b'continuedMember InformationAssociate Members by Company(As of April 30) This Quarter in History50 Years Ago continued. May, June and JulyFor complete Associate Member information go to www.wpma.com/associate-member-search Southwest Petroleum Tanknology Inc Utah Logos Inc NV: Heavy blackout drapes which screened recluse billionaire Howard Marketing & Realty Group Jerry Belloli Gary Turner Hughes from the world. . . (on) the ninth floor of the Desert Inn Hotel Grant McWhirter jbelloli@tanknology .com Phone (801) 263-2263 were opened Thursday for the first time in 4 years. . . Hughes left this grant .mcwhirter@spmg .net Phone (209) 365-1246 Signs & Lighting, Advertising gambling resort six months ago and reportedly moved to the Bahamas . Phone (469) 877-8817 Tank/Line Testing, Vapor Recovery/ UT: New Truck Stops Cater to Women too . With the number of Leak Detection, Fuel Cleaning Service VFinancial Services, Broker Valero Marketing & Supplywomen truck drivers on the road, we have to provide these services, Steel Smith Tank Terrys Tank Center Jenni Koepp said Mr . Brinton, president of Truckers Service and Supply Inc .& Equipment LLC Tarrah Homen jenni .koepp@valero .com The ten top legislative issues according to 500 association groups Terry Smith tarrah@terrystruckcenter .com Phone (210) 345-3504 surveyed were:steelsmithtank@aol .com Phone (509) 534-0609 SuppliersPhone (406) 721-5405 Tank Removal/Installation, Truck1 . Federal Minimum Wage Proposals Cargo Tank Testing, Petroleum Equip- Trailer Repair & Parts Vecenergy 2 . Labor Law Reform ment, Truck Trailer Repair & Parts Tidewater TransportationCandace Lien 3 . Consumer Redress Methods Stewart Environmental Inc and Terminals candace .lien@vecenergy .com 4 . Liberalized Tax Depreciation Keith Stewart Stu Sanborn Phone (720) 231-4284stewenvir@aol .com stu@tidewater .com Terminal Owner & Operators 5 . Consumer Product Safeties and Testing Phone (702) 254-6731 Phone (360) 759-0326 Versatile Construction 6 . Warranties and Guarantees Consultants, Environmental, Transporter, Above Ground StorageF J Smith Jr 7 . Consumer Representation Underground Storage Tanks Tanks, Transportation/Terminals verscon@hotmail .com 8 . National Emergency Strikes StoneX Financial Inc Tidewater TransportationPhone (505) 487-2259 9 . Water Pollution Heather Saxton and Terminals Construction, Trucking, 10 . State Taxes on Interstate Commerceheather .saxton@stonex .com Neil Maunu Excavating, Mining There are two kinds of peoplethose who act and those who re-act .Phone (816) 410-3352 neil@tidewater .com W X Y 1971 (Jun 1) TV host Ed Sullivan held his final TV show on CBS . Consultants, Hedging,Phone (360) 759-0321 WCEC Risk Management Transporter, Above Ground Storage(Jun 17) The War on Drugs was declared by President Richard Nixon . StoneX Financial Inc Tanks, Transportation/Terminals Jim Rolle (Jun 18) The logistics andTidewater Transportationjrolle@wcec .comJim Burr and Terminals Phone (406) 549-8487 delivery service FedEx wasjames .burr@stonex .com Emergency Response, Engineering,founded in Tennessee .Phone (816) 410-3352 Jennifer Riddle EnvironmentalConsultants, Hedging, jennifer .riddleWEnd Consulting (Jun 30) The US Supreme Court ruled that the Pentagon Papers could Risk Management @tidewater .com Ken Lewis be published in the New York Times, in the case New York Times Co . StoneX Financial Inc Phone (360) 759-0310 ken .lewisvs . United States .John Wenzel@wendconsulting .com The film Willy Wonka and the Chocolate john .wenzel@stonex .com TonaTec Exploration Phone (812) 909-6011 Factory, the childrens film based on the Phone (952) 852-2903 Justin Semadeni Consultants, Mergers & Acquisitions Roald Dahl novel Charlie and the Chocolate Consultants, Hedging, justin@tonatec .comRisk Management Phone (801) 446-2400 WEnd Consulting Factory was released, starring Gene Sunoco Inc Excavating, Mining Adam Tolbert Wilder .John Moak TopTier Petroleum adam .tolbert1971 (Jul 1) Washington State became john .moak1@sunoco .com Paul Konen @wendconsulting .com the first state to ban sex discrimination . toptierpetroleum@gmail .com Phone (812) 909-6011Phone (281) 460-9908 Consultants, Mergers & Acquisitions (Jul 5) The 26th Amendment was formally Petroleum Products Phone (509) 939-6684 certified by President Richard Nixon and T Construction, Service Provider WEnd Consulting became part of the US Constitution, Transport Equipment Solutions Dylan GamboaTail Feather Ranch LLC Brent Beall dylan .gamboalowering the voting age from 21 to 18 .John Scully bbeall@testanks4sale .com @wendconsulting .com (Jul 10) The National Womens Political Caucus (NWPC) was scully@tailfeatherranch .com Phone (503) 477-4104 Phone (812) 909-6011 established in the US by women such as Betty Friedan, Shirley Phone (406) 682-5442 Truck Trailer Repair & Parts, Truck &Consultants, Mergers & Acquisitions Chisholm and Gloria Steinem . The NWPC was a grassroots Other Services Transport Sales WMI Mutual organization Tankmax Inc U Insurance Company focusing on Jack Lacher US Oil & Refining Co David Leo supporting women jlacher@tankmaxnw .com Janet Millie Phone (801) 263-8000 who sought offices Phone (509) 545-4600 Insurance, Other ServicesTruck Trailer Repair & Parts, jmillie@parpacific .com Wagner Transportation at all levels of the Truck & Transport Sales Phone (253) 383-1651 government . Gloria Petroleum Products, Suppliers, Mar- Roger WagnerTanknology Inc keting, Biodiesel Supplier, Wholesale Phone (208) 733-7671 Steinem made the Ted Abeyta UST Training Fueling Facility, Truck Trailer address to Women tabeyta@tanknology .com Ben Thomas Repair & Parts, Garage of America .Phone (951) 538-3333Tank/Line Testing, Above Groundben@usttraining .com (Jul 26) The 4th Storage Tanks, Underground StoragePhone (360) 661-5497 manned landing on the moon took placeTanks, Fuel Cleaning Service Fuel Storage Tanks (UST), Under- when Apollo 15 was launched .ground Storage Tanks, Personnel (Jul 31) After landing on the moon, astronauts on Apollo 15took a six-and-a-half-hour electric car ride on the moon . 46 www.wpma.com / Summer 2021'