b'2021 Scholarship Foundation Presidents Message REMEMBER the Handshake?FOne of the overlooked victims of COVID-19 has Fist bump, elbow bump, head nod with an awkward hand wave.got to be our traditional friendly western handshake greeting. The handshake was a social protocol that everyone in America under-Steve Clark stood and knew how to perform. But we arent all on the same WPMA President, page with the elbow bump yet. Thankfully, now that the nation is well down the road to mass vaccinations, the fist bump can again give way to the familiar handshake and remain only on the sports fields. I must say that first handshake after I was fully vaccinated was a strange experience. High Fives are in order for all of our member state associations. As of this writing, every WPMA state is planning to go ahead with live state conventions. This is very encouraging since in 2020, Nevada was the only one to have a live meeting. I am very much looking forward to getting around to all the state meetings, even if elbow bumps are still the thing to do. With the WPMAEXPO scheduled to return to the Mirage, normalcy seems just right around the corner. While it is still a long way off, we have been hearing about a lot of anticipation and pent up demand to celebrate and hopefully let down our masks. I am very excited that we were able to re-book former congressman Trey Gowdy as our keynote speaker. Gene and the WPMA staff have done a wonderful job pulling together what will be a unique, fun and certainly welcomed gathering. This issue is the scholarship issue. Our association serves many important roles to further our industry and businesses. But there is hardly a more important legacy that WPMA can leave than the promotion of higher education for our kids. Yes, success in life is largely determined by attitude, grit, hard work and lucky breaks. But, as Oprah once said, Education is the key to unlocking the world, a passport to freedom. Thank you to all of our members past and present who have contributed to the scholarship fund by donating items to the auction, bidding on items, playing in the Golf Tournament or donating directly. I encourage you to read through this issue for biographies and accomplishments of our scholarship recipients. Their goals, aspirations and accomplishments are inspir-ing and will give you a sense of hope for our nation. SWPMA News / Summer 20215'