b'100 Years: 1921-2021 This Quarter in History25 Years Ago continued. May, June and July JunJul 1971 IOMN ClipEvents to RememberUT: Alls Quiet on the Wasatch Front . Chairman Denny1971 (JUN/JULY IOMN) Dunn II and Vice Chairman Owen Yeates held a meeting inGood Ideas was Presi-SLC in April . Lowe Ashton was Heber Creepers President .dent JWs watchword . These young and aggressive Heber Valley businessmen areGood ideas usually dont outstanding examples of what a little vision and a lot ofcome for free,. . . they ambition can do for a community . You can feel it in Heber! have to be developed, WY: NOJC President Leo D . Guttman presented on Howresearched and tried . This to Affect Greater Influence on Policy at the Wyoming Oilcosts money . So, we (the Jobbers Association meeting . Association) have meet-1971 (May 3) The Harris Poll concluded that 60% ofings and conventions and Americans were against the Vietnam War .try to pass on some of these ideas to you. . . Our membership has practi-cally doubled in the past year . It isnt hard to join .A survey reported that Most People Dont Know What They Paid for Gaswill spur Arctic exploration, the ACT-100 can traverse an article Popsicle War Rages in Capitol summed up thewater, firm ice or any relatively level terrain, year-over Clip competition strategy . around operation is permitted . It JAM: Jobbers and Dealers in the Petroleum Market- was the first-time ul 1971 IOMN Cing business are in the oddest and wildest business onair-cushioned the Great American Scene (Free businesses in a freetechnology had unJ J enterprise are taxed .) This problem is like the weather(that) everyone talks about, but no one seems tobeen applied to a do anything about . Of course, we mean the price ofunit of its weight .petroleum products to the public. . . Deduct the FederalAZ: Chairman Ray and State Taxes from the cost of a gallon of gasoline andFrost of Phoenix the American motorist is buying it for less, yes, much lessand Vice Chairman than he did in the 1920s. . . Ted Brennan of AK: Arctic Oil RecoveryArctic Engineers andTempe reportedJunJul 1971 IOMN back cover Clip Constructors of Houston and its affiliate company,on the Chapters June Arctic System Ltd . of Calgary said the transportermeeting held in Phoenix .continued on page 46Ron Osborne Trucking Seaport Sound Terminal Associate Members by Company(As of April 30) continued Ronald G Osborne Bett Lucas Sheehan Majestic Sinclair Oil Corporation Sound PaymentsPhone (801) 571-7012 bett@transmontaigne .comPetroleum Products, Transporter, Trucking Phone (253) 272-9348 Sheldon Feist Brett Currin Ashley DanielRserving.com Petroleum Products, Suppliers,sfeist@sheehanmajestic .com bcurrin@sinclairoil .com ashley .d@soundpayments .comBiodiesel Supplier, Phone (406) 543-5100 Phone (208) 870-6170 Phone (904) 515-6503Robb Graham Terminal Owner & Operators C-Store Merchandise/Snacks, Candy,Petroleum Products, Manufacturing,Technologyrobert_jjoohhnn@yahoo .com Seneca Companies Confection, Tobacco Marketing Sound PaymentsPhone (605) 427-2900Training Programs Doug Struve Shell Oil Products US Sinclair Oil Corporation Michelle Danisovszkydstruve@senecaco .com AJ Munday Kathy Chadey petrosales@soundpayments .comS Phone (303) 744-2125 amanjyot .munday@shell .com kchadey@sinclairoil .comPhone (844) 319-5635Saybr Contractors Inc Construction, Service Provider, Phone (409) 500-1905 Phone (801) 524-2764 TechnologyBill Durkin C-Store & Fuel System Design Suppliers, Marketing Petroleum Products, Suppliers, bdurkin@saybr .com Sequential Biodiesel LLC Shell Oil Products US Wholesale Source North America CorpPhone (253) 533-2413 Norm Ueunten Kristen Maxwell Sinclair Oil Corporation Brian Van Wagner nyu@crimsonrenewable .com kristen .maxwell@shell .com Jack Barger bvanwagner@sourcena .comPhone (800) 452-7437Saybr Contractors Inc Phone (209) 601-9880 Phone (832) 806-0290 jbarger@sinclairoil .com Petroleum Equipment, DistributorGreg Mettler Biodiesel Supplier Suppliers, Marketing Phone (801) 524-2790gmettler@saybr .com Petroleum Products, Oils & Lubes,Southwest PetroleumPhone (253) 533-2413 Silver Eagle Refining Terminal Owner & Operators Marketing & Realty GroupConstruction Service Station Roger Shirin Sky Blue Industries Inc Jim McWhirterScalley & Reading Computer Systems Inc rshirinSteven Griffin jim .mcwhirter@spmg .netFord G Scalley Shawn Herrick @silvereaglerefining .com steve@skyblueindustries .com Phone (214) 675-5248shawn_herrick@sscsinc .com Phone (435) 319-4768 Financial Services, Brokerbud@scalleyreading .net Phone (831) 755-1800 Petroleum Products, Suppliers, Marketing Phone (801) 394-2808Phone (801) 531-7870 Accounting, C-Store Automation,Car Wash Equipment & Supplies, Legal Services Computer Software/Computers, POSChemical Supplies, Auto Body & Paintingcontinued on page 46WPMA News / Summer 2021(Point Of Sales), Risk Management 43'