually just your company can be assessed a few ways. Good a certification exam. The ICC offers this option training should:and a few states recognize it. Reduce ignored alarms,Regs and Exam Training. Some training is based solely on the UST rules, followed by an exam. Speed up response time to spills,Exam Plus Regs Plus BMPs. Some training (like + what we do) covers the UST rules but adds bestmanagement practices, operator tips, detailed hand- Save maintenance and repair costs outs, forms and after class links, and explains whoand reduce downtime,should do what and when. Result in quicker complianceWhat About REFRESHER TRAINING? inspections and fewer fines, andIN THE WPMA STATES, only a few have refresher training. Hawaii and New Mexico require ClassA/B refreshers every 5 years and Hawaii requiresHave your company notClass C refreshers every single year. end up in the press about anunfortunate incident.IN TRUTH, regardless of the state, C-store turn-over is high so even if you dont have to refresh GOOD TRAINING should also fit your companyon a scheduled basis, you are probably structure and culture:training new staff all the time anyway. Is your staff tech savvy?Are There TRAINER QUALIFICATIONS?Do you have your own LMS?ALL WPMA STATES ALLOW and most states require using an approved third party trainingDo you have a few or many UST sites?vendor. The approval process can range from easy (Hawaii) to very difficult (New Mexico). Montana and Idaho both have free online courses insteadDo you have USTs in more than one state?(full disclosure: I helped create them both in the mid-2000s). Regardless, make sure whatever ClassWhats your annual training budget?A/B course you use is STATE-APPROVED.What sort of training tracking systemOperator training STATE BY STATEHAWAII:The DOH allows many options. Refresher everydo you have in place? 5 years for Class AB, and every year for C.Do you have in-house training expertise? IDAHO: DEQ has free option or you can use anapproved third party vendor. *Do you a few or many Class Cs? MONTANA:DEQ has free online training. * NEVADA:Allows many options. * THE GOOD NEWS is when deciding the besttraining option for your company, there are stillEW MEXICO: Only allows a few vendors. Approval difficultmany options. There is no one-size-fits-all solutionNto get. Class A/B and C refresher every 5 years. (fortunately) and with a little research, you can OREGON:Allows many options. * find or create a solution that works for you.UTAH:Two-part process. Requires training plus a separate certification exam. *WASHINGTON:DOE allows many options. * Ben Thomas has over 32 years experience in the UST industry, first as a * No refresher unless you receive a significant violationstate UST inspector and for the past 20 years as a nationwide UST trainer. Bens Class C courses are used in all states and territories and his Class notice during a compliance inspection. A/B courses are approved in 27 states with more pending approval. To discuss the best training option for you, Ben can be reached at ben@UST-training.com. Learn more about UST Training at www.USTtraining.com. SWPMA News / Summer 202149'