b' 2021 Scholarship FoundationCEOs Message EPA PROPOSES NEW RULEPartnership and Designed to Widen the Market for E15While Increasing Risks for Energy MarketersNetworkingTfor conventions and fundraisersGene Inglesby This past year has brought challengesfor both WPMA and the state associations. The WPMA Scholarship Foundation has had its fair share of challenges as well. We have all felt a little lost without our usual meetingsWPMA Chief Executive and get-togethers, as these events offer important networking opportunities you cannotOfficer (CEO) find anywhere else. Our members are looking forward to resuming these great opportunitiesto meet together, and many have remarked that the relationships they build within the industry are some of the closest friendships they have ever had. WPMA is a member-driven organization, meaning this organization cannot operate or even exist without the participation of our members. WPMAs members are our leaders.The commitment of individual members and the board of directors from each of the WPMA states has made this organization successful. These individuals have taken an enormous amount of time out of their schedules to help the industry and our association.As WPMA wraps up our fiscal year, my hope is our success, both financially andlegislatively, has been passed along to you and your company. WPMA is striving to be your business partner. A partner can be defined as one who undertakes something with another. This makes WPMA a business partner with our members through thick and thin. Our WPMA Executive Committee and board of directors are committed to this partnership.We want to be able to offer you the resources you need when you need them. We want you to think of WPMA as another branch of your companyone that can help you in yourlegislative, informational, and regulatory needs. When we win, our members win,and when our members win, we win.One example of WPMAs partnership is with our Associate members. Associatemembers provide goods and services to our members, to give them what they need to make their business more efficient and effective. They participate at our annual WPMA Convention and the WPMA state shows. By participating and networking at this level they have committed themselves to be a working partner. If a member uses theirservices, they win, and the association also wins.When you think of WPMA, think of us as a business partner; one who exists to serve you. We want to be able to offer you the resources you need when you need them. Think of us when you need information on the industry, have an idea on networking, a legislative concern, or questions on regulatory matters. Together we can keep this industry great.S6 www.wpma.com / Summer 2021'