b"continuedMember InformationAssociate Members by Company(As of April 30) This Quarter in History25 Years Ago continuedFor complete Associate Member information go to www.wpma.com/associate-member-search. May, June and JulyMcLane Company Mountain West Northwest UT: (JH) It is my privilege to address you as Utahs new state director. . . Tina Jones Building Maintenance Tank & Environmental graduated from the university of Utah with a BA in English and German tina .jones@mclaneco .com Linda Wightman Bob Wiese literature. . . moved to New York City to be an advertising man. . . moved Phone (623) 935-7500 linda@mtwestbm .com bw@nwtank .com to Philadelphia. . . Upon graduating from Wharton, I workedfor ACME C-Store Merchandise/Snacks, Candy,Phone (801) 964-1124 Phone (425) 742-9622Confection, Suppliers Janitorial Services Tank/Line Testing, Underground Marketers. . . opportunity to be a produce and grocery buyer, a pricing McLane Company Mountain West Insurance Storage Tanks, Service Provider analyst and human resource manager. . . I went to work for Scott Paper Michael Clark & Financial Services Nupi Americas Inc Company as a Marketing Research Analyst. . . Wanting to transition from michael .clark@mclaneco .com Bill Fortner Brandon Wheeler marketing to association management, I decided that I would need a law Phone (303) 682-7500 billf@mtnwst .com bwheeler@nupiamericas .com degree, so I went back to school part-time at Rutgers University in New C-Store Merchandise/Snacks, Candy,Phone (505) 327-4441 Phone (281) 590-4471 Jersey. . . I am an estate planning attorney, a lobbyist for FHP Health Care, Confection, Suppliers Insurance, Risk Management Petroleum Equipment, Manufactur- and I serve on the Governors Controlled Substance Data Base Advisory McLane Company N O ing, Service Station Equipment Committee . But I went to law school with the intention of becoming an Jim Rueckert Neil Nakai Inc Nwestco LLC association manager and thanks to the UPMA Board of Directors, I am one jim .rueckert@mclaneco .com Neil Nakai Tim Gibbar. . . my first priority is to get to know the members. . . Regional meetings Phone (801) 673-9794 neil .nni@hawaiitel .net timg@nwestco .com will be emphasized, with local chapters. . . to discuss both current issues C-Store Merchandise/Snacks, Candy,Phone (406) 755-4343Confection, Suppliers Phone (808) 848-1496 Car Wash Equipment & Supplies,and business practices, to swap ideas with other members, and to get Installation, Above Ground StoragePetroleum Equipment, involved in shaping the future of our industry and association . MidContinental Chemical Co Tanks, Underground Storage Tanks Service Station EquipmentJeff Davidson New Mexico Lottery P Q WA: (MS) The other day I happened to be driving by a gasoline station jeffd@mcchemical .com Pamela Poteat and convenience store with a carload of members of this association . A Phone (801) 721-2143 ppoteat@nmlottery .com PDQ Manufacturing hazardous spill response truck was parked out front . One passenger said Oils, Additives & Chemicals, Nikole Upchurch what everyone was thinking that he hoped that nothing serious was Additives & Chemicals Supply, Phone (505) 342-7632 nikole .upchurch@pdqinc .comPetroleum Testing/Sampling Lottery Phone (920) 562-7426 afoot . When we got closer and saw that the truck was just fueling up, Miller Companies LC Northwest Pump Car Wash Equipment & Supplies,everyone sighed in relief . Greg Gittins Missy Stearns Equipment Manufacturer, WMIC: (ORA) The Ashtons greg .millercompaniesmissy .stearns@nwpump .com Project Management joined Nevadas second @gmail .com Phone (503) 205-2142 PDQ Manufacturing show in Si Redd Oasis Jul 1996 WPMN ClipPhone (435) 245-4619 Dispensers, POS (Point Of Sales),Todd HaydenTrucking Underground Storage Tanks todd .hayden@pdqinc .com (formerly Peppermill) Northwest Pump Phone (920) 983-8333 in Mesquite for their Modern Welding Co Car Wash Equipment & Supplies,convention . Mesquite Dale Kovalczyk Bill Mathews Manufacturing, Credit Card Processor was unhurried, friendly, peaceful and, not least, very inexpensive dkovalczyk@modweldco .com bill .mathews@nwpump .comPhone (801) 361-7479 Phone (503) 789-8242 PERS compared to Las Vegas and other resort areas . They met with NPM&CSA Above Ground Storage Tanks,Dispensers, Petroleum Equipment,Keith Hanchett President Don Pollock and past President Jon Madsen, of Allied-WashoeUnderground Storage Tanks, POS (Point Of Sales) kh@pers-er .com Petroleum from Lake Tahoe; Peter Krueger State Executive Director Oil/Water Separators Northwest Pump Phone (801) 629-0667 from Reno, and WOMA (WIED) Director Barney Yorkston of Bellingham, Modern Welding Mark Mathews Emergency Response, Other Services WA . They met Chuck Bell and his wife Sandy; Annie Murphy was the Company of California Inc mark .mathewsPT Risk Mgmt Insurancebanquet speaker and they introduced the new NPM&CSA President Robert Bartlett @nwpump .com Services Ltd Bryan Reed of Reed Distributors Inc . Ashtons met with many others rbartlett@modweldco .com Phone (503) 227-7867 Frank B Thompson CPCUPhone (559) 275-9353 Petroleum Equipment, POS (Point Offrankt@ptrisk .com such as Timothy Walker from Reed Distributors Inc, along with their Tank Manufacturing, Sales), Pumps Phone (480) 893-8228 employees James and Cindy Walker in Ely . A special thanks was given Above Ground Storage Tanks, Northwest Pump Insurance, Risk Management, Broker to Nevada VP Tom Cotrell, Directors Lyle Norcross, Richard (Dead Eye) Underground Storage Tanks Jim Moran Pacific Environmental Services Ripley, and Jim Denham for making the Ashton's time in Montana Lottery jim .moran@nwpump .com David Sather Mesquite so great .Steve Erickson Phone (253) 850-4650 dsather@pacenviro .net AofM: (BI) WPMA 1996 state meetings are now being serickson@mt .gov Fuel Storage Tanks (UST),Retail Petroleum Equipment, Phone (360) 385-4221 held . Are you sending all of the right people. . . accountant Phone (406) 444-5827 Tank Monitoring Canopies, Cathodic Protection, TankJul 1996 Lottery Removal/Installation, may not know anything about petroleum marketing. . . Montana Pepsi Cola Bottlers Northwest Pump General Contractor The reason the account should be aware of the marketingWPMN ClipMurphy Hirschy Mike Meyer Pacific Environmental Services decisions is for reporting purposes. . . A business consists of a variety mhirschymike .meyer@nwpump .com John Tryon of departments including sales, warehousing, purchasing, operations, @montanavendor .com Phone (253) 850-7867 jtbaja@aol .com trucking and administrative . One person can be responsible for all of Dispensers, Petroleum Equipment, Phone (406) 565-9087 POS (Point Of Sales) Phone (206) 999-8820 the areas in a small business . But as the business grows each area of Equipment Supplies, Beverages/ Canopies, Cathodic Protection, the business is usually supervised by a department manager . The only Drinks, Frozen Beverages, Food/Ice Northwest Sign & Design Tank Removal/Installation,Brian Stoddard General Contractor individual in your company that will have direct contact with all of the Motor Power Equipment Co brian@nwsigns .com department managers is the accountant . The last thing you should Brian Sunwall Phone (425) 844-6415 do is leave him out of the loop . How can he inform you of a change in brian .sunwall@mtrpwr .com Installation, Signs & Lighting policy when he does not know what the policy is?. . . If you expect your Phone (406) 252-5651 employees to keep you informed about all aspects of your business, they Truck & Transport Sales, Truckingmust be educated in all areas of the petroleum industry .continued on page 4240continued on page 42www.wpma.com / Summer 2021"