b"2021 Scholarship Foundationability to navigate and adapt to change. He accepts change as a constant in life and manages it withoutScholarship Recipientscontinuedlosing focus on his goals, academic and otherwise.the chair of the Education, Outside of school, Dane worked a seasonal job at aArts and Culture Commit-local department store, where he grew a new sense oftee, where they worked on independence, and new excitement for what his worldcampaigns to advocate for would look like in the years beyond high school. Inbetter diversity and STEM his free time, he enjoys skateboarding, hanging outeducation in Tacoma. He with family, and playing basketball and video games. was also selected toattend the Tacoma Student Dane plans to attend San Diego State University this fall,Government day in his where he will major in Business Management. Hefreshman and junior years, wrote: I have always wanted to study .where he learned more business and to learn how they operate about the city government. As a senior, he was inside and out. After college graduation, IScholarship accepted as a student representative on the want to run my own business; be my own boss, as well asTacoma Public Schools Board of Directors. to be a leader to others. Dane also wrote that he is superRecipients may use Nathan wrote: Helping my community, excited to enjoy warm weather and to meet new friendsespecially the youth within it, is very when he gets to California. their scholarship important to me. Those who are young It is apparent that Dane has his future well planned. Wetoday will be in charge later, so why towards a college/not let them speak now and bring the can see that with his determination, he will continue tochange they see as necessary?achieve high marks as he begins his college experi- universityence, and will easily attain his goals for the future.In the summers of his sophomore S education, or and junior years, Nathan participat-ed in Boeings Western Aerospace Associate-at-LargeNathan Essman vocational/Scholars (WAS) program, where continued from page 13 he worked on a team to develop platforms. As a freshman, technical training the scope of research for a 500-day Nathan was a member of themission on the surface of Mars, Newspaper Club, and helpedof their choice.including designing spacesuits and found the club by writing movietools required for such a mission. review columns. He also partici-pated in the Yearbook Club as aAll Scholarship Nathan used his experiences from all senior, serving as president of thethese events to prepare him for his club. He and his club mates wereApplications college future. He will be attending UC able to create a memorable yearbook with all the chal- Berkeley in Berkeley, California this lenges from the pandemic influencing their writings. are due onfall, where he plans to study Chemical Engineering. I plan to heavily focus on In and out of school, Nathan enjoyed running, and tried toMarch 1STEM during my time in college, prepar-run every day. He was a three-year member of the Runninging myself for a career in the chemical field. Club, serving as club president as a sophomore and junior. Heeach year. I want to work on various projects and experi-was also a three-year varsity member of the Wilson High Schoolence different environments to understand which Cross Country and Track and Field teams and served as team captain inproblems are best served with the application of each group. He led many of the team runs, and organized unofficial meetups tochemical ideas, especially with fuels. Once I have keep his teams comfortable and friendly with each other. graduated, would like to earn my master's, and His counselor continued: Though Nathan is re- begin chemical engineering work that focuses on garded as a gifted learner with seemingly limitlesssustainability and its impact on fuels. My ultimate potential, conviction and enthusiasm, there is an- career goals are to work for a larger fuel company, other reason Nathan is held in such high regard. Hefocusing on biofuels and more sustainable options is simply a quality person and a natural leader whofor current products. consistently has positive words, is good-natured,In his free time, Nathan likes to watch movies,and radiates caring and concern for others. Nathanincluding classics and new favorites, play theeasily earns welcomed acceptance and respect withsaxophone and piano, and go for long runs.any group or individual with whom he interacts. It is evident that Nathan has planned and prepared Being involved in the political and civic areas of his community was also veryhimself well for this next step in his education. We important to Nathan. As a senior, he served on the Mayors Youth Commissioncan see that with his great work ethic, desire to serve, of Tacoma, a city-sponsored youth board that manages its own projects andand openness to try new things, he will continuecommunicates with the mayor and city council to create change. He servedto excel as he moves on to UC Berkley this fall. as a member of the Outreach and Budget Committee, and this year served asSWPMA News / Summer 202115"