b'2020Safe and Happy Holiday Greetings ~Safe and Happy Holiday Greetings ~ Warm WOMA Wishes for the Holidays WASHINGTON Oil Marketers Association (WOMA) ReportWAour in-person conventionsChiefDemocraticWOMA Virtual Spotlight Series WOMAWashington WireAs many of you know, Governors Househave all been cancelled and kept us from meeting andChallenged by Loren Culpdoing our tradition revenue-generating events. This hasA very unassuming Police caused a major financial gap for our Association, andfrom the small rural town frankly Im concerned about 2021 actually getting of Republic has made a splash back to normal for us. As a way to get ahead of our on the Republican Gubernatorial financial gap, Washington Leadership agreed to allow scene that is giving King Inslee a Lea to brainstorm and execute a new way to raise run for his money to hold onto the money while keeping us connected.Chief of the State. As a result, WOMA took steps to create a weekly virtualIn the only debate that was grantedLea McCullough format where Vendors could step up and buy an onlineby the Inslee camp, Culp appearedWOMA Executive Directorvirtual trade show booth that gives them the stage for theto crush the Governor by exposing week! We then try to pair them up with another speakerhim in several lies, hoarding of money that should be spent on of educational nature that aligns with the topic well, andelderly facilities riddled with COVID cases, anti-business prac-provides value to our registrants. Many of you may havetices, and nailing him on his lack of presence during the CHOP seen our topics promoted in e-mails, and anyone was ableriots and unrest in the City of Seattle. In fact, Culp went on to to register for the event and gain education in various expose Inslees spending of $136,000 a WEEK for a PR firm topics relevant to our industry.to guide Inslee in his decisions on COVID. Clearly taxpayer We are alreadymoney that could have been spent to help our economy get working on therestarted after he closed the state down in March. Our economy next 8 weekhas yet to be restarted. series that willCulp is running on a platform on constitutional rights, and hon-startJanuaryest governing of the State. He vows to not raise taxes, reduce 20, 2021. Soregulatory reform, install practices that help business in Wash-far, we haveington stay afloat, and address mental health funding issues. He reached 60% ofsupports Law Enforcement and vows to take a logical approach my financial gapto gun control, as well as give the choice of COVID isola-needed to maketion protocols back to the People of Washington. Post-debate ourselves wholesurveys indicate Culp is gaining traction with his platform and from the loss ofideas and could give Washington a chance at changing the tide the 2020 Con- from D to R. vention. Im still trying to fill theWe are looking forward to the outcome of this years election, entire gapANDas it will be either radical change for us for the next four years, host our 2021or more of the same. The People of Washington are ready for event at Suncadiachange. Lodge in CleI wont even try to give a Legislative Report, as the Capitol is Elum, WA.still closed and the election is so imminent. For more That concludes my State Report. information and details, head to www.wpma.com/washington/Lea McCulloughconvention!SWPMA News / Winter 202029'