b'100 Years: 1920-2021This Quarter in History10 Years Agocontinued. November, December and January Events to RememberWINTER/Dec 2005 WPMN Clip sconstant state of motion and commotion. Our businesses arerelatedly short expe- NV: Pres. Mike Zunini announced the annual golf under enormous pressures as we face new competition whichrience with gasolineouting, to be held in October at the Silverstone Golf seems to have unlimited funds, costly federal and state regu- price controls, thereClub in Las Vegas. Blue Ribbon Commission named lations, ingenious ways of taxation, and unfair credit feesis ample evidencetwo association members, John Haycock of Haycock that are bringing many of us to our knees. Unlike any otherto encourage otherDistributing and Sean Higgins of Terrible Herbst Oil time in your life, it will take every bit of time and effort onlocal state legisla- as examples of how to improve the reliability of the your part to keep your businesstures not to followSouthern Nevada Fuel Supply.profitable and success- Hawaiis example. NM: (RB) The Special Session called by Governor Bill ful. Todays businessID: (SB) Idaho Attorney General Lawrence Wasden hasRichardson to deal with the high cost of energy, gasoline world has changed, andjoined the parade of state AGs in making political hay onand natural gas was reviewed with a chart of the summary you and I must be willingthe hot-button issue of fuel price gouging . marketers haveof bills. The September 2005 Convention and Trade Show to make these changes, orbeen exploring a number of options to consolidate UST andwas very well attended at the Sheraton Old Town Hotel we will be taken out, eitherLUST programs at the state level . Golf tournaments supportin Albuquerque. The 2006 Convention was scheduled for WINTER/Dec 2005 WPMN Clipby our lack of effort or byState IPM&CSA PAC and build coffers for 2006 Election Cycle.September in Ruidoso.someone elses greater effort. MT: (RA) All I wish for Christmas isWell, maybe a fewUT: (JH) Welcomed new board members Mike Sullivan and (GI) Members Make the Difference in Our Level of Successother things, like members who continue to be concerned andJim Larson, who were replacing Todd Christensen and John I have never seen or worked in an industry with suchinvolved in the Association, an enthusiastic, active Board,Jardine. UPMRA opposed more tax on gas. At the legislative fierce competition, yet with such camaraderie betweenand a healthy business environment that fosters a healthylunches, lengthy discussions were about Credit Card Fees.individuals as I have seen in the petroleum industry. GeneAssociation. MPMCSAs Convention and Trade Show wasWA: (LM) To say that 2006s legislative session will be a included an overview of diesel sulfur rules implementation. scheduled in June for Parkside in Missoula. The Yellowstonechallenge in our state may be the understatement of the Petro Pete: Ive reached the agePark Snowmobile Fun Ride in Westseason. Key issues highlighted were PLIA, Weights and where the happy hour is a nap. Yellowstone was scheduled for January.Measures, Oil Spill Legislative Report, Initiative 912Gas HI: Pres. Robert Fung (RF) WeSmall Business Healthcare AffordabilityTax Repeal, Heating Oil Service Contracts (OIC), Home are asking the publics support inAct tax credit and premium paymentHeating Oil Tax Exemption/Cap, Dyed Diesel Tax Exemption, calling their legislators to do thewould help small business ownersB&O Tax Exemption and other issues. Semiahmoo Beach right thing and clean up this messprovide health insurance and otherand Golf Resort was the destination for the 2006 Conven-by repealing the gas cap law inbenefits to their employees. Alcoholtion. Marketers attended the PMAA Leadership institute in its entirety. Based on HawaiisWINTER/Dec 2005 WPMN Clipcompliance stings had poor results.Kansas City and Gerry Ramm filled a PMOCO Board seat.continued on page 26Get the job done with a delivery truck thats built for your businessSolutions Experts Quality Support New trucks aluminum tanks in a wide variety of sizes, models, and compartments Refurbished trucks Chassis from Kenworth, Peterbilt, Freightliner, Ford, and IHCChoose from a wide range of customized pump and meter systems Repairs Parts: Blackmer, Muncie, EBW, Hannay, Liquid Controls, Scully, Civacon, and more Switchovers Complete DOT registered, ASME R stamp facilityTrucks, tanks, components and parts ALWAYS in stock!Call for a FREE quoteSERVING THE WEST (800) 350-9030 FOR 39 YEARS!PREVIEW OUR ONLINE TRUCK GALLERY PACIFICTRUCKTANK.COMVisit our partner companies:7029 Florin-Perkins Road, Sacramento, California USA pacificmeter.com tankmaxnw.com WPMA News_B/W_AD.indd 1 2/18/20 12:53 PMWPMA News / Winter 202023'