b"2020 Safe and Happy Holiday Greetings ~ Silver & Gold Novella Noel!NEVADA Petroleum Marketers & Convenience Store Association ReportNV NPM&CSA STAYING ENGAGED- BEING RELEVANTFueling Nevada has been very engagedwith our members to pro-vide the most current state and localChristi Carano Case Silver State Summary COVID directives and enforcementNPM&CSAPresidentactivities throughout Nevada. We uti-lize our website, Twitter and LinkedIn to get our message out. We are elimi-nating the clutter and providing the most current information to our members without duplicating information.Our biggest COVID frustration is with state and local guidance concerning how to deal with a non-compliant cus-tomer, i.e., he/she wont wear a mask or social distance themselves. When does a business call law enforcement? Most of our members have adopted a policy of no mask no service which has led to a number of aggressive acts toward C-store employees. Secondly, how state OSHA enforces state COVID directives varies. TheyBIG DOGS CAME TO PLAYand THEY DID!need to provide specific guidance to C-store owners. To date, retailers haveDelayed from May to October,the 2020 Big Dogs event was a great success both not received adequate directives fromon the course and with the silent auction. The traditional Dogs event features Red Rock state and local authorities on how toResort bowling followed by Friday morning golf. To follow all the COVID rules we deal with the non-compliant customer.cancelled bowling, but 56 golfers signed up to play and support the Nevada Association. Only recently has CDC issued moreTo help raise money for our national PMAA/EMA PAC, we used the WPMA online silent specific dos and donts concerningauction platform. This was a first for our organization! Bidding was robust especially in aggressive customers. the last 30 minutes when a bidding war took place for one item. We raised more than twice what we have earned in our previous in-person auctions. Thanks to WPMA stalwarts, Join us Kathy and Jamie for making it happen.May 6 - 7, 2021 C-STORE ASSOCIIn Las Vegas at the RS & AT E TIOPhotocourtesy of Gene Inglesby, WPMARed Rock K E N!A RLMCasino Resort & Spa WMUBOWLING & GOLFELOORTHEP AD SA V GE N21 OB DGIAs a 2020 Platinum SponsorValero's Golf Cart was bedazzled!WPMA News / Winter 202015"