b'100 Years: 1921-2021 This Quarter in History. May, June and July Events to RememberWMI Mutual Insurance Company (WMIC):NMPMA (NM): (ED) Ruben Baca (RB) The legislative President Dave Leo (DL) Those who could answersession was very contentious, and a lot of time was spent 12 or more of the 15 insurance questions wereon Voter ID, repealing the law that made it legal for an SUMMER 2011entered into a special prize drawing . illegal alien to get a NM Drivers License . A special sessionWPMN ClipHPMA (HI): President Mark Leong to deal with re-districting was scheduled for September .None of the bills that were writtenNPM&CSA (NV): (ED) Peter Krueger (PK) Congratulated about in the spring issue saw theSajel Gale, the fourth son in the Gale family on hislight of day and the ones that were still alive failed toscholarship award . Nine bills that affected Nevadas be heard or just died on the vine with the excep- SUMMERenergy and convenience market were still alive .tion of SB 146 . SB 146 started out as a 15% biofuel2011A special session was anticipated .mandate for all fuel sold in the state, then converted WPMN ClipUPMRA (UT): (ED) John Hill (JH)The Summer Golfinto a study. . . then converted back to a 5% biodieselClassic was held at Stonebridge Golf Course . Rule mandate, and finally ended up as an act directing the energychanges were made for tanker truck testing and UST resources coordinator to conduct a study and issue a preliminaryloan funds . The UT convention was held at the Rainbow and a final report. . . Currently there is a 10% ethanol mandate inCasino in Wendover, Nevada Take a Chance. . . Prospects the state. . . Over the past few years there has been discussion ofand New Opportunities Await .repealing this requirement since all of the ethanol is imported intoWOMA/WIED (WA): Lea McCullough (LM) A Virtual Future the state . Originally it was envisioned that the state would be self- Chemical Engineer Lynn Westfall, Executive VP of Turner, sustaining, a vision that never materialized . Mason & Company was the keynote for Junes convention .IPM&CSA (ID): Executive Director (ED) Suzi Budge (SB) Sun Valley2011 (May 2) Osama bin Laden, the mastermind behind was the conventions destination in August . It was a tough yearthe September 11 attacks and the FBIs most wanted for lawmakers, but a good session for IPM&CSA . man was killed by US special forces in Abbottabad, MPMCSA (MT): (ED) Ronna Alexander (RA) Junes conventionPakistan . His body was handled in accordance with keynote at the Hilton Garden Inn in Missoula was Steve Steach, aIslamic practice and tradition, and he was buried at sea Refinery Manager of ConocoPhillips, and Michal Davis, VP of NACSless than a day after his death .Member Services also spoke . continued on page 25Associate Members by Company(As of April 30)Current info at www.wpma.com/associate-member-searchcontinued C Calumet Specialty Products Chevron Products Co Coastal Transport Co Inc Converse ConsultantsCFN & Pacific Pride Vern Draney George Wolter Joe Morgan Philip ChildersServices LLC vern .draney@clmt .com wolt@chevron .com joe .morganpchilders Catrina Kersich Phone (801) 589-9905 Phone (907) 350-2537 @coastaltransport .com @converseconsultants .comcatrina .kersich@fleetcor .com Petroleum Products, Suppliers, Marketing Petroleum Products, Suppliers, Marketing Phone (210) 661-4287 Phone (775) 856-3833Phone (503) 400-2349 Cascade Signs & Neon Chevron Products Co Transporter, Trucking Consultants, Engineering,Automated Fueling, Fueling Facility,Lisa Kinnee Kevin Goodwin Coeur dAlene EnvironmentalFleet Management lisa@cascade-signs .com kevin .goodwin@chevron .com Service Station Equipment Converse ConsultantsCHS Inc Phone (503) 378-0012 Phone (801) 750-4776 Jon Boyd Teri AskewRandy Kuehn Signs & Lighting Petroleum Products, Suppliers, Marketing jon@cdasse .com taskew randy .kuehn@chsinc .com Central Service Inc Chevron Products Co Phone (208) 667-7414 @converseconsultants .comPhone (406) 628-5368 Lee Bennett Kristina Brown Petroleum Equipment, Service StationPhone (702) 269-8336Cargo Tank Testing, Tank Lining, Equipment, Service Provider Tank Removal/Installation, lee@centralserviceinc .com kristina .brown@chevron .com Coeur dAlene Core-Mark InternationalTransportation/Terminals Phone (541) 550-7230 Phone (801) 539-7349CHS Inc Construction, Petroleum Equipment Petroleum Products, Suppliers, Marketing Service Station Equipment Matt HautauCentral Service Inc Chevron Products Co Don Boyd mhautau@core-mark .comAdam Norcutt don@cdasse .com Phone (505) 343-9577adam .norcutt@chsinc .com Brad Hughbanks Tiffany Smith Phone (208) 667-7414 C-Store Merchandise/Snacks, C-Store Phone (651) 497-9287 bradh@centralserviceinc .com tjsm@chevron .comSupplies, Candy, ConfectionPetroleum Products, Suppliers,Phone (541) 550-7230 Phone (425) 891-4341 Confidence UST Services Inc Corner Capital Partners LLCTransporter Construction, Petroleum EquipmentDoug Young Andy WeberCSESCO Inc Century Business Solutions Citizens Bankdoug@ustservices .com aweber Darren Anderson Maddy Benner -Convenience & Fuels Group Phone (661) 631-3870 @cornercapitalpartners .cominfo@csesco .com cbsassociationsMike Phelps Construction, Dispensers, Environ- Phone (805) 965-5510Phone (801) 292-4404 @centurybizsolutions .com mike .phelps@citizensbank .com mental, POS (Point Of Sales) Mergers & Acquisitions, Investment Fuel Storage Tanks (UST), PetroleumPhone (888) 500-7798 Phone (949) 726-7311 Converse Consultants BankingEquipment, POS (Point Of Sales) Credit Card Processor, Merchant Services Financial Services, Bank Kurt GoebelChevron Clovis Sign Service Inc kgoebel Chris Lingley Brannon New @converseconsultants .comclingley@chevron .com jbn@css-ngd .com Phone (702) 269-8336Petroleum Products, Suppliers, Marketing Phone (575) 763-5623 Consultants, Engineering, continued on page 28Signs & Lighting EnvironmentalWPMA News / Summer 202121'