b'2021 Scholarship Foundation HAWAII Petroleum Marketers Association State Report Hawaii Adopts Pilot VACCINATION Passport ProgramHawaii AlohaHI for Inter-island TravelGreat news!We are slowly gettinggeneral excise and use tax exemptions will be suspended. The bill back to normal. Two weeks after thealso increases conveyance taxes for the sale of non-commercial CDC updated its travel guidance toproperties valued at $4,000,000 or greater.allow fully vaccinated travelers (afterHB136 HD1 SD1 (Relating to Liquor Licenses). This measure the 14-day waiting period) to flyremoves inconsistencies regarding changes in the principals of Robert Fungwithout getting tested for COVID-19the entity holding the liquor license and allows limited liability HPMA Executive Directoror self-quarantining, Governor Ige an- companies to be treated the same as a corporation.nounced that beginning May 11, 2021, fully vaccinated passengers would beHB552 HD1 SD2 CD1 (Clean Ground Transportation Goals; HPMAallowed to fly inter-island between theFleet Procurement). Establishes clean ground transportation Hawaiian Islands without pre-testing or quarantining. Un- goals for state agencies to achieve one hundred percent of light-fortunately, only those vaccinated within Hawaii will qualifyduty motor vehicles that are passenger cars to be zero-emission for the vaccination passport until the kinks are worked out.vehicles by December 31, 2030, and one hundred per cent of This is strictly a pilot program as Hawaii also announced thatnon-passenger light-duty motor vehicle fleet to be zero-emission vaccinated trans-Pacific travelers will follow sometime in theby December 31, 2035.Summer, and vaccinated international travelers will followHB1041 HD1 SD1 (Relating to Conformity to the Internal Rev-in the Fall, when herd immunity is expected. At this date,enue Code). Conforms Hawaii income and estate and generation-unvaccinated children over 5 and under 16 will still need toskipping transfer tax laws to the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, pre-test in order to travel. For now, the pre-travel testing rulesas amended as of 12/31/2020.and quarantine rules (without the pre-test) remain in effect for all trans-Pacific travelers. HB1142 HD2 SD2 CD1 (Electric Vehicle Charging System Hawaiis COVID-19 Vaccination ProgramRebate Program; Electric Vehicle Charging Systems; Electric Vehicle Parking Spaces; Enforcement; Appropriation). Allocates Almost half-way into 2021, the state has administeredthree cents of the state barrel tax to fund the installation of EV roughly 1.2 million doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. Whilecharging systems. Establishes an EV Charging System subac-this sounds like a lot of shots in arms, it only reflects aboutcount in the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) special fund. 37% of the state population that has been fully vaccinated.Appropriates funds out of the PUC special fund for the EV Supply is available, and currently, anyone over 16 is eligiblecharging system rebate program. Authorizes each county to adopt to get a vaccine in Hawaii.ordinances to enforce. According to the CDC, Hawaii has the lowest rate of newHB1296 HD1 SD2 CD1 (Hawaii Tobacco Settlement Special COVID-19 cases in the nation. Todays seven-day averageFund; Hawaii Tobacco Prevention and Control Trust Fund; Re-case count for Oahu is 60 and the seven-day average positiv- peal; Emergency Appropriation; Governor; Cigarette Taxes; UH; ity rate is 1.9%. Oahu is now in Tier 3 of a 4-tiered reopeningThreat Assessment Team Program; DHRD; Positions; Appro-plan - Tier 3 permits social and outdoor recreational gather- priation). This bill basically repeals the existing Hawaii tobacco ings of up to 10 non-household members, and restaurants toprevention and control trust fund and transfers unencumbered seat 10 people at a table. More importantly, bars have beenbalances to the general fund on 6/30/2025. Despite strong opposi-allowed to reopen, and the 50% capacity limit has been elimi- tion by the DOH and other stakeholders like the American Heart nated for restaurants and retail shops. Association, this bill was passed - clearly a money grab for the State. It remains to be seen whether the governor will sign or veto Legislative Session 2021the money grab.There was also one bill that was adopted and signed into lawThe Hawaii legislative session adjournedon Aprilon March 2nd: :HB1278 HD1 (State Employers Unemployment 29, 2021, having been closed to the public the entire session.Insurance Rate) temporarily reduces unemployment insurance Hearings and testimony were all virtual. After monitoringcontribution rates for employersrates that would have more dozens of bills that potentially impacted our business, it wasthan quadrupled for most employers since the State was required a good session for us. Below are the bills that were passedto pay out unemployment benefits at unprecedented rates due to and sent to the Governor for signature: COVID-19.HB58 HD1 SD1 CD1 (General Excise Tax; Use Tax; Con- The climate change bills we were following turned into a climate veyance Tax). From 1/1/2022 through 12/31/2023, certainchange concurrent resolution, without the effect of law, which is a good result for us. SCR44 SD1 HD1 (Climate Emergency; 18 www.wpma.com / Summer 2021'