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He broke the GPI Great Plains Industries HTP Energy Andy Leer mark for Senate longevity set by South CarolinasDan Maher Ken Kresky info@huntingworksforut .com Strom Thurmond, who retired in 2003 at age 100 .dmaher@gplains .com ken .kresky@htpenergy .com Phone (801) 657-5606 (June 19) Sixteen-year-old Taylor Swift released singlePhone (316) 619-7659 Phone (608) 790-0236 Other Associations, Other Services Tim McGraw, an American country pop song .Other Services, Pumps Suppliers HydroCon Environmental LLC (June 28) Superman Returns, a superhero film based onGage - Lab Products Inc HTP Energy David Borys the DC Comics character Superman was released .Tim Zimmerman Craig Waldvogel davidb@hydroconllc .net 2006 (Jul 12) The FDA approved Gileads Atripla, angl@gagelabproducts .com craig .waldvogelPhone (360) 719-0682Phone (801) 716-2972 @htpenergy .com Environmental antiviral medication that prevents human immunodeficiency Equipment Supplies Phone (608) 779-6570 I virus (HIV) from reproducing in the body .GetUpside Suppliers Idaho Lottery (Jul 23) Tiger Woods won the 135th Open NYTimes .comRegan Kleinpeter HTP Energy Larry Polowski Championship to retain his British Open title .regan@getupside .com Hayden Potts lpolowski@lottery .idaho .gov (Jul 21) Road House starring Patrick Swayze and Phone (512) 573-5770 hayden .potts Phone (208) 334-2600 Monster House (animated horror/comedy film) were released .Technology @htpenergy .com Lottery (Jul 31) Dj Vu by American R&B singer-songwriter BeyonceGordon ThomasPhone (608) 769-6917 Innospec Fuel Specialties Honeywell LLP Suppliers Mark Lauer Knowles, featuring rapper artist Jay-Z was released .J Bradley Buckhalter Harbor Wholesale Foods mark .lauer@innospecinc .com 25 Years Agobbuckhalter@gth-law .com Bryce Schneider Phone (303) 792-5554Phone (253) 620-6488 bryce .schneiderAdditives & Chemicals Supply 1996 (MAY WPMN) Legal Services @harborfoods .com Innospec Fuel Specialties was Februarys Greer Steel Inc Phone (360) 239-7999 Dan Moore Convention Photo David Kapla C-Store Equipment, C-Store Merchan- issue .dkapla@greertank .com dise/Snacks, C-Store Supplies dan .moore@innospecinc .comPhone (253) 581-4100 Heil Trailer International Phone (303) 792-5554 (ED) Gerry Tedrow Tank Manufacturing, Jason Langston(GT): Thanked all Above Ground Storage Tanks,jlangston@heiltrailer .com Intralot who attended inUnderground Storage Tanks Phone (626) 252-9356 Steven Poole Las Vegas, NV. 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One, I recommend highly to all the Phone (339) 933-7200 HollyFrontier readers to examine your vehicle insurance to see if you have both Under Petroleum Products, Suppliers,Refining & Marketing LLC Phone (253) 922-6815Marketing Construction, Tank Removal/Insured Motorist, and Uninsured Motorist insurance coverage . Neither are Ron Ludlow Installation, General Contractor very expensive, and are very necessary . Particularly if the other vehicle ron .ludlow@hollyfrontier .com is not insured at all . The second moral is, as I often repeat from personal Phone (801) 299-6664C-Store Co Branding, Petroleumcontinued on page 36 knowledge, thank God for Western Mutual Insurance (WMI) .32Products, Supplierswww.wpma.com / Summer 2021'