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This time period encompassed four of our sevenLaytonIt seemed like this flurry of activity just got overWestern Forum with 19 points, 8 rebounds and 10 assists.state conventions1995 convention was one of the bestwhen the Montana State Convention started at Billings continued on page 50Associate Members by Company(As of October 31)Current info at www.wpma.com/associate-member-searchcontinued Silver Eagle Refining Sound Payments Steel Smith Tank Sunoco Inc Terrys Tank CenterRoger Shirin Ashley Daniel & Equipment LLC John Moak Tarrah Homenrshirinashley.dTerry Smith john.moak1@sunoco.com tarrah@terrystruckcenter.com@silvereaglerefining.com @soundpayments.com steelsmithtank@aol.com Phone (281) 460-9908 Phone (509) 534-0609Phone (435) 319-4768 Phone (904) 515-6503 Phone (406) 721-5405 Petroleum Products Tank Removal/Installation,Petroleum Products, Suppliers, Marketing Technology Cargo Tank Testing, Petroleum Equip- Truck Trailer Repair & Partsment, Truck Trailer Repair & Parts TSinclair Oil Corporation Sound Payments Tail Feather Ranch LLC Tidewater Transportation Brett Currin Michelle Danisovszky Stewart Environmental Inc John Scully and Terminalsbcurrin@sinclairoil.com petrosalesKeith Stewart scully@tailfeatherranch.com Stu SanbornPhone (208) 870-6170 @soundpayments.com stewenvir@aol.com Phone (406) 682-5442 stu@tidewater.comPetroleum Products, Phone (844) 319-5635 Phone (702) 254-6731 Other Services Phone (360) 759-0326Manufacturing, Marketing Technology Consultants, Environmental, Transporter, Above Ground Storage Underground Storage Tanks Tankmax Inc Tanks, Transportation/TerminalsSinclair Oil Corporation Source North America Corp StoneX Financial Inc Jack Lacher Tidewater Transportation Kathy Chadey Brian Van Wagner Heather Saxton jlacher@tankmaxnw.com and Terminalskchadey@sinclairoil.combvanwagner@sourcena.com heather.saxton@stonex.com Phone (509) 545-4600 Neil MaunuPhone (801) 524-2764 Phone (800) 452-7437 Truck Trailer Repair & Parts,Petroleum Products, Suppliers, Wholesale Petroleum Equipment, Distributor Phone (816) 410-3352 Truck & Transport Sales neil@tidewater.comConsultants, Hedging, Risk Management Phone (360) 759-0321Sinclair Oil Corporation Southwest Petroleum StoneX Financial Inc Tanknology Inc Transporter, Above Ground Storage Jack Barger Marketing & Realty Group Jim Burr Ted Abeyta Tanks, Transportation/Terminalsjbarger@sinclairoil.com Jim McWhirter james.burr@stonex.com tabeyta@tanknology.com TonaTec ExplorationPhone (801) 524-2790 jim.mcwhirter@spmg.net Phone (951) 538-3333Petroleum Products, Oils & Lubes,Phone (214) 675-5248 Phone (816) 410-3352 Tank/Line Testing, Above GroundJustin SemadeniTerminal Owner & Operators Financial Services, Broker Consultants, Hedging, Risk Management Storage Tanks, Underground Storagejustin@tonatec.comStoneX Financial Inc Tanks, Fuel Cleaning Service Phone (801) 446-2400Sky Blue Industries Inc Southwest Petroleum John Wenzel Tanknology Inc Excavating, MiningSteven Griffin Marketing & Realty Group john.wenzel@stonex.com Jerry Bellolisteve@skyblueindustries.com Grant McWhirter Phone (952) 852-2903 jbelloli@tanknology.comPhone (801) 394-2808 grant.mcwhirter@spmg.netCar Wash Equipment & Supplies, Phone (469) 877-8817 Consultants, Hedging, Risk Management Phone (209) 365-1246Chemical Supplies, Auto Body & Painting Financial Services, Broker Tank/Line Testing, Vapor Recovery/ continued on page 51Leak Detection, Fuel Cleaning ServiceWPMA News / Winter 202047'