b'WPMA Member InformationMember ServicesWPMAIn addition to your independent Association support, here are a few membership bene\x1f ts provided through WPMA. Each statesparticipation varies in the bene\x1f ts mentioned below. For your state bene\x1f ts go to www.wpma.com/partners. Lobbying and Government Relations Scholarships / Higher Education We Card United Parcel Service (UPS)Each state organization has an activeEach year WPMA awards aThe CoalitionWPMA members can now save upvoice in behalf of petroleum market- $4,000 merit scholarship to afor Responsibleto 32% on an expanded portfolio of ers and convenience store operatorsdeserving student within sevenTobacco Retailing UPS air and international Express with their state government agenciesof the WPMA member states,is committed to helpingshipping. Thats a signi cant savings and with their state legislatures. Theand one to a student from anretailers enforce mini- over FedEx published rates!* State Executives are dedicated andassociate member company. Amum age laws for the purchase of tobacco products. WhatSimple shipping! knowledgeable, ef ciently representinggraduating high school seniorbegan as a small training and education program in a fewSpecial savings! Its that easy!marketers and operators within theirwho is the son or daughter ofstates has blossomed into a nationwide training effort for*See Rates and Services Chart for detail state. Regional issues and nationala WPMA marketer or associ- SCHOLARSHIP FOUNDATION retailers. We Card has held over 2,000 classroom trainingof Savings and Discounts, which depend on total weekly gross shipping charges issues are coordinated by theWesternate member, or their full-time/ sessions in all 50 states in the U.S. and U.S. territories.incurred.Petroleum Marketers Associationpermanent employees (part-time/temporaries are notNearly 200,000 owners, managers, and frontline employ-( WPMA) head of ce and by EMA. eligible) may apply. The program helps children of WPMAees have been trained, and over 1 million We Card kits members receive a higher education in either a college/ have been distributed to retailers nationwide. While most university or a vocational/technical school in aeld of theirof their materials apply to tobacco law, many of their items choosing. WPMA Scholarship Foundation, Inc. is sup- also apply to the legal age to purchase alcohol. EMA MembershipPublications / Up-to-date Communications ported by donations to the foundation. These scholarshipTo learn more about CRTR, register to take We CardsThe Energy donations can provide tax bene ts for WPMA members.WPMA keeps members abreast of trends,Free Behind-the-Counter Online Training or orderMarketers signage, age calculation and training materials, go toof America changes, regulations, and laws affect- www.wecard.org (EMA), which ing the petroleum and convenienceHertz In the United States, Canadaconsists of 47 state and regional associations, is the national store industry. We do this throughand Internationally trade association for oil marketers. EMA is our political arm our WEEKLY UPDATE, along with10% Discount on HertzConvenience Stores Against Traf cking in Washington, D.C., which represents and promotes our in-our quarterly resource magazine, theDaily Member Bene t Rate Conveniencedustrys concerns before the U.S. Congress and the various WPMA NEWS. These two publications(car classes A through F,Stores Againstgovernmental regulatory agencies. include current industry information;Compact 2-Door through the resource magazine includes articlesTraf cking#FuelMattersEMAs Social Media Campaignfrom each state executive of cer, listingFull-size 4-Door). (CSAT), aof state directors and associate mem- 10% Discount on Hertz Standard Daily, Weekend,program of national nonpro t In Our Backyard, empowers#FuelMatters is a social media conversation resource pro-bers, message from the WPMA PresidentWeekly, and Monthly Rates (all car classes). the convenience store industry to take a stand against thevided to EMA members. This campaign highlights national and CEO, industry news and advertising (ad rates available5% or greater Discount on Hertz Leisure Daily,atrocity of human traf cking in America. CSAT providesfuel and heating oil topics, and provides content each on-line at www.wpma.com/advertising, or upon request).Weekend, Weekly and Monthly Rates (all car classes). training, victim outreach, and public awareness of humanweek that can be posted on association, corporate and/or WPMA also sends individual mailings, emails, tweets, and/ traf cking to convenience store partners. As the eyes andpersonal social media pages. or Facebook notices with speci c and timely informationears of our nations communities, convenience store employ-when necessary, concerning up-to-date changes in regula- ees can learn to spot human traf cking, safely report traf ck-tions and practices. National Purchasing Partners - NPP ers, and save lives. CSAT is a vital link in stopping humanNational Petroleum BrandAmong the social media helps is the WPMAtraf cking in America. CSAT has partnerships in more than NPPAccess Savings on a Variety of Products 40 states, representing more than 13,000 locations. CSATSpirit Petroleum is a national petroleum APP. Download the free app for state conven- Group Purchasing Made Easy is an of cial partner of WPMA. To learn more, register yourbrand created for the sole purpose of serv-tions and WPMAEXPO schedules, exhibitors tions andstores, or support this work with a donation, please visit:ing the needs of independent petroleum and more. NPP is one of the nations larg- www.inourbackyard.org/csat.marketers. The Spirit brands appealing est group purchasing organiza- patriotic image inspires customer con -tions, leveraging the purchasingdence and loyalty from coast to coast.power of its combined member-Meetings / Conventions / Networking ship to offer superior discountsWPMA works continuously to com- from world class vendors.municate with all petroleum marketerVERIZON has the nations largest and most reliable wire- Know someonemembers through both local andless 4G and 3G networks. Training Programs and Informationwho should be a member?state meetings, and is involved inSTAPLES is designed to help you consolidate business regional, state and national conven- For more than 110 years, Federated has helped businessHave them go topurchasing with one convenient vendor. Sign up and save tions. These meetings give petro- on of ce supplies and solutions for all of your companysowners in a variety of industries get the right insurance cov- www.wpma.com/leum marketers a chance to networkneeds, including technology, furniture, printing, promotionalerage to protect their business and employees. The govern- become-a-memberwith fellow marketers from otheritems and more. Staples delivers it all to you. Give youring boards of hundreds of local, state, and national af nityfor a membership application.MEMBER cmn 112020areas, exchanging strategies and ideas. Those who attendbusiness an advantage. partners recognize Federated as a quality company, which is these events gain ideas that help increase their pro ts. why they exclusively recommend Federateds products and Visit www.wpma.com/partners for more membership bene\x1f ts services to their members.WPMA News / Winter 202041WPMA20 Member Pages 1120.indd 2-3 11/16/20 11:11 AM'