b" Member Information continued Associate Members by Company(As of April 30) This Quarter in History25 Years Ago continued . May, June and JulyFor complete Associate Member information go to www.wpma.com/associate-member-search(Saveway managers) . In Monticello K Above Ground Storage Tanks General Contractor they visited with Utah Association Kachina Kohlhaas Corp Largo Tank & Equipment President Burton Black (Black Oil Petroleum Equipment Co Charles Kohlhaas David Wagoner Company), and manager Drake Brent Neil CAK@kohlhaastanks .com dwagoner@largotank .com Black . Lowe had served on many bneil@kachinapetro .com Phone (505) 243-3766 Phone (505) 327-6281 boards with Burtons father Jim Black . As they traveled,Jul 1996Phone (505) 292-3090 Fuel Storage Tanks (UST), Cargo Tank Testing, WPMN ClipAutomated Fueling, Petroleum Equip- Tank Manufacturing, Tank Manufacturing, they noticed many water wells being pumped through ment, Tank Removal/Installation Above Ground Storage Tanks Truck & Transport Sales large eight-foot square solar panels powering the pump which filled Kachina Krispy Krunchy Chicken Larson & Company tanks for the cattle and other range animals to drink. . . we went through Petroleum Equipment Co Mark England Geri Douglas the Aneth Oil field . I wonder why solar panels are not running all those Mark Garcia markenglandgeri@larsco .com oil wells . In Farmington they met with Rick Hurt (UNICO) and made m-garcia@kachinapetro .com @krispykrunchy .com Phone (801) 313-1900 connections with Frank Macaluso (Macaluso Oil Co) . Gallup was Phone (915) 599-1717 Phone (816) 529-7580 Accounting, Consultants windy and cold, where they met with Mike Mataya (Indian Capital Fuel Storage Tanks (UST), Fast Food, Snack Items, Larson & CompanyPetroleum Equipment, Food Preparation/Service Distribution), and then traveled through Chinle, Canyon De Chelly Tank Removal/Installation Scott Rogers Nation Monument and Kayenta . Lowe ended with I vow Kenworth Sales Co L srogers@larsco .com to return someday to catch the splendor on canvas .Bill Pahl L&F Distributors Phone (801) 984-1824bpahl@kenworthsalesco .com Russ Greene Accounting, Consultants The art of Management (AofM): Bill Inglesby (BI), CPA Phone (208) 345-6410 russ .greene@lnfdist .com Law Offices of The nature of service calls for equipment repair has Truck Trailer Repair & Parts, Truck &Phone (575) 622-0380 Robert W Cohen changed a great deal during the past 15 years. . . memoryJun 1996 Transport Sales, Leasing Beer, Distributor Robert Cohen chips included in its architecture. . . Equipment used priorWPMN ClipKohlhaas Corp LA Perks Petroleum Specialists rwc@robertwcohenlaw .com to 1980 was mechanical. . . there are a few secrets in the Mike Alexis Kylen Perks Phone (310) 282-7586 equipment service industry . The cost of salaries and related benefits, mwa@kohlhaastanks .com kylenp@perkspetroleum .com Legal Services training, service trucks, technical equipment and indirect overhead are Phone (505) 243-3766 Phone (775) 358-4403 about the same for all competitors. . . Be sure the companies you are Fuel Storage Tanks (UST), Above Ground Storage Tanks,Underground Storage Tanks, dealing with are reputable with a track record of integrity .Tank Manufacturing,ID: (DM) Reminded members not to confuse August meetings with 2021 State Report Western Retail Services, also held in August . The money collected Silver State Summarycontinued from page 31 using the existing transfer fee mechanism could not fund the PSTF . More new Idaho laws were outlined .force onerous regulations on the backs of Nevadas small businesses, MT: (RA) Junegraduations, weddings, tourists. . . and WPMA board the driving force of our economy.meeting at Big Sky Resort in Big Sky! Clarification was given on the HM-200 hazmat rule and the proposed exceptions . PAC contributors When it comes to petroleum and c-store legislation that could havewere thanked . New members welcomed were Jerry Larson of Larson an impact on your businesses, we saw a diverse array of proposals,Oil Co and Dave Sorensen of Fastway Inc, both of Harlowton .including an ethanol industry push that will require the Department ofNM: (EM) Gambling compact negotiations with the Agriculture to adopt regulations to permit the sale of E-15 in Nevada.Tesuque Pueblo were in federal court . Members in the As an association we were neutral on the bill, opting to engage in thespotlight were Dot Queen of Queen Oil & Gas of Carlsbad; regulation and rulemaking process that will start this summer. TheTed Berridge of Berridge Distributing Company in Santa Fe; association was successful at increasing the Petroleum Fund per tankand associate member Chuck Travelstead of Eidson Steel Products . cleanup limit from 1 to 2 million dollars. The association brought forth two measures that were ultimately not approved: One that wouldNV: (PK) NPMA adopted a new namethe remove lube oils from the collection of the Petroleum Inspection Fee ofNevada Petroleum Marketers and Convenience 55 mils and would add diesel fuel as well as lower the inspection fee toStore Association (NPM&CSA) . The Nevada state 4 mils. The second was to change how the petroleum members are se- convention was a success . lected by the Governor for the Ag Board. The law as currently writtenUT: Glade Soward's retirement created a state requires the association to provide the Governor with three names forexecutive director vacancy . The state convention their selection pool, and we asked to change that language to say, upwas scheduled for St . George in September .to three people. Unfortunately, we were unable to get these throughWA: (MS) The convention was scheduled for the the process as the majority party feared that the bills would get heldend of June, with the trade shows sixty-one up in the 2/3rds requirement and ultimately die. While these are goodbooths sold out for the event . policy changes, and the legislators admitted that, they decided that the1996 (Jun 20) The last fourth-generation Chevrolet politics of the vote would have to override the policy.Corvette rolled off the assembly line at the GM Tobacco bills were limited, with AB 59 which is the Nevada Tobacco-21 Assembly Plant in Bowling Green, Kentucky .(T-21) bill officially raising the age to 21 to purchase tobacco products (June 21) Walt Disney Pictures 34th feature film, within the law bringing it in-line with federal law. AB 360 is another oneThe Hunchback of Notre Dame, considered to be one that came out with the push for age verification technology, which weof the studios darkest animated films, was released worked with the sponsor and stakeholders to amend and pass. S Jun 1996 WPMN Clips to positive reviews and commercial success .36 www.wpma.com / Summer 2021"