b'The SHI sm Upcoming 2022 WPMAEXPO Presidential Sponsor & Educational Session Presenter The SHIELDELD smRisk Managementfor Business OwnersF I N D F I R E B E F O R E F I R E F I N D SYO UA pile of oily rags; an old power strip; a cigarette discarded in the wrong spotfire risks can be anywhere. Thats why its important to be on the lookout for the hazards that can injure your employ-ees and make your business go up in smoke. Review and revamp your businesss fire-safety measures to help increase the chances that youll find fire before fire finds you.An ongoing concernnificant cause of business While a spotlight shines on fire prevention aroundfires. Remind employees this time every year, your efforts to curb devastat- to turn them off before ing blazes before they start should last all year long.they leave for the evening There is no one-size-fits-all fire-prevention strategy. or consider banning Its important to understand the basics, then use thatthem from the business knowledge to create a plan that fits your businesssaltogether.unique needs.While every business presents unique fire hazards, some dangers are nearly universal. The following con- A team effortsiderations are a great place to start when creating orEffective fire prevention takes the strengthening your fire-prevention plan: whole team. Cooperation from employees is essential, so involve Are your electrical systems current?Faulty wiring, improper use of power stripsthem in every step of the process. and extension cords, and system overloadsMost importantly, let them know are leading causes of business fires. Regularlythat they are the businesss most evaluate your electrical system and policiesimportant line of defense against that govern its use. devastating fires. Hold training sessions throughout the year, focusing on seasonal risks, best Is your equipment in good repair? Continuing to use outdated equipmentpractices, and reinforcement of or trying to save some money by skippingemergency procedures.maintenance could prove costly. UpdateWhile completely removing all This article is for or maintain your equipment according tofire risks is impossible, creating general information andrecommendations from manufacturers ora prevention plan that focuses risk prevention only andservice professionals. on key hazards and employs a should not be considered Fires need fuel. Starve fire of the materialspersistent, team-based strategylegal or other expert advice. The recommendationsit needs to get started and spread throughcan help you find fire before fire herein may help reduce, butyour business. Make sure your work areas arefinds you. Federated Insurance are not guaranteed to elimi- tidy, your walkways are clear, and your storageclients can access a variety of fire nate, any or all risk of loss.spaces are orderly. Get rid of unnecessaryprevention risk management The information herein may be subject to, and is not aclutter and combustibles throughout yourresources, including employee substitute for, any laws orbuilding to help minimize the fire load. training posters, sample industry-regulations that may apply.specific fire hazard checklists, Qualified counsel should be Comfort could come at a cost. Space heatersand more by logging in to sought with questions spe- can be just what you need to warm up a chillySM.cific to your circumstances.spot, but these handy little devices are a sig- mySHIELD S 2020 Federated Mutual Insurance Company.Published Date:September 15, 202056 www.wpma.com / Winter 2020'