b' Scholarship FoundationOR UTcollege Oregon Recipient Utah Recipient Breana EricksonPardis MoradiGraduating in June as one of two Valedictorians Looking forward to being a first-generationfor her class was exciting for Breanna Erickson, the WPMAstudent from her family is an honor for Pardis Moradi, the Utah 2021 Scholarship recipient for Oregon. Breana applied for therecipient of the WPMA Scholarship for 2021. Pardis appliedscholarship through Ed Staub & Sons in Klamath Falls, wherefor the scholarship through her father Danesh, who worksher father Shannon works as a manager. as a manager for Holiday Oil Company. Breana graduated from Triad School in Klamath Falls with aMoving from Iran to Utah when she was young gave Pardis straight 4.0 GPA. She accomplished this amazing feat whilethe opportunity to attend school and have the hope of a college taking a schedule full of Advanced Placement, honors, andeducation. She wrote: I was born and raised in the Middle East college level classes, with an emphasis on STEM classes.but because of our religion I would never have been able to go to Her dual-credit course teacher wrote: As a student, sheschool there. My parents had to sacrifice everything they had in works extremely hard, takes responsibility for what she canorder for us to move to the United States and for me to be able to control, and is proactive about asking for help when sheget an education.needs it . She regularly led in class discussion and grew aPardis made excellent use of this opportunity, for she gradu-lot in demonstrating self-awareness, especially with respectated from Alta High School in Sandy, Utah in May with a 4.0 to knowing when and how to step aside and make space forGPA, ranked 1st in her class of 551 students. She wrote: . my others to contribute.academic strengths are that Im able to set goals for myself and Breana excelled in her STEM classes, especially math andwork towards achieving them. For example, my freshman year I science, and has taken advanced classes since she was intold myself that I would maintain a 4.0 GPA throughout my entire junior high. She transferred to Triad School for her seniorhigh school life and I was able to achieve that. Im very persis-year so that she could take numerous dual credit courses.tent when it comes to my academic success. A schedule full of By the end of her senior year, Breana had taken enoughSTEM, Advanced Placement and honors classes with an emphasis college-level classes to be close to earning an associateon business and marketing challenged Pardis, but she stuck to and degree from the local college.achieved her goal. As a member of her schools Key Club and NationalHer high GPA earned Pardis membership in the National Honor Honor Society, Breana served as a class president for Key ClubSociety, and she was also an active member of HOSA (Health Oc-and was voted Treasurer for the schools chapter of the Nationalcupations Students of America) and DECA (Distributive Educa-Honor Society during her junior year. Breana wrote: These lead- tion Club of America). As a member of the High School Associa-ership positions along with volunteering have taught me severaltion for Research of Principles (HARP) club, Pardis participated lessons in humility, caring and kindness towards others, andin several service projects. how to be a good leader. Her exceptional grades and participa- Pardis worked during her high school years, first babysitting for a tion earned Breana membership in the National Society of Highfamily after school, on weekends and during the summer. Re-School Honors, an elite club within the National Honor Society.cently she worked at a local fast food restaurant every day after She also helped teach homeschool students about STEM activi- school. Pardis had to manage her time very carefully in order ties through the Chief Science Officer program, an internationalto get her schoolwork done and maintain her high grades and program where students in grades 612 serve as STEM ambas- academic responsibilities, and sacrificed some of her interests, in-sadors and liaisons for STEM opportunities in their communities. cluding swimming, in order to work and still keep up her grades.continued on page 14 continued on page 1412 www.wpma.com / Summer 2021'