b"2020 Safe and Happy Holiday Greetings ~ Mele Kalikimaka & Hau'oh Makakiki Hou!HAWAII Petroleum Marketers Association State ReportCOVID-19 Counts Low planned phase out of fossil fuel vehicles, increasesHPMAbut Hawaii Economy Crippled to minimum wage and equal pay, restrictions on tobacco products and e-cigs, and further restric-As I write this article,Hawaii reported 41 newtions to retail store sales and liquor laws. coronavirus infections statewide, and a positivityClimate Change Litigationrate of 2%, bringing the total number of cases since the start of the pandemic to 14,834, with 213During the pandemic,the trial lawyers keptdeaths due to COVID-19. Of the total infectionsbusy, and both Honolulu and Maui Counties re-statewide, roughly 20% are considered active cas- cently filed lawsuits against the big oil companiesHawaii Alohaes, and roughly 80% classified by health officialsseeking compensation and other damages related as recovered and released from isolation. As youto climate change problems caused by fossil fuels. can see, Hawaii has one of the lowest COVID-19Honolulu and Maui join at least 20 other states,Robert Fung case rates and lowest transmission rates of anycounties and local governments in filing similarHPMAstate in the nation. Thankfully, we will continue toclimate change lawsuits against the big oil com- Executive Director flatten the curve and get back to normal and revivepanies for rising costs and related impacts to the the states dying economy.environment. These lawsuits generally follow the Whether this will be soon enough for the smalltobacco litigation from the 1990s. But as far as I mom and pops from going out of business remainsknow, nobody ever smoked or inhaled fossil fuels, to be seen. 2020 started off in Hawaii with an eco- but I guess we are addicted to our cars! nomic resurgence, and the lowest unemploymentThe complaints allege the oil companies (among rate in the country. Unemployment is now in thethem Chevron, Shell, BP and Exxon Mobil) knew double digits, and the global pandemic has serious- the harm they were causing to the environment ly hurt the tourism industry in Hawaii, includingsince the 1950s but covered it up. Not only will transportation, retail, and food service. Unfortu- they have to prove the cover-up, but Maui Coun-nately, Hawaii had the highest unemployment ratety must somehow show that 16 of the named oil in the nation in September at 15.1%. As with mostcompany defendantsand Honolulu County must states, only the construction industry avoided jobsomehow show that 6 of the named oil company losses. Most economists dont see an economicdefendantscaused the climate change damages in recovery in Hawaii until mid-to-late 2021.Hawaii, without even doing business in Hawaii!!!Legislative 2020 Recap Upcoming Eventand 2021 Preview - HPMA Golf TournamentThe 2020 Hawaii legislative sessionwasat Oahu Country Clubshut down in March. Although originally scheduledUnfortunately , the HPMA golf tournament to adjourn on May 7th, the Hawaii Legislature final- originally planned for November 2, 2020 was ly reconvened on June 22nd and ended up adjourn- postponed due to the pandemicthe tournament ing on July 10th. With such an abbreviated legisla- is now rescheduled to March 15, 2021. The venue tive session, there was simply not enough time forremains at Oahu Country Club, which was founded the Legislature to do its business, and almost all ofover 100 years ago. Known as the Grand Dame the bills introduced in 2020 did not pass.of Hawaii golf courses, its bordered by a lush for-For 2021, I expect to see many of the same 2020est on three sides, and an ocean view on the fourth bills introduced againbills related to renewa- side. As usual, we will have great prizes, delicious ble energy, climate change and sea level rise, taxfood and drinks. Hope to see you all there! Ssurcharges and increases, EV mandates and the WPMA News / Winter 202011"