b'NMNo one was allowedcent. Growth was concentrated in2021 Scholarship FoundationNEW MEXICO Petroleum Marketers Association ReportThis years regular 60-day session was the worst session that I have been through. the over 65-age group, which grew in the capitol building. All committee hearings were done by40 percent, and in urban areas and Zoom. If you were lucky enough you had one to two minutesthe Permian Basin, areas associated for testimony. It was all virtual so there were no legislators in awith economic growth, according to committee room. As for lobbying, you could not have a meetingthe report. The states non-Hispanic with the legislators, so you had to do it by phone, text, or email. white population declined slightly, and the Hispanic population There were a total of 784 Bills introduced; of that a total of 158increased slightly, but the Native were sent to the Governor where she vetoed 11%. Here is a listAmerican population grew by 10of some of the Bills: percent, signaling long-term growth New Mexico Notes SB 255 was the Alcohol Deliveries Bill which was a remake ofin diversity, the analysis concludes.Ruben Baca the Liquor Control Act. This Bill goes into effect July 1, 2021.In the next decade, New Mexico isNMPMA Executive DirectorYou cannot sell miniatures after July 1, 2021. In McKinleyprojected to see overall declines, County, if you sell gasoline, you cannot sell alcohol, only beerparticularly among younger and rural populations. Given the and wine. After July 1, you may open on Sundays at 7:00 a.m.status quo, New Mexico is heading toward having more, older and sell until 2:00 a.m., and you can sell on Christmas Day.New Mexicans using relatively expensive public services (e.g., There must be some rules and regulations written for the restau- Medicaid and Medicare) and fewer, younger New Mexicans rants to sell and deliver as well as the retail outlets. in school and working, the report says. With birth rates continuing to fall, 43 percent of children who disenrolled from HB 20, Healthy Workplace Act, allows the employee to ac- public schools during the pandemic moving out of the state, and cumulate one hour of sick leave for every 30 hours worked andthe number of high school graduates projected to decline 22 they can use the leave to care for a child, spouse, grandparent. Ifpercent by 2037, the state should be intentional about right-the employee leaves, he cannot take the accrued sick leave.sizing capacity to address these trends. Six rounds of stimulus There were some bright spots: HB 268 referenced coronavirusbills from Congress have infused $18.9 billion in money and and workers comp. This bill would have made coronavirus aservices into New Mexico, and the amount will continue to workmans comp issue if the employer could not prove he hadgrow, LFC analysis shows. The total includes direct payments done everything he could to protect the employee. This Bill wasto individuals, unemployment benefits, Paycheck Protection not heard in Senate Judiciary. There was not a tobacco tax or aProgram loans and other business supports, payments to health-ban on flavored tobacco products. The pre-emption bills werecare providers, and Federal Emergency Management Agency all stalled in committee. support. In addition, Congress has expanded resources in exist-ing federally funded programs and block grant programslike Governor Lujan-Grisham called a special session to hear one billfood stamps and childcare and community development blockto legalize recreational cannabiswhich passed and was signedgrantsand has increased the federal share of the costs of the by the Governor and will go into effect December 31, 2025. Medicaid program. The impact of the acts will continue to grow through unemployment benefits, food assistance, and Medicaid, New Mexicos population has grown little in the last 10 years,LFC staff conclude in the brief prepared for a hearing scheduled with more people leaving the state than moving in and birthfor 8:30 a.m. April 29. With the biggest impact, the Coronavirus rates down, an LFC review of the latest population figuresAid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act, passed in reports. In Policy Spotlight: State Population Trends, sched- March 2020, brought $10.4 billion to the state, mostly through uled to be presented to the committee at 11:30 a.m. April 29.$7.6 billion in direct payments to individuals and businesses. Evaluation Unit staff report New Mexicos population growth stagnated over the last decade compared with the nation andUpcoming Eventsneighboring states, growing only 2.8 percent; while the popula-tions in Colorado, Texas, and Arizona grew by 14 percent, andGood news!Looks like Sandia Resort and Casino will be the national population grew by 7.4 percent. Contributing toopening soon, and we will continue with our dates ofthe slow growth in population: more people moved out of NewAugust 23-25, 2021 for our Convention and Trade Show. Mexico than moved in and the birth rate fell by 19 percent, thePlease save the date!report says, with the under-18 population shrinking by 8.3 per- SWPMA News / Summer 202127'