b' Member InformationASSOCIATE MEMBERS by Company This Quarter in History. November, December and January(As of October 31) Updates go to www.wpma.com/associate-member-search Clips from 100 years of historyIf Ace Tank Altria Group& Fueling Equipment Distribution Company including snippetsyou Jay Peterson Miguel Lopez-Vergaraneed jpeterson@acetank.com miguel.r.lopez@altria.com from WPMAs past Phone (847) 364-1744 Phone (469) 952-0098 Winter news issues.Services Tobacco. Acquisition & Altria Group Distribution Co 10 Years AgoRefinance Capital Inc James DukeH Corey Henriksen Jr james.duke@altria.com 2010 [WINTER WesternA hchenriksen@acqrefcap.com Phone (804) 484-8151 Petroleum MarketersPhone (949) 481-8500 Tobacco News (WPMN)] Pres. Rob ADD Systems Financial Services, Mergers & Acquisi-John Coyle tions, C-Store Sales & Acquisitions American Insurance Franklin of Twin Falls, IDcoylej@addsys.com Action for Eastern Montana & Investment Lame Duck Congress WhatWINTER 2010 WPMN Cover Clip Phone (800) 922-0972 Brian Johnson is clear is that the Republicans C-Store Automation, ComputerClint Wynne brian@american-ins.com and the Democrats are going to have to deal Software/Computers, Fuel Distributorc.wynne@aemt.orgAutomation Phone (406) 377-3564 Phone (801) 364-3434 with each other, since neither one is the majorityI think ADD Systems Consultants, Other Services Insurance, Risk Management that this era in the history of the United States will be looked upon as one Ryan Hanson Afton Chemical Corporation Anderson Environmentalof great difficulty and challenge. It will end up with an all-descriptive hansonr@addsys.com Matthew Roberts Contracting LLC name. One like Watergatethat when you hear it, it tells a complete Phone (862) 219-0750 matthew.robertsSteven Anderson story in one word . My job now is to see our family business through this Computer Software/Computers,@aftonchemical.com stevea@aecllc.net time, like my grandfather, who by a combination of skill and luck was Consultants, E-Commerce Phone (801) 698-1058 Phone (360) 957-1771 able to save the family farm in eastern Colorado during the Depression. I AJM Inc Chemical Supplies, Oils, Environmental hope I have some of the same skill and all of his luck . I do look forward Additives & Chemicals, Anheuser-Busch Co to our WPMA convention in February . There I learn what is really hap-Dennis Franks Additives & Chemicals Supplydennis@ajminc.net Peter Salatich pening nationally with refiner suppliers, equipment manufacturers and Phone (406) 522-0699 Alpha Transport Inc peter.salatichgovernment regulators. I hope to spend a few minutes with you, getting Consultants, Tank Removal/Adam Lindsay @anheuser-busch.com your take on where we are and where we are going. We can give each Installation, Environmental alindsay@alphatransport.com Phone (505) 986-2521 other some guidance in steering our businesses through the icebergs. AUTEC Inc Phone (801) 363-8222 BeerTruck Trailer Repair & Parts, Trans- CEO Gene Inglesby (GI) I know a lot of you probably do the same thing Joe Mader porter, Truck & Transport Sales Aspect Consulting LLC this time of year - look back, and then look ahead to see where you are jmader@autec-carwash.com Alta Computer Services LLC Bob Hanford going. The same is true for WPMAIn the spirit of friendship, we send Phone (704) 768-7442 bhanford Car Wash Equipment & Supplies,Robert Michaelis @aspectconsulting.com you our hope for a continuing positive business relationship, and our best Equipment Manufacturer, altaram@aol.com Phone (206) 780-9370 wishes for a pleasant holiday season.Car Wash Supplies Phone (801) 233-0531 Consultants, Geotechnical HI: Mark Leong was HPMA President; Ace Tank Accounting, Computer Software/ Engineering, Environmental& Fueling Equipment Computers, Consultants Robert Fung was immediate past Jessica Barlett Altria Client Services Inc Auto Mate president; Roger Cable, Kimo Haynes jbartlett@acetank.com Rick Van Nieuwburg Wade Souza and Terry McBarnet were Directors.Phone (800) 426-2880 Phone (916) 583-9300 wsouza@automateusa.com ID: Executive Director (ED) Suzanne Petroleum Equipment, C-Store Supplies, Grocery Items,Phone (801) 337-5057Car Wash Equipment & Supplies,Budge (SB) Hard to believe this red Above Ground Storage Tanks, Tobacco, Manufacturing Chemical Supplies, Car Wash SuppliesUnderground Storage Tanks state could get any redder, but the Winter 2010 WPMN Clippost election postmortem in Idaho 2020 State ReportNew Mexico Notescontinued While the Governor was chastising the public forour best to keep our guests and staff safe so our economy can recover faster. not following steps to contain the virus, social media Unfortunately, there are some restaurants and bars that blatantly disregardwas questioning her administrations inability topublic safety by operating late and in gross violation of safe practices andstop major COVID outbreaks at jails, prisons and common sense. These business owners threaten the survival of all businesseshomeless facilities.in the state and the health of their customers and staff. These problems nearlyHuman Services Secretary Dr. David Scraseall occur after hours, when some restaurants are simply acting as bars,noted during Fridays briefing that he was awarewhere spread of the virus is not inhibited. Because of this, I and many of myof outbreaks at homeless shelters around the nation fellow hotel and restaurant operators are in full support of a temporary limitin the spring, yet New Mexico is now suffering on operating hours for late-night restaurants and bars. Together we can getthose same outbreaks which could spread easily to all New Mexico businesses open sooner if we take these simple steps to helpthe general population. limit viral spread. I wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and a The Governor briefed the state on the fresh coronavirus outbreak, saying weprosperous and safe New Year. Lets hope it is much are in uncharted waters and warning increased restrictions could come soon ifbetter for all! Sthe virus is not contained. 18 www.wpma.com / Winter 2020'