b'2021 Scholarship FoundationMONTANA Petroleum Marketers & Convenience Store Association ReportMT Theresession, we were also able to offer supportMontana Message Springtime greetings from Montana! is nothing better than green grass and sunshine after afor his tax plans that included increases long winter. This spring seems especially promising asin the business equipment tax deductions, our worlds are opening up and we are starting to getwork force training programs, and other back to normal.significant tax breaks for businesses. This The 67 thsession of the Montana Legislature wrapped upsession focused on removing or eliminat-April 29th. It was a first of its kind that functioned as aing many of the local issues that were hybrid model with the majority of the legislative bodycausing undue stress to businesses. Work-in session at the Capitol but with the option for virtualing with a variety of our trade association Brad Longcakeparticipation for both legislators and constituents. Therepartners we were able to accomplish many MPMCSA Executive Director were a record number of bills moved through bothof these items. chambers and some particularly important issues per- We had a few landmark wins this session, taining to our industry were addressed. The MPMCSAand helping to pass SB 398, address-was able to carry legislation (HB 464) to repeal localing preemption for alternative nicotine governments ability to impose a local option fuel tax.products and other tobacco items, was one The measure will repeal the two-cent local option taxof them. This bill highlights the amount of implemented in Missoula County in 2020 and willeffort everyone at the MPMCSA put into prohibit any future attempts in other counties. This is athis session and demonstrates our work to huge accomplishment for the MPMCSA.remove some cumbersome overregulation The Petro Fund was once again under siege from leg- at a local level. As always, the session was islators and the Department of Environmental Quality.fast and furious, and it is always nice to see We were able to protect the fund from the countlessit end!attempts to redirect funding to DEQ. This fundingWe are really looking forward to our an-would have been used at the departments discretion,nual convention and trade show in Fair-not strictly for underground storage tank remediation.mont this June 8-9th. After missing out in A similar attempt during the 2019 session resulted in2020, it will be especially enjoyable to see one million dollars being redirected over the biennium.everyone and have some fun. Attendees This year the intent was to take 1.5 million every yearwill be able to choose to shoot trap or golf moving forward. We plan to try to work out some of theat the beautiful Old Works course in Ana-issues during the interim committees to try to mitigateconda on Tuesday again this year. We have this continued attack every session. MPMCSA contin- a great line up of guests and speakers set to ues to work closely with a group of stakeholders to pro- attend Wednesdays educational sessions. mote the importance of the fund and ensure this moneyWe had an outstanding legislative session is protected and used for what it is intended.this year and were able to accomplish some MPMCSA weighed in on a variety of issues facing ourtruly amazing feats. We were instrumen-stores and marketers. We were able to offer support fortal in passing some landmark legislation Governor Gianforte in his first order of business push- that will benefit all MPMCSA businesses. ing legislation to institute liability protections for busi- It was truly an honor to represent, in my nesses in relation to COVID-19. Over the course of theopinion, the best industry at the capital, and I am proud to say that I am a part of the organization. SA Great Success!See highlights in the upcoming WPMA News Fall Issue!S26 www.wpma.com / Summer 2021'