b"2021 State ReportIdaho Insidercontinued from page 23 engaged early to participate in the Still in Play as the Session extends into May:rule-making and has worked with the H362 - Transportation funding packageincreases the salesdepartment and other stakeholders for tax distribution to transportation from 1% to 4.5% and dedicatesthe past two years to help craft a pro-$80 million annually to the Idaho Transportation Department forposal we could all support. Legislators large infrastructure projects on the state highway system. The billdidnt agree and for the second year rejected partially addresses long term transportation needs on state andthe fee increase. As a reminder, the program is now local transportation systems and allows for approximately $1.6funded 65% by General Fund dollars and 35% by fees. The billion in bonding capacity over 26 years. (Passed House 59-11,department proposes to rely more on user fees by shifting to 50% passed Senate 29-6, to Governor). fees and 50% General Fund dollars. H380 Income tax rate reductionThe 2021 Tax Relief billCALENDAR reduces all income tax brackets, reduces the number of brackets, and sets the top individual and corporate tax bracket to 6.5%IPM&CSA gets back to Business as Usual / retroactive to January 1, 2021. This provides $162.9 million inEMA Day on the Hill goes Virtual ongoing tax relief, and provides a one-time sales tax/income tax rebate, returning $220 million to Idaho taxpayers. (Passed House 57-12, passed Senate 27-8, to Governor). IPM&CSA back to In Person Board Meetings H389 Property TaxesThis bill makes several changes to IdahoThanks to Charley Jones and Stinker for hosting our first in-per-Code, providing property tax relief and limiting the ability ofson board meeting in more than a year. We love Zoom (sort of) local taxing districts to increase their budgets. The homeownersbut IPM&CSA board members were glad to finally sit in the same exemption is increased to $125,000 from $100,000. In 2022 theroom for a business meeting April 21, which came on the heels of exemption for personal property tax is increased to $250,000 fromour PAC golf outing at Ridgecrest. Our next board meeting will $100,000. Local taxing district budgets are capped at 8% growthbe held August 4 at Sun Valley in conjunction with the Annual in any budget year. Changes are made to benefit low-incomeConvention. Board meetings are open and members are welcome residents and veterans. (Passed House 48-20, passed Senate 19-16,to attend. to Governor). EMA Goes Virtual for 2021 Day on Capitol HillWhat Didnt: These bills & ideas were proposedSame Time Next Yearbut didnt pass in 2021: After cancelling the 2020 event, this year EMA went virtual for H363 / S1087These bills provided for statewide uniformity inthe WDC Day on the Hill, May 10-14, 2021. Presumably the regulation of Tobacco/E-Cigarettes. S1087 included raising fromannual in-person pilgrimage to Washington DC will resume in 18 to 21 the age to purchase and use these products to align Idaho2022, but for now, we go virtual. Meantime, Idahos Congres-with federal law. H363 provided for statewide uniformity for regu- sional Members all have offices in Idaho and are available much lating these products and did not address age restriction.closer to home if for any reason we need their help. H72PowerballThe Idaho lottery proposed a continuation ofIPM&CSA ConventionPowerball lottery in Idaho. International agreements would addAugust 4-6, 2021Back to Business as Usualother countries and this change requires legislative approval. The Idaho legislature will need to revisit this issue in 2022 for Idaho toWelcome back! Get your room and register for the convention in retain Powerball as a lottery offering.Sun Valley, Idaho. For more information on the 2021 legislative session contact SuziSun Valley Resort 2 Sun Valley Road, Sun Valley, ID 83353 Budge at sbs@sbsidaho.com. Full details on all legislation can bePlease call (800) 786-8259 to make room reservations or book room found at: http://www.legislature.idaho.gov. online atwww.wpma.com/idaho/conventionRoom rates vary based on room choice atProposed Weights & Measures Lodge or Inn: starting at $225 . Convention events are held at the InnFee Increase Fails for Second YearROOM BLOCK ENDS when block is FULL or on JULY 5, 2021 ,For the second year, the Idaho Department of Agriculture, Weightswhichever comes first .and Measures' proposed fee increase was rejected by the Idaho House Agriculture committee. The action leaves the program to operate on existing fees. No word yet how the agency plans to proceed with future fee increases, but we suspect this isnt the end of the conversation. Stand by.Two years ago, the Department of Agriculture/Weights and Mea-sures Program proposed doubling fees on dispensers. IPM&CSAS24 www.wpma.com / Summer 2021"