b"2021 Scholarship FoundationOREGON Fuels Association Report Oregon Original Photos Courtesy of O&A NewsOR many OregonThe Governor applies these principles for equitable SUMMER is Coming! After the Easter Holiday, counties went backwards, and the Governor sawand rapid economic recovery in her 10-Point Plan:fit to crush small business owners once again with Action #1: Investing in Oregons hardest hit workers restrictions. It is a have no mercy heavy hand(those currently unemployed or underemployed) on the restaurant, gym, and other sectors but the Action #2: Reinvesting in innovative housing Gabriel Zirklebanner producing companies are making a killing Action #3: Supporting resilient rural communities OFA President to create messaging for those brave enough to Action #4: Supporting Oregons workforcenavigate this yoyo business world.(those currently employed but struggling) The gasoline sector and convenience stores are picking up volumes Action #5: Creating opportunities for OregoniansOFA and sales. We anticipate a surge in growth with people getting out(workforce development) and DRIVING! We are feeding families with our fresh and not so Action #6: Getting small business back on its feet healthy options and navigating the new Administration's approach Action #7: Investing in Oregons infrastructure to our Industry at large. The two biggest issues at hand: Getting Action #8: Oregonians investing in Oregon employees to return to the work force at mini serve locations Action #9: Safely reopening Oregons economy paying near minimum wage (lucky for them we have a manda-Action #10: Innovation in manufacturingtory increase coming in July of nearly $1), and the dwindling fuel transportation driver pool that has been a monumental catastropheDEQs Climateheaded our way for years. Driver shortages and increased traffic could prove to hurt us in the short and long run. A perfect storm,Protection Programwhile the sun starts to shine a little longer!OFA has been servingon the DEQs Climate Protection Program Rules Advisory Committee (RAC) Legislature over the last several months. DEQ is expected to pro-duce a draft rule in June and a proposed rule sometime this fall. The rule will undoubtably impact Oregons The Oregon Legislatureis nearly three quarters of the wayfuel businesses and consumers. This will make Oregon through its Legislative Session. The Legislature is set to adjournthe third west coast state to cap greenhouse gas emis-(sine die) on June 27th. After the May Revenue Forecast, legisla- sions following California and now Washington.tive budget writers will be in a race with the clock to finalize the state's biennial budget. Fortunately, Revenue estimates have been very good and balancing the budget should be a relatively straightRedistrictingforward exercise without needing new revenue and increased taxes.In other news,the U.S. Census Bureau announced this week that Oregon will receive a sixth Congres-Governor Announces sional seat. The last time Oregon qualified for a new Economic Recovery Efforts Congressional district was 1980. Since 2010 (the last US Census), Oregon has grown over 10%. This also means Oregon needs to redraw boundaries for Con-According to the Governors Press Releasefrom Marchgressional Districts, as well as Legislative Districts. 23rd, the 10-Point Plan, which was developed with input fromStay Safe and Drive Often the Governors Council of Economic Advisors and Racial JusticeGabriel Zirkle Council (RJC), builds on the work of local economic developmentPresident, OFAdistricts across the state to help Oregon families and businesses.S34 www.wpma.com / Summer 2021"